Nature’s essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit
Nature’s essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit

Nature’s essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit

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Nature's Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit is a natural fruit acid blended kit and is a great treat for the skin. It makes the skin look more radiant and bright in a short span of time. It is a comprehensive kit which contains almond cleanser, orange scrub pack, saffron cream, apple pack and coconut cream. It enables skin polishing and lightening too. The pack is suitable for people with all skin types and helps keep the skin hydrated. The kit contains natural fruit extracts and the results last for a good ten days. Now you don't have to spend hours in the parlor for that natural glow!

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  • 2east-to-aapply
  • 1safe ingredients
  • 1best for teenagers
  • 1contain natural ingredients
  • 1have no side effect


  • 2the glow is short-lived
  • 1may be too oily
  • 1the odor of the products leaves much to be desired

How To Use Nature’s essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit ?

  • First, wash your face with the cleanser.
  • After cleansing, apply the scrubber and scrub your face gently.
  • Gradually massage the scrub in circular motions all over your face.
  • Wait for a minute.
  • Wash it off with water.
  • Massage the Saffron cream all over the face till it gets completely absorbed into the skin.
  • Take some moist cotton and remove the excess cream.
  • Apply the apple-based face pack and keep it on for 10 minutes.
  • Once the pack dries, wash it off with water.
  • In the end, apply the coconut care cream and massage all over the face till it gets completely absorbed into the skin.
  • Wash it off with water.

Nature’s essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit Uses And Benefits :

This kit is a complete facial tool.

It is well equipped with all the right ingredients to make the skin look polished and bright.

The face pack and cleanser clear all the dust and impurities from your face.

The exfoliating scrub helps remove dead cells and renew the skin.

It hydrates and nourishes the skin, making it look gorgeous.

The skin looks radiant after the facial.

It saves you from the hassle of traveling to the beauty parlor.

Nature’s essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit Ingredients :

Almond Care (12ml):

Butea Monosperma 3.5%

Myristica Fragrans 0.75%

Prenus Amygdolus 2.90%

Cydonia Oblonga 4.5%

Zea May's 15.20%

Honey Wax 2.5%

Gelidium Cartiagidum 8.5%

Dm Water-Q.S.

Orange Scrub Pack (16g):

Juglaana Regia 8:00%

Citrus Reticulata 7.50%

Cydonia Oblonga 4.00%

Butea Monosperma 4.5%

Azardrichta Indica 3.65%

Haematite 5.75%

Bisulphate of znc 9.50%

Fuller's Earth 25.00%

Rubia Cardifolia 7.00%

DM Water Q.S.

Saffron Care (12g):

Honey 0.50%

Crocus Sativa 0.10%

Triticum Sativum 1.20%

Azardrichta Indica 0.50%

Pistachio Vera 1.05%

Cocos Nucifera 10.50%

Honey Wax 12.7%

Gelidum Cartiagidum 4.50%

Brassica Juncea 3.70%

DM Water Q.S.

Apple Pack (16g):

Pyrus Melus 4.50%

Ananus Comosus 3.75%

Ocimun Sanctum 5.20%

Santalum Album 1.20%

Rosa Centifolia 1.90%

Olea Europoea 3.75%

Fuller's Earth 12.50%

Honey Wax 7.00%

Cocos Nucifera 10.75%

DM Water QS

Coconut Care (12g):

Zeamays 10.50%

Gelidum Cartiagidum 5.60%

Daucus Carota 3.00%

Rosa Centifolia 2.40%

Honey Wax 1.50%

Cocos Nucifera 5.50%

Prunus Amygalus 4.00%

Olea Europea 4.50%

DM Water Q.S.

Nature’s essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit Reviews

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Effective but does not lasts long Samidha approves this product

11 months ago



Safe Ingredients

As the name implies, this facial kit has a combination of 5 different fruits extracts to act as a face pack and cleansers. It includes Almond extracts, which are for a cleansing purpose, Orange extracts for scrubbing and exfoliating, Saffron as a Massage Cream, Apple Extracts to be applied as a face pack, and lastly, coconut milk which will be used as a face cream. This complete facial kit retails for INR 500 wherein the net quantity provided is 200g. Packaging wise, all these 5 fruit extracts come in a tube packaging which is pretty easy and hygienic in terms of use. Now if I talk about its performance then definitely it worked as it claims. However, I felt coconut cream was a bit oily for my oily skin. Moreover, the fragrance of this coconut cream does not say the presence of any coconut in the cream. But overall, my skin feels soft and supple after the use of this facial kit. I could see the natural glow on the face but it stays for a maximum 1-2 day.

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Good facial kit Lalitha approves this product

11 months ago


I am fond of facial kits that gives a salon facial experience at home. One such kit is Nature’s essence magic fruit facial kit. This is an amazing product that gave an instant bright looking skin. It contains natural fruit extracts that gives a flawless and radiant looking skin. The kit consists of almond care cleanser that deeply cleanses and removes the dirt, impurities and excess oil from the skin. Orange scrub pack that extracts the black heads and removes excess oil revealing a shine free and glowing skin. Saffron cream is a good massage cream that tightens the skin and lightens the fine lines. Apple pack improves the skin texture and firms the skin. Coconut cream is moisturizing cream that reduces the sun tan and impart suppleness to the skin. All the product has a mild and fruity fragrance that lingers on the skin. This is the best facial kit and highly recommended for those with normal to oily skin.

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Temporary glow Ramya approves this product

11 months ago


Sometimes i just feel a little bit lazy visiting a parlour and getting a facial done. I recently came across this facial kit and thought about giving it a try.Nature's Essence Magic Fruit facial kit comed in an orange box which has a plastic holder in it. The plastic holder has squeezable tubes in it. I first used the Almond Care Cleanser on the face and it helped remove all the dirt makeup and cleansed my face. After that I used the Orange Scrub which is gentle on the skin and leaves behind a smoother and cleaner looking skin.i then tried on the Saffron Care Massage cream and massaged it on the face after a while wiped it off with a damp cloth. Next came the apple face mask , it is a bit thick and dries off soon .i rinse it off after its completely dry. After that çomes the coconut care cream it provides just about the right Moisturization. Overall after using this facial kit it gave a glow however it was just temporary

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Liked it Rinku approves this product

11 months ago


I am extremely lazy when it comes to visiting the beauty parlor for my facial. Hence I decided to purchase the Nature's essence magic fruit facial kit so that I could conduct the facial from the comforts of my home. The kit comes packaged in cardboard box which has a plastic holder in which there are 5 tubes. I used the first tube which is the cleanser which I gently massaged on my face and washed it off with water. The second tube contains the orange scrub pack which I gently massaged on my entire face for a minute and the scrub granules were not very harsh on my skin. I gently washed off the scrub. The third tube is the Saffron care massage cream which I gently massaged on my face and washed my face off with water. The third tube is an apple pack which I applied on my face and left it on for 10 minutes and then washed it off with water. The last tube consists of the coconut cream which needs to be applied at the end to hydrate the skin. After the facial my face looked extremely clean, hydrated and radiant and I would surely recommend this product.

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Best Facial Kit. Nikita approves this product

11 months ago


Best for teenagers

Contain natural ingredients

Have no side effect

Instant glow

Reduces Dark Spote

I have been using this Nature's Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit from a very long time. I love the ingredients that is present in this facial kit. This is one of the best facial kit for teenagers and below 23 years. It makes my skin more glowing and keeps the skin moisturized always. It has also reduced the dark spots from skin. I'm fully satisfied with this deal😍❤

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