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Mysore Sandal Talc Ingredients

Cl 77220
natural sandalwood oil-based fragrance

Mysore Sandal Talc Reviews

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Mysore Sandal Talc has a smooth and fresh texture. It's mild formula is hypoallergenic and suits most skin types. It contains natural sandalwood oil-based fragrance. It smells fresh and makes your skin smooth. The long-lasting fragrance keeps your spirits high all through the day.

How To Use Mysore Sandal Talc ?

  • After bath, sprinkle the talc liberally on body.
  • Use a puff to spread it around.

Mysore Sandal Talc Benefits And Uses :

  • Rich in natural sandal fragrance.
  • Soothes skin and cools down.
  • Keeps your skin fresh and calm.
  • Mild on skin and no allergens.
  • Smells pure and authentic sandalwood.