Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

BY Neutrogena
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Product Description

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream is a clinically proven formula to treat dry hands. Just a dab of this cream improves the look and feel of your hands and makes them soft and smooth. It delivers long-lasting results and can be used on other dry body parts like the knees, elbows, face, and lips. It contains glycerin for added moisturization. It is available two variants – original and fragrance-free.

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Product Reviews


14 Ratings & 14 Reviews


Would recommend this to a friend


Clinically proven formula

Long-lasting results

Contains glycerin

Improves the appearance of hands

Heals dry and chapped hands

Can be used on the face and lips



Doesn’t get absorbed well

Average results

Contains parabens




two variant



takes time to blend

I have bought and tried this cream because of the brand but this cream hasn’t done anything as per the expectation. This is gel like cream but really greasy. It takes time to spread as it is thick in nature and did not moisturize your hands also. It comes in two variant original and fragrance free, if you think this creams may work on your hands, please try the original variant as fragrance free is smell like ointment or better to try other option from other brands available in the market. Neutrogena have many other good products to use it but not this one for me.

great hand cream



Neutrogena is one of the best skincare brands out there. I had tried their sunscreen and face cleanser before trying my hand at this. Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream is a fabulous cream if you have dry hands. This cream is clinically proven to makes your hands soft and smooth. Your hands will feel moisturized after just one application. It is really long lasting. The formula is glycerine based. It is a highly concentrated formula for deep moisturization. It is available in two variants original and fragrance free. It instantly gets absorbed and you do not need a lot just small amount to have happy soft fragrant hands.

Wonderful Hand Cream


Absorbs well

Keeps hands hydrated

Soft and smooth hands

Visible results

No more dry hands



Neutrogena Formula Hand Cream is an amazing product for me. I always had problems with the dryness of my hand. I had tried everything available in the market but to no good. Whatever I did I used to always end up with