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Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil Ingredients

Vitamin C
Vitamin E

Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.0

6 Reviews


1 year ago



My sister used the Nature Sure pores and marks oil and was very happy with her experience. She purchased this oil as she had read about the benefits of the oil and was hoping to see a reduction in the stretch marks and fine lines. The oil got easily absorbed into the skin without feeling very heavy or greasy. The oil very nicely hydrated her body and face and she used the oil twice during the day. She even used this oil on her face before she stepped out in the sun and it gave a nice dewy look to her face and protected it from tanning. With regular usage she saw a good amount of reduction in the stretch marks and fine lines. She found the product expensive but she felt it was worth the cost. This oil can be used as an antiseptic for minor cuts or burns as well hence she felt the oil is surely a multitasker.

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1 year ago

Nature pores and marks oil


Heals stretch marks

Natural ingredients

Works great!! Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil contains lot of vitamins and minerals, iron, magnesium, copper and higher percentage of oleic acid which makes the skin look young and natural. This oil helps in reducing stretch marks and the dark spots caused due to fatness and pregnancy. It not only prevents the loss of elastin, collagen, and keratin but also lightens and tightens the skin. And helps in maintaining ph level of the skin. It helps rejuvenate the akin and locks the moisture deep into the skin. I recommend this oil to all the people who are facing problems with spots and stretch marks.

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1 year ago

best oil for stretch marks


Heals stretch marks

Natural ingredients

light weight

gets absorbed well

non greasy


I have seen Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil for the first time when i visited my cousin during summer vacation. she has been using it for an year now. I saw a great change in her facial texture, it became very soft and supple. This oil was very light and gets easily absorbed into the skin. it is enriched with a great number of antioxidants and many vitamins which are highly essential for skin health. It locks the moisture in the skin for a very good time. It helps in minimizing the stretch marks. the oil is very easy to carry and does not cause any spillage. it is affordable

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1 year ago

Good Oil


Tightens pores

Reduces pore size

Treats acne

Lightens dark spots

Moisturizes well

Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil is very helpful and beneficial for enlarged pores. I bought this oil to treat my large pores and blackhead problem. Due to the large pore size, most of the time dust particles get settled inside the pore becoming blackheads and acne. I wanted to treat this problem. I must say it helped a lot to tighten the pores. It has also reduced my dark spots and acne without any side effects. If you apply it at night, it also works as a night moisturizer. It may be a little expensive but totally worth it. Definitely recommend.

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1 year ago



The Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil is a pretty decent product that lightens the dark spots and reduces the size of pores, but for its expensive price I expect something more from it. And, also it would be better if it fulfills it claims sooner. This product comes in a plastic bottle that is leakage free. It is purely vegan and does not contain any harsh chemicals which is the first thing that impressed me. The product gets absorbed into the skin easily and has a consistency like that of oil. So, it is best to use it at night than during the day. This product is also not easily available in stores and you will have to get it online.

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1 year ago



We all do dread about the enlarged pores and the dark spots and blemishes on the face . Nowadays you will find umpteen number of products available in the market to combat these issues .my cousin purchased this Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil couple of months back and was using this religiously for a month or so . This is available online although a bit pricey. The packaging is quite good and it won't leak or spill so you can take this around while travelling too. It feels lightweight on the skin and does not leave any greasy feeling post using this . It works great as a moisturizer and helps in lightening the dark spots slightly but you need to use it continuously.

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Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil is a natural moisturiser that unclogs pores ad tightens them. It also eliminates stretch marks and helps the skin to remain healthy and young by preventing the loss of elastin, collagen, and keratin. This luxurious oil provides 80+ antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that are very soothing to the skin and helps to keep it young and supple by providing it with the required nourishment. This beauty balm has vitamin A, B, C, D, and E along with copper, iron, silica, magnesium, and copper and also a high percentage of oleic acid.

How To Use Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil ?

  • Wash and pat dry your face.
  • Apply this oil just like you would apply any other moisturizer.
  • Massage in circular motion for few minutes until completely absorbed.
  • Make sure to cover dark spots, pimple scars, and marks thoroughly.
  • Apply twice a day for the best results.

Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • Penetrates deep into the skin.
  • Makes skin young and supple skin.
  • Acts as a natural sunscreen.

Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil Side Effects :

  • Pregnant women should avoid using this oil around intimate areas.