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1 year ago

Nice Palette


Long staying power


Multipurpose Palette

My aunt bought me this when she came to visit me from abroad. It holds blushers, eyeshadows, a compact powder, an eyeliner, lip glosses, a mascara, a lip pencil, an eye pencil, and foundations. What can we expect more than these in such a cute travel-friendly pack. I love these products as they are skin-friendly moreover, they don't look odd on my skin. These are intensely pigmented and does not leave any marks after cleansing.

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1 year ago

All in one


Miss Claire Makeup Palette would've a perfect gift to anyone who is a makeup buff . My sister was gifted this makeup palette on her birthday by her friend and she was more than happy when she got this .it comes with 33 different eye shadows, 4 blushers, 2 compact powders, 6 lip glosses, an eye pencil, a lip pencil.the palette comes with the applicator brushes and a mirror . This is a great travel friendly product all in one is available just in one palette. The sister has used the compact powder very occasionally and found it average .other than that all the shades of eyeshadow ,blusher and lipstick are just amazing.this is highly pigmented and have a good colour payoff barring a few though . reasonably priced though

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1 year ago

Good one


Recently I have been coming across many products from miss Claire brand and this Miss Claire Makeup Palette is one among their good ones. the products are available at an affordable price and so you cannot expect too much from it. it is a decent product to own if you are looking for a good product at a cheaper price. This makeup palette contains everything you need to do a makeup. It also has a mirror of good size which is the best thing as many good brand don't have them. There are different variants with different types of products and you could choose the one you love.

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1 year ago

Miss Claire makeup palette


Available in different variants


All-in-one palette

I found this makeup kit helpful for me and is easy to carry in my bag without any damage to the inside palettes and shades. It is a multiple use kit which contains both shimmery Colors and matte Colors in the same palette. Miss Claire Makeup Palettes has all the beauty products such as eyeshadows, a compact powder, an eye liner, lip glosses, a mascara, a lip pencil, an eye pencil, foundations and blushes. I use it on regular basis and don’t find any kind of skin allergy or side effect on the skin. I just love the product and would recommend this to every women to keep everything in a simple box.

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1 year ago

All in one palette


Multipurpose palette

Perfect gift

This is an all in one makeup palette for all the makeup lovers out there. When my cousin had just joined college i decided to give her this palette as she would need it to prep up for the college. She absolutely loved this gift. This palette comprises blushers, eyeshadows, a compact powder, an eye liner, lip glosses, a mascara, a lip pencil, an eye pencil, and foundations, everything that a makeup enthusiast needs for a complete gorgeous look. It comes in a lot of variants and is a perfect gift for those who like to have everything in one place.

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1 year ago

Style your face differently


Multi tasking palette

My make up kit would have been incomplete with out this Miss Claire Makeup Palettes for sure. The palette consists of different and unique shades that helps me in stylish my face in a different way each time. it is apt for soft and heavy looks too according to the occasion. I no longer need to wait for the parlour ladies to doll me up now a days. With this palette life has become much easier. The palette has so many things that I no need to buy any other cosmetic now. it is just perfect for those who love to style themselves often.

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Complete your entire makeup look by investing on anyone of these Miss Claire Makeup Palettes. Available in different unique variants, the makeup palette contains all the beauty products you will need to finish your beauty game. It contains blushers, eyeshadows, a compact powder, an eye liner, lip glosses, a mascara, a lip pencil, an eye pencil, and foundations, all encased in a single sleek box. This palette also has a good-sized mirror for your convenience and comes in handy when you are on the go. This multi-tasking product helps you to achieve different looks that you desire. The shades are intensely pigmented to give a high color pay off with long staying power. You could also mix and match the shades to customize your own look. It gives a smooth finish and makes your appear beautiful and attractive.

How To Use Miss Claire Makeup Palette ?

  • Cleanse your skin with a mild face wash.
  • Pat your skin dry with a soft towel.
  • Apply a primer for a long staying power.
  • Use a mild, lightweight moisturizer.
  • Apply the foundation and concealer evenly and blend them well.
  • Do your eye makeup and finish it with an eyeliner or kajal.
  • Apply the lip colour.
  • Allow the makeup to set using a setting spray.
  • Give a touch up with the compact powder if needed.

Miss Claire Makeup Palette Benefits And Uses :

  • Colours are intensely pigmented.
  • Long staying power.
  • Helps to achieve different makeup looks.
  • Colours blends well to customize new shades.
  • Contains most of the beauty products you require for a perfect makeup.
  • Also contains applicator brush and a good-sized mirror.

Miss Claire Makeup Palette Shades (Colors) :

  • Miss Claire Make Up Palette 9942
  • Miss Claire Make Up Palette, 9914-2
  • Miss Claire Make Up Palette, 9904
  • Miss Claire Make Up Palette 9940
  • Miss Claire Make Up Palette 9927-1
  • Miss Claire Make Up Palette 9945-2
  • Miss Claire Makeup Palette 9960
  • Miss Claire Make Up Palette 9943
  • Miss Claire Make Up Palette, 9939
  • Miss Claire Make Up Palette 9941
  • Miss Claire Make Up Palette 9944-1
  • Miss Claire Miss Claire Make Up Palette 9946-1
  • Miss Claire Miss Claire Make Up Palette 9970