Nivea Pearl And Beauty Deodorant Reviews

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1 year ago

Awesome Deodorant


Amazing Fragrance

Long Lasting Fragrance


It is one of my best buys, and I have been using this for one year. It is my best buddy, mainly during summers. I stay refreshed all day, and it prevents bad odor and sweaty underarms. I haven't faced any skin rashes or itching after using this. It uplifts my mood instantly and provides an awesome start to my day.

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2 years ago

Feminine fragrance


Finding a perfect deodorant can be a herculean task especially when there are umpteen number of products available in the market.i love to try out new products and this I had purchased quite a longtime back. The packaging I feel is a bit bulky especially if you are a person who loves to travel light. It smells pleasant has a floral fragrance to it .after taking a bath I normally spray over from a distance at my underarms ,it helps keep bad odour and sweating at Bay. However you need to ensure it dries up otherwise gives this white patches and even on clothes ,avoid spraying on clothes too. Overall a decent one smells all day long just need to be careful about the drying part

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2 years ago

Amazing product



I will surely recommend this Nivea Pearl And Beauty Deodorant to every girl out there. this is one of the best deodorant that is gentle on skin. and I always trust Nivea brand. it does not cause any rashes or irritation when sprayed over the under arm skin. it has skin lightening agents which acts on the dark patches of the underarm. it also combats the body odour and makes you feel refreshed even during the summer and while you sweat. the fragrance is not so long lasting as they say but stays for decent hours. you could also carry it in your handbag if it is big one and spray whenever you need it.

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2 years ago

Nivea Pearl and beauty deodorant


Amazing fragrance

Dermatologists tested

Nivea provides a variety of products in the market. And with this deodorants are superb to use, keeps fresh and keep us from sweating excessively. It is completely safe to use this Nivea Pearl And Beauty Deodorant which makes underarms beautiful and fights against the bacteria causing skin infections and keeps odour away for more than a day with its anti microbial properties in it. During summer, it’s must for me to use this effective deodorants which keeps me fresh, soft and feels great all day. It works great for my skin without any side texts or skin allergies or any infections.

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2 years ago

Good deodorizer


Long lasting fragrance

Mild and effective

Does not irritate skin

I generally prefer using roll on deodorants as they help in keeping the bad body odour away. When I came across this Nivea Pearl And Beauty Deodorant I was apprehensive of using it as spray makes me feel irritated and I am sensitive and averse to strong smell. This deodorant comes in a white coloured spray bottle that is travel friendly. It has a mild fragrance and does not irritate the sensitive noses. It has an antimicrobial property that avoids the formation of bacteria in the underarms that causes bad body odour. It is an anti perspirant and keeps you fresh all day long.

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2 years ago

Floral smell


my office hours being really hectic I was looking for a good quality and effective deodorants to be used through out the day. One fine day on the weekend I watched an advertisement featuring “ Anushka Sharma” of Nivea Pearl And Beauty Deodorant and decided to buy it. As claimed it indeed ahs long staying capacity I must say. Unlike other deodorants that I have used in the past it does not cause any amount of irritation or side effects on my skin. the fragrance is floral and is really mild and soothing to people who have sensitive nose like me.

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Nivea Pearl And Beauty Deodorant is an alcohol-free deodorant that gives 48 hours protection from bad odour and sweaty underarms. Infused with skin caring agents and precious pearl extracts, the product takes care of your skin and keeps your underarms beautiful. This gentle formula is dermatologists tested that makes it completely safe to use and is ideal for all types of skin. With antimicrobial property, the deodorant fights against the bacteria causing skin infections and keeps odour at bay for longer hours. This anti-perspirant deodorant has an amazing floral fragrance that uplifts your mood and makes you feel lively to start your day fresh. With regular use, your underarms remain fresh, soft and smooth throughout the day. This mild deodorant does not cause any allergies or rashes and offers your delicate underarms a velvety finish that feels comfortable.

How To Use Nivea Pearl And Beauty Deodorant ?

  • Shake the can well before use.
  • Hold the can 15 cm away from your underarms.
  • Spray on the underarm skin directly.
  • Do not spray on open or irritated skin.
  • Do not spray on clothes.
  • Allow it to dry or get absorbed.

Nivea Pearl And Beauty Deodorant Benefits And Uses :

  • Provides 48 hours protection from sweaty underarms.
  • Keeps body odour at bay for longer hours.
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria causing skin infections and odour.
  • Makes the underarm skin soft, smooth, comfortable, and beautiful.
  • Floral fragrance uplifts your mood.