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Modicare Schloka Whitening Cream With Lemon And Turmeric Reviews

Avg Ratings : 2.9

5 Reviews


2 years ago

Travel friendly


Travel friendly Improves skin completion

Medicare Schloka Whitening Cream with Lemon and Turmeric is a natural whitening cream that helps in improving the skin complexion and makes the skin glow. The product is out of harmful chemicals and made from natural ingredients. The cream has Lemon and Turmeric has essential agent which are rich in natural anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties that recovers the skin from damages. It also prevents the skin from dryness and hydrates the skin. The face cream helps in making the skin fairer and brighter that adds natural glow to the skin. The product doesn’t cause any allergy or irritation on the skin and provides an even tone fairness. The process of application is very easy and also the product is travel friendly. With its smooth consistency it gets absorbed quickly deeply into the skin and adds nourishment. It lightens the skin tone and other blemishes making it to look flawless.

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2 years ago

Glowing cream


I used schloka whitening cream as my friend introduced it to me. I was initially skeptical to use it, but when I applied this cream for the first time, I felt my skin is moisturized. Gradually it has lightened the dark spots on my skin and made it radiant and glowing.

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2 years ago

Whitening cream with lemon and turmeric


Natural ingredients


No harmful chemicals

Suitable for all skin types

I love lemon in all form and especially for beauty purpose I apply lemon with milk cream to exfoliate and cleanse my skin naturally. Turmeric is known to us for ages and so when I saw Schloka whitening cream on a shop I immediately grabbed it. As the pack is less in quantity and available at an affordable price, I wanted to try this. This turned out to be a good and genuine product. It is packed in a white colour tub packing. And the consistency is of cream. My skin is not darkly pigmented, but due to my nature of work, my skin occasionally tans. So to reveal my original skin I applied this cream. It is very soft textured light weight cream. Lemon and turmeric removes dead cells, dark spots, acne marks, fat and oil from the face. Even I apply this on my hands too. I got soft, smooth, lighter and brighter skin. It is made with paraben free and chemical free. It suits all skin types. But one should try with small amount for any allergies.

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2 years ago

Does not cause any whitening


Personally i do not like the concept of whitening creams as i feel it is just a marketing gimmick. And people are more inclined to such products that mostly concentrate on improving the complexion.modicare is an Indian brand which gained momentum in the Indian market until recently,it has quite alot of products available and you can also avail these online. Although these tend to be a little expensive but most of the products use natural ingredients. I wanted to get tod if the pigmentation marks i had post delivery and since it claimed it would help reduce pigmentation. It has lemon and turmeric which would help in lightening the pigmentation marks and dark spots .i mostly used this during night before going off to sleep. It spreads evenly on the skin and gets absorbed soon and did not make the skin greasy at all. I have used this for more than a month over the period of time it helped lighten the pigmentation marks .however as per it claims that it would help with whitening i did not see much of it.

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2 years ago

Bad choice


Modicare is a brand which is not heard much of in India. I always wondered why as it has such a wide range of skin and home care products. If I am not wrong they are also in to wellness and personal care things. I have been using a few products under this family for quite some time now and I am indeed very happy with the results. Recently they have introduced their Schloka whitening cream and I was really excited to try it out as have already been to their other products in the past. As my inclination towards this brand was always their I instantly bought this cream for my face. To my dismay thi whitening cream is a complete disaster unlike the other products that this brand has this one did not had much satisfactory results. It has been over a month now that I am using this cream with hardly any noticeable changes or effects on my face. I totally regret buying this cream and would never recommend it to any body out their. May a months time is less for it and I should have tried it more but honestly my patience was all gone in this month itself.

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Modicare is one of the reputed companies in India which provides a wide range of products for skin care, personal care, make up, wellness, and home care. Schloka is one of the three famous brands from Modicare. Schloka whitening cream is considered perfect for youthful, glowing skin. The formulation is enriched with natural ingredients like lemon and turmeric extracts. There are no added chemicals that are harmful for your skin. This helps to provide a fair and glowing skin. It lightens your skin tone and other blemishes making it to look flawless. This cream texture is so soft and smooth that it glides on your skin and speards evenly. The packageing is luxurious and elegant.

How To Use Modicare Schloka Whitening Cream With Lemon And Turmeric ?

  • Clean your face with a mild face wash.
  • Apply a generous amount of cream on your face and neck.
  • Gently massage in circular motion untill it gets absorbed into your skin.

Modicare Schloka Whitening Cream With Lemon And Turmeric Benefits And Uses :

  • Turmeric extracts in the formulation helps in reducing melanin production
  • Lemon extracts lightens the uneven skin tone
  • It effectively lightens the pigmentation, dark spots and other skin blemishes
  • It provides shiny and glowing skin instantly
  • This cream keeps your skin moisturised and hydrated


Modicare Schloka Whitening Cream With Lemon And Turmeric Ingredients

Lemon Extract
Turmeric extract