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Nature Sure Kalonji Oil – Black Seed Oil Ingredients

Black seed
Fennel flower
Blessed seeds
Black caraway

Nature Sure Kalonji Oil – Black Seed Oil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.0

5 Reviews


1 year ago

Good Oil


Good quality

Improves digestion

Controls sugar levels

Good for scalp and hair

Cures many disorders

Treats allergies

Nature Sure Kalonji Oil - Black Seed Oil is one of the pure medicinal oil that has helped me in many ways to take care of indigestion and sugar issues. One of the most important properties of the oil I found is that it is very good on skin allergies and keeps it infection-free. It has also helped one of my family members to control diabetes. For my hair loss and finer hair, it has been very helpful. I find the oil comfortable to apply externally. When it is applied to the scalp it goes deep to the pores and nourishes the scalp improving the hair quality. I would recommend the oil to everyone as it is very effective and can be used in multiple manners. It is durable and travel-friendly as well.

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1 year ago

best ayurvedic medicine with multiple befits


natural ingredients

Natura Sure Kalonji Oil has been used by my father since 2 months as suggested by our physician. The oil has been extracted from kalonji through cold pressing. It has numerous health benefits and it helps in overall health development. My father has digestion problems and always used to suffer from indigestion and bloating. Ever since he started using this he felt great relief from that problem. It can be used for several health issues and is multipurpose. It helps with chronic illness like diabetes, arthritis, thyroid, diabetes etc. the taste is little weird but the product is quite helpful and as it is from natural products quite safe to use. It boost energy and makes skin glow. It is reported to prevent hair and fight issues like dandruff too. It can be used topically as well as taken orally depends on the need.

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1 year ago

Not much effective just little change


Kalonji oil is basically black seed oil and has a lot of benefits. I was introduced to kalonji oil by my sister in law ,having read the benefits i thought about trying it out. It can be consumed orally and can be applied externally. Since the old one got over,i thought about searching online and that is how i landed up purchasing Nature Sure Kalonji Oil - Black Seed Oil .it is available online and is affordable too .The issue while taking along oils while travelling is that there is always a fear of what if the bottle leaks or spills. But this does not ,you can carry it around while travelling. It has a very different smell to it nit much overpowering though. I haven't consumed this until now but have used this on my hair and scalp at times. Although it didn't do much for my hair related issues but hasn't severed my hair fall and has reduced the dandruff to some extent.alternatively it can be used for leg pain and joint pain too

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1 year ago

Potent herbal oil


I am fond of herbal hair oils and hence bought pure kalonji hair oil from Nature sure. Black seed oil is a potent herb that shows multiple benefits on the hair. It can be best used by those who suffer severe hair loss. I was suffering from hair fall that got reduced when I started using this oil. I could hardly see any loose hair on my comb. This oil has also reduced the visible flakes on the hair. This reduces the scalp infections on the hair. This hair oil is formulated using natural ingredients only. It does not contain any harmful chemicals in it. The texture of the oil is slightly thick than a regular one. It has no overpowering smell. It smells more like herbal. It effectively reduces the migraine and headache. It also treats baldness and can be used by both men and women. Overall, it is good hair oil with multiple benefits.

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1 year ago



Black Caraway or Kalonji has multiple benefits for the skin, hair and body and cures various diseases and disorders too. This time when I came across the Nature sure Kalanji Oil black seed oil, I immediately grabbed it. The oil comes packaged in a green plastic bottle and is further encased in a cardboard box. The bottle has a flip open cap mechanism and is lightweight. The Oil is very thick and dark in colour and the odor is extremely unpleasant but I still wanted to use it to maximize on the benefits from the oil. I use the oil on my hair by gently massaging it through my entire hair and I left it overnight for best results. With gradual usage I saw a great reduction in my hair fall issue and my hair became more stronger. I even used it as a massage oil and it helps in relieving me from all my joint pains and tones my body. The oil hydrates the skin and hair effectively and is definitely a multi tasker.

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Natura Sure Kalonji Oil is prepared from 100% pure, good quality black seed (Nigella sativa). This oil is extracted through cold press technology and hence, retains all the beneficial nutrients. Kalonji Oil is a multi-purpose oil. It can be used for innumerable health reasons. It can either be applied locally or consumed orally depending on the cause and as directed by the physician. It is very effective in curing body pain, joints pain, arthritis, diabetes, piles, acne, and pimples. It is also widely used to improve digestion, eye sight, immunity, metabolism, boosting energy, manageing blood pressure, keeping heart healthy, and many others. Nature Sure Black Seed oil is undiluted and is a booster for leading healthy life.

How To Use Nature Sure Kalonji Oil – Black Seed Oil ?

  • Better be applied or consumed under a physician's supervision.

Nature Sure Kalonji Oil – Black Seed Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • Prevents hair fall.
  • Controls blood sugar level.
  • Helps in skin related disorders.
  • Acts as a pain reliever.
  • Useful for migraine and headache.