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Nivea Pure Talc Ingredients


Nivea Pure Talc Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.8

2 Reviews


9 months ago

Feel fresh talc


Pleasant fragrance

Unisex product


This talc has a soft fragrance and is non irritant to the skin. The scent of the talc is quite mild and it's unisex. Hence everyone in the family uses this. It's price is also pocket friendly and affordable. It fulfils all expectations and is a must buy for those who want a good alternative to regular deos.

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10 months ago

Pleasant fragrance


Pleasant fragrance

Unisex product


Me and my family has been using this talc since a very long time. It can be used by both male and female. It's fragrance is soo pleasant that once applied doesn't cause headache. It's packaging is also very beautiful and once applied doesn't cause any irritation to body. The only issue with this talc is that it's size is soo big that you can't take it anywhere with you.

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Nivea Pure Talc comes in a white tall bottle, the design is very similar to the other talc from Nivea. This has a pleasant fragrance that makes you feel fresh whole day long. This talc is mild on skin and the pack does not get exhausted quickly. Even though this talc is not made from natural ingredients yet it does not have any harmful side effect on the skin. The talc is available in different quantity and you can easily carry whenever you travel. The talc is good for controlling sweat and odour. Nivea is one of the best brands in providing personal care products.

How To Use Nivea Pure Talc ?

  • After shower, apply the talc on skin using a puff.

Nivea Pure Talc Benefits And Uses :

  • Works on controlling body odour.
  • Good replacement for deodorants.