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Low risk 77%

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Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask Ingredients


Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.2

5 Reviews


1 year ago

Can be used as a cleanser and as a mask


Easily available

Nice fragrance

Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask doubles up as a cleanser and a mask. I first discovered this product at my cousin's place found this on her dressing table. The packaging is really some comes in a squeezable tube with a flip cap. Well the cap is quite sturdy and secure it won't cause any leakage or spillage. You can use this as a cleanser maybe twice a week also twice a week as a mask. My cousin had sensitive skin and she has been using this for quite sometime. I tried this on as a cleanser ,took a little product and gently massaged on my damp face and rinsed it off after a while .I found my skin softer ,cleaner ,smoother and clearer.alternatively I used it as a mask applied a smooth layer on my dried face and rinsed it off after drying .both ways it works out in clearing and cleaning out the skin and well it also helps out to reduce the pores size .a must try indeed

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1 year ago

Amazing mask


Easily available

Effectively fights acne

Nice fragrance

As the name suggests it indeed helps to clear the pores over the skin. I usually apply it on my wet face and massage in circular motion including the neck area. And I get clean and clear skin in hardly a few minutes. It lathers well and hence really easy to use. It has reduced the occurrence of black heads on my face to a considerable extent.

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1 year ago

A good cleanser


I used to have many acne and blemishes on my face. I have tried many medication but it was only a temporary relief. I have tried few face washes and scrub. I worked quite well but I was not satisfied. Once I went to a mall and there I was introduced to this product and they recommended me this cleanser. Hoping that it would work well I bought this product. The first time I used this cleanser it cleansed my face well. The pores were unclogged and removed all the impurities. After two or three uses it gave me a radiant look and glow to my face. It also prevent the recurrence of the acne and the dark spots also started to fade out. It also acted on the fine lines and made my face look better than before. After every use I could see that my face was getting better. I have recommended this product to some of my friends. They also said that it was very effective on them. But for some of them they said that it dried out their skin and they had to use a moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.

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1 year ago

I would definitely recommend this product !


Easily available

Effectively fights acne

Nice fragrance

My friend was using the Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser Mask. She has been using this for at least a year now. Her skin had all sorts of problems. Her skin has pores, blackheads, acne, and pimples. I have been seeing her from the time she bought the pack and started using it. The pore cleanser mask from Neutrogena gave her good results. That is when I completely believed in the product and decided to buy it. The pore cleanser mask has various ingredients like citric acid and glycerin available in the product that is very good on the skin and treats different skin conditions. You can take a little cleanser, dab it on the face, and massage in circular directions. The cleanser will penetrate in all skin areas. The cleanser lathers well. After washing, you can see great results from the first wash itself. You can use it on the face and neck area. The cleanser mask has a mild fragrance that is very soothing on your skin. it deep cleanses the skin from all the impurities. It removes all the clogs on the pores and reduces the size of the pores. You get soft and smooth skin. Though it is expensive, it is a must-buy product for its visible results.

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1 year ago

Good Cleansing Mask


Great for acne

Reduces dark spots

Skin is much better

Cool sensation

Removes excess oil

This works really good. Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser Mask cleanses pores deeply from within and removes all impurities. This mask is helpful in combating acne and prevents frequent acne attacks. Initially, this mask caused 2-3 breakouts of pimples but then slowly the pimples started drying out. It cleared out all dark spots. This mask takes some time to show result but it does work. I use this mask once a week. My frequent attacks have reduced considerably. Skin also seems to be getting cleaned from within. After 2 months now, I feel my skin is looking much more radiant and glowing. There are very few acne breakouts now. It is gentle, does not cause any irritation or burning sensation. Most of the acne-fighting creams that I have used causes some burning or irritation. However, this mask never has done any damage. The only thing is it tends to dry out my skin after some time of washing off the mask. I have to use a moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated.

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Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser Mask is a great cleanser mask that fights germs that cause breakouts and blackheads.

How To Use Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask ?

  • Wet the face and take a generous amount of the cleanser.
  • Gently move the cleanser across the face and neck in circular motions.
  • Lather the cleanser well.
  • Wash it off with water.

Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask Benefits And Uses :

  • It comes in a travel friendly packaging.
  • It effectively fights acne and makes the skin look cleaner and healthier.
  • It has a nice fragrance.
  • It makes the skin feel fresh and free of dirt and impurities.
  • It does not make the skin dry or make it feel stretched.
  • It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.