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Melaglow Rich Skin Brightening and Lightening Cream Ingredients

Kojic Acid Dipalmitate
Licorice extract (CA)
Licorice 40
Vitamin E.

Melaglow Rich Skin Brightening and Lightening Cream Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.2

6 Reviews


1 year ago

Must Buy



Removes tan

Radiant skin

Rejuvenates skin

My skin had got very dull recently with a lot of tan. I was searching for something that will brighten up my skin and rejuvenate the dull skin. That is when I came across Melaglow Rich Skin Brightening and Lightening Cream. I have been using it for the past one week and I have started seeing good results. My tan has reduced a lot. My skin tone seems to have lightened too. The cream has helped to moisturize my skin and hydrated them properly. Due to which, my skin looks lively and radiant. It indeed does all that it claims. A really good product. Must have.

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1 year ago



My friend was suffering from alot of pigmentation and tan on her skin. A local shopkeeper advised her to buy the Megaglow rich brightening lightening cream and she immediately purchased it. The cream contains ingredients of kojic acid, glycolic acid, ascorbyl glucoside which are all great in lightening the skin. The texture of the cream is soft and it easily got absorbed into her skin. She applied it at night time before going to bed as that is the best time when the skin repair takes place. With regular usage she saw a great reduction in the pigmentation on her face and her tan also reduced marginally. Her skin felt more soft, hydrated and supple. She would surely recommend this product and continue using it more often.

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1 year ago

great product


Travel-friendly packageing

Suits all skin types

fast results

light consistency

I have been looking out for a nice cream to treat my dark spots na d blemishes and my friend suggested me to use Melaglow Rich Skin Brightening and Lightening Cream. The cream is very light and gets easily absorbed into the skin. It helped me with my dark spots and blemishes, and it works really fast. It is enriched with vitamin e essential for skin nourishment. It makes skin soft and supple and provides complete moisturization. It gives an even toned skin in no time. I just love the bright and glowing skin. My sister started using the same after seeing the results. It is travel friendly.

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1 year ago

Works effectively


My friend had some severe allergic reaction after trying out one product which later resulted in dark spots and scars over her cheeks .her dermatologist prescribed Melaglow Rich Skin Brightening and Lightening Cream to get rid of the dark spots and pigmentation marks. .she had purchased this from the local pharmacy although it is a bit expensive for the given it has been worth the price she payed for.she noticed positive changes after using this the scars and pigmentation marks seems lightened and so did her skin tone. The skin looks alot better than before and also her skin looks quite fresh and much clearer .Although it is available online it is better to consult a dermatologist before using such products

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1 year ago

Melaglow skin brightening cream


Travel-friendly packageing

Suits all skin types

Mela glow skin brightening and lightening cream is so far the best yet affordable cream I came across which helps in Brightening the skin tone and helps in lightens the marks if there are any on the skin . It regenerates the old skin cells and make them healthy and supplies Nourishing agents to the cell to make the skin look healthier naturally and leaves a soft and supple feel on the skin surface. This cream is perfect in budget cream to reverse the ageing signs of the skin and acts as a shield protection from all sort of damages that causes due to environmental factors

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1 year ago

Really works


Lightens dark spots

I will suggest you to use Melaglow Rich Skin Brightening and Lightening Cream if you have an acne prone skin with acne scars and pigmentation. The cream is manufactured by abott, a trusted brand of mine. This product effectively lightens the pigmentation but works very slowly. it does not cause any irritation or redness on skin, so people with all type of skin can use it. All you need is to have patience and should use it daily to see the visible results. the price is slightly expensive, but for it's significant results, it is a good one to choose and try.

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Melaglow Rich Skin Brightening and Lightening Cream uses a phytochemical formula which incorporates depigmentation action that aids in reduction of blemishes, marks, and dark spots. The cream helps in maintaining an even skin tone. The cream helps in reversal of early signs of ageing and protects the skin from any sun or environmental damage. The cream effectively fights acne and pimples with its effective formula ensuring to keep the skin clean and clear. It is suitable for people with all skin types.

How To Use Melaglow Rich Skin Brightening and Lightening Cream ?

  • On cleansed skin, apply this cream evenly.
  • Massage until it is absorbed.

Melaglow Rich Skin Brightening and Lightening Cream Benefits And Uses :

  • Brightens and lightens skin.
  • Erases blemishes and marks from the face.
  • Hydrates skin.
  • Keep skin blemish-free.
  • Maintains an even skin tone.
  • Reverses early signs of ageing.
  • Protects the skin from any environmental damage.
  • Curbs the acne and pimple growth.
  • Has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

Melaglow Rich Skin Brightening and Lightening Cream Side Effects :

  • May cause some irritation, redness or tingling sensation

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