Modicare Fruit Of The Earth Moor Mud Facial Bar
Modicare Fruit Of The Earth Moor Mud Facial Bar

Modicare Fruit Of The Earth Moor Mud Facial Bar

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Modicare Fruit Of The Earth Moor Mud Facial Bar is formulated with nutrient and mineral-rich moor mud from Europe and other natural ingredients. Moor Mud is rich in nutrients and is used in beauty treatments since ancient times. This facial bar is an al- in-one soap that cleanses, tones, exfoliates, & moisturizes the skin. It has anti-acne, skin whitening, and anti-ageing properties. It also has other herbal extracts like lemon grass, liquorice extract, olive oil, and grape seed oil. All these ingredients give glowing and radiant skin. It is very effective for treating acne and any skin problems.

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  • 3amazing fragrance
  • 3moisturizes skin
  • 2light weight
  • 1anti aging soap
  • 1effective for all skin types


  • 1expensive product
  • 1availability problem

How To Use Modicare Fruit Of The Earth Moor Mud Facial Bar ?

  • On wet skin, apply this soap and massage gently.
  • Lather it well and leave it on for 3 minutes.
  • Rinse with water.

Modicare Fruit Of The Earth Moor Mud Facial Bar Uses And Benefits :

CLeanses your skin.

Exfoliates dead cells gently.

Lightens your skin.

Fights signs of ageing.

Modicare Fruit Of The Earth Moor Mud Facial Bar Ingredients :

Moor Clay


Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Extract

Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Starch

Grape Seed Oil

Fuller’s Earth

Citric Acid

Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

Sodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate

Titanium Dioxide


Disodium EDTA

Dimethicanol & TEA-Dodecylbenzenesulfonate


Cocoamidoprophyl betain

Sodium Silicate

Sodium Benzoate

Potasium Sorbate



Modicare Fruit Of The Earth Moor Mud Facial Bar Reviews

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Natural Facial Bar Sushma approves this product

9 months ago


Amazing fragrance

Moisturizes skin

Modicare brand is the best brand for skin care products. Especially this moor Facial bar is the best product it contains natural ingredients which is rich in nutrients and used in skin treatment. It contains It helps in moisturizing your skin and removes dirt and impurities from your skin. It has rich cream lather and contains natural Moor mud from germany and which helps to smoothing the skin. It is a mild soap which is suitable to all types of skin and can be used everyday. The rich cream texture helps in moisturizing and hydrating the skin and keeps the skin soft for many hours. It also helps in removing infection causing bacteria from the skin. Its the best product which adds value to your money and gives you a healthy and younger looking skin. And also helps in getting an even tone. It have very mild and lovely fragrance for which I’d love to use this soap daily. It is also suitable for sensitive skin. I love this soap and would recommend it to my friends and family.

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Average product Ragini approves this product

10 months ago


I am not so fond of using a soap bar on my face. However, I tried Modicare Fruit Of The Earth Moor Mud Facial Bar for a few days and hence this review. The pros of this facial bar are many but I still think its an average product as it did not do what it claims. It has a great fragrance which smells like Oudh or ittar. It has ingredients like grape seed oil and lemon extracts which are good for combination and oily skin. However, this facial bar made my skin a bit dry and so I replaced it with a face wash. It did not break me out either did it work on the pigmentation or dark spots. It does have a mild exfoliating effect on the skin but it is not effective in removing tan. I would recommend trying this facial bar if you are a soap person and do not like to use mild cleansers or face wash.

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One soap many puposes Vasutha approves this product

10 months ago


Amazing fragrance

Light weight

Moisturizes skin

I avoid bar soaps usually as I am comfortable with liquid soaps. But my friend told me about modicare fruit of the earth Moor Mud facial bar, I wanted to try that. It is formulated with a special mud namely moor mud which is widely available un Europe and is used for facial. This soap conveniently exfoliates dead skin and removes dirt's and oil from the pores. It removes free radicals and acne causing bacteria too. Upon toning it shrinks pore sizes and make the skin radiant. It also tightens the skin and provide us lifted younger skin with gorgeous look. Another important factor about this soap bar is it lightens pigmentation and whitens skin. The packing is brown colour paper carton pack and it smells earthy with flower fragrance. It lathers well and keep the skin moisturised naturally. The key herbal ingredients are  lemon grass, liquorice extract, olive oil, and grape seed oil.  I like the soap as it is a complete solution for all skin problems.

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Moor mud soap Shruti approves this product

10 months ago


Anti aging soap

Effective for all skin types

Moor mud is a nutrient rich ingredient that is used from ages for beauty treatments. This facial bar is an all in one soap bar that helps in a home facial kind of look. This soap helps in cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. It comes in a simple packaging and is very safe to be used for all skin types. I have a combination skin and hence think twice before using a soap on my skin. I get acne and breakouts whenever I have used soap on my face. This is soap is aromatic in fragrance and it has an earthy smell. The aroma is very soothing and relaxing. It soothes the skin and also calms the mind. It helps in eliminating the dark spots, blemishes and pigmentation. This herbal soap is made up of lemon grass, liquorice extract, olive oil, and grape seed oil. It also acts as an anti aging soap and removes wrinkles and fine lines.

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10 months ago


Modicare Fruit Of The Earth Moor Mud Facial Bar is a cleansing bar with exfoliating and moisturizing property. This bar is formulated with the mud from Europe along with other skin nourishing ingredients like lemon grass, grapeseed oil and olive oil. This product comes in black carton box with golden fonts which looks sophisticated. But the price of this soap is very expensive and the biggest drawback is, you could get the soap in a set of 4 and not individually. The soap can not be bough easily available from stores and you could get it from online. The soap has a fragrance of sandalwood that lingers on body for certain time. It also lathers well and remove dirt, impurities and oil from the skin, making it appear smooth and soft. To tell in short, it detoxifies the skin and gives a clear look. It also suits people with acne prone skin.

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