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Fungal Acne Trigger

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NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

6 Reviews


2 years ago

Removes unwanted hair completely


Removes unwanted hair completely Painless process

Waxing and shaving the unwanted hairs from the body have been always a painful process. I even tried veet hair removal cream but that doesn’t remove the hair effectively and leaves some hairs. So when I been looking for a painless process, my friend suggested me this NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor. It is serum that removes the unwanted hair completely from the skin and doesn’t leave a pain. It comes in a travel friendly bottle along with a pump applicator. The product is a unisex product and is completely made from natural ingredients which are best suitable for all types of skin. The serum works by deeply penetrating into the skin and restricts hair bulb activities which is cause for the hair growth. The serum doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and is made from plant extracts and natural ingredients. The product is quite expensive but gives good results on the skin.

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2 years ago

Painless inhibitor


Unisex product

Suits all skin types

NEUD Natural hair Inhibitor I have been using this product from a long time. It is said to be known as the natural hair removal cream. This cream is very easy to use and it works from the roots and reduce the unwanted growth of the hair from roots. This is a painless process which makes me keep away from painful waxing. It is made of natural essential oils and comes in a golden pump bottle which is easy to carry. It even suits for sensitive skin and has a very mild fragrance. It is slightly expensive and unisex product.

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2 years ago

Painless solution


Removes unwanted hair effectively

Unisex Product

Can Be Used On Face And Body

I have a fear of wax treatment for removing unwanted hair. I was in search of a product that can remove unwanted hair effortlessly, and then I came across this product. I bought it right away after knowing it claims. From then, I never looked back for any product; it indeed my best buy that is removing unwanted hair effectively without any pain.

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2 years ago

Inhibits unwanted hair growth naturally


Unisex product

Can be used on face and body

Suits all skin types

I was surprised when I first see NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor when my friend was using this when I visited her. I instantly bought this product. It is a hair cream that will control the growth of the unwanted hair from root itself. It enters in to the skin where hair growth is more and inhibits the growth of hair bulbs. The ingredients in this products are natural plant extracts. And it is painless and comfortable hair removing method with out any side effects. The stylish bottle packing comes with pump dispenser. It is comfortable, user friendly and safe.

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2 years ago

Hair remover



Easy to use

i first saw my friend use NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor and decided to get it for myself, as i was totally tired of waxing every month and was looking out for a better painless alternative. it comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser which is very convenient and hygienic. this cream is very easy to use and gives amazing results. initially i used it every week, but after 10-12 weeks i reduced its usage to once in two weeks and so on. now after months of using it i hardly have to use it once a month. my hair growth has really reduced.

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2 years ago

Inhibits unwanted hair growth


No side effects

Does not allow unwanted hair growth

I had been waxing my under arms hair for a long time. But the process was always very painful and it always left me in tears. I was trying to find a permanent solution to get rid of those unwanted hair. Getting laser done was not an option as it was very expensive. My friend suggested that I use this NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor. This product comes in a pump dispenser bottle and the cream penetrates in the skin targeting the hair bulb activities that promote hair growth. I used this for a year and have seen visible results. It is a must use product for those who want to get rid of unwanted hair.

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NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor is the key solution to stop unwanted hair growth. With its advanced next-generation formula, it penetrates to the hair follicle sacs and restricts hair bulb activities responsible for hair growth. It mainly targets the roots of the hair shafts to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body painlessly. Entirely made up of plant extracts and essential items, this comes packed in a white and golden bottle with a pumper, making it user and travel-friendly.

How To Use NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor ?

  • Apply it on the area of unwanted hair only after hair removal.
  • Allow the cream to penetrate into the open pores.
  • Apply it 8-10 times after hair removal for continuosly 12-14 weeks to attain best results.

NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Benefits And Uses :

  • Reduces the frequency for the need of hair removal.
  • Reduces the growth of unwanted body\facial hair.


NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Ingredients

Gymnema Sylvestre