Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor Reviews

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1 year ago

Nice one


My friend was experiencing a lot of hair fall and hair damage as she had chemically treated her hair. She read about the Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Hair reconstructor and purchased it. The product comes packaged in a white colour bottle with a firm cap. The consistency of the product is average and the odor is not bothersome. She took a small amount of the product and applied it all over the volume of the her semi wet hair. She left it on for 10 minutes and then washed it off with water. She then shampooed her hair. Her hair felt more softer and manageable and gradually her hair fall decreased.

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1 year ago

Hair reconstructor


For dull and damaged hair

Gives hair smooth effect

Nourishes hair

This is a hair reconstructor that helps in revitalizing the dull and damaged hair. It makes the dry and damaged hair soft and smooth. It intensely nourishes and moisturizes the hair and gives it a bouncy look. It repairs the elasticity and texture of the hair. It acts as a very good hair mask that shields the hair from external environmental pollutants and harmful UV radiation. The results will depend upon the intensity of the damage caused to the hair and may vary from quick to delayed results. It spreads gently on the hair and gives it a moisturizing effect. 

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Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor is a treatment that will drastically improve the health of extremely damaged hair. It contains a formula of polymers, elastins, amino acids, and collagen that restore the lost integrity of your hair. It is effective in reinforcing the original structure of hair that has been damaged due to chemical and thermal treatments. It has to be used once every two weeks. With every treatment, the hair health will improve visibly and the natural shine will be back gradually. It can be used for damaged hair, chemically abused, disintegrated structure, chronic breakage, and extremely dry and brittle hair.

How To Use Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor ?

  • Apply ample amount of the product to clean and damp hair.
  • Saturate the hair completely.
  • Cover the hair with shower cap or plastic cap.
  • Leave it on for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Shampoo and wash as usual.
  • Use it once a week for excessively damaged hair.
  • As a part of your hair care routine, use it once in 4-6 weeks.

Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor Benefits And Uses :

  • Stops breakage.
  • Restores elasticity and flexibility.
  • Treats totally damaged hair.
  • Magnifies shine and brings back strength.