Nexxus VitaTress Biotin Shampoo Reviews

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1 year ago

Nice shampoo


Enhances hair growth

My cousin had very thin and fragile hair. She was recommended to use this Nexxus VitaTress Biotin Shampoo by a dermatologist. This shampoo not only makes the hair thick but also reduces the hair fall and enhances hair growth. It consists of revitalizing botanicals, amino acids, and nutrients that help in stopping the hair loss. It comprises of Jojoba oil that cleanses the excess sebum on the scalp and helps to infuse biotin, cysteine, inositol, choline, and methionine in the scalp and pores. This shampoo has proved to be highly effective and my cousin has never faced hair fall ever since she started using this shampoo. This shampoo comes in a travel friendly packaging and does not spill over. It is quite affordable.

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Nexxus VitaTress Biotin Shampoo is a nutrient-rich formula to treat fine, thin, and fragile hair. It contains advanced ingredients like revitalizing botanicals, amino acids, and nutrients for arresting hair loss and give your hair a renewed look. It increases the thickness of the hair. The Jojoba oil in this formula effectively cleanse the scalp of excess sebum while infusing biotin, cysteine, inositol, choline, and methionine into scalp and pores. The amino acids also boost circulation and provide beneficial elements that are required for ideal hair growth. This shampoo comes in a sturdy pump dispenser packaging and is travel-friendly.

How To Use Nexxus VitaTress Biotin Shampoo ?

  • Apply this shampoo on wet hair.
  • Massage well to lather and cleanse.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

Nexxus VitaTress Biotin Shampoo Benefits And Uses :

  • Treats hair loss.
  • Cleanses scalp and provides nourishment to pores.
  • Boosts circulation.
  • Provides beneficial elements ideal for hair growth.