Nutriglow Wine Facial Kit

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The Nutriglow Wine Facial Kit is a comprehensive package which helps in maintaining the moisture of your skin. The kit also makes your skin more softer, supple, and firmer. It hydrates your skin very effectively and gives a natural glow to your skin. The red grape formula aids in moisturising your skin beautifully while also working on any fine lines on your face. The kit has a 5 piece set which contains the cleanser, the facial cream, the massage gel, the pack, the scrub, and a small facial serum bottle which makes this packageing a comprehensive way to a facial at home.

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  • 4comprehensive facial kit.
  • 4easily available.
  • 4good for all skin types.
  • 1easy to use
  • 1glowing skin


  • 3expensive.

How To Use Nutriglow Wine Facial Kit ?

  • Massage your face with the cleanser and wash it off.
  • Scrub your face well with the scrubber to exfoliate skin off all dirt.
  • Apply the massage gel and wash it off after 1 minute.
  • Gently massage your face with the massage cream untill it gets completely absorbed.
  • Apply the facial pack and let it stay on for 10-15 minutes.
  • Wash off the mask with water.

Nutriglow Wine Facial Kit Uses And Benefits :

Makes your skin clearer and glowing.

Makes skin smooth and supple.

Rejuvenates skin making it more radiant.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Removes impurities and dirt.

Removes dead skin cells.

Makes skin radiant.

Improves skin texture.

Corrects pigmentation and blemishes.

Tones skin evenly.

Heals damage and dark spots caused by the sun.

Eliminates signs of aging.

Improves skin elasticity.

Soothes skin.

Nutriglow Wine Facial Kit Ingredients :

Wine Dust

Vitamin E (Acetate)


Lemon Oil

Rose Water

Geranium Oil

Lavender Oil

Licorice Extract

Cleansing Scrub

Orange Oil

Turmeric Oil

Nutriglow Wine Facial Kit Reviews

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Wine facial kit Rishika approves this product

11 months ago


Comprehensive facial kit.

My friend got this kit from an online shop and used it. It comes with a cleanser, scrub, gel, serum, pack and a cream. The smell was really good and the texture of all the pack was smooth. However, it won't suit people with sensitive skin. The results are not much good it doesn't stay for a longer time though.

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Expensive Nilofer approves this product

12 months ago


Face packs are something I look up-to for whenever my skin feels dry or dull. And sometimes when my skin needs a special attention. I usually don't go to parlours except if I have any functions to attend. Other times I am always occupied with house chores and my life with a toddler at home is really tiresome. This Nutriglow Wine Facial Kit claims to order a hydrated, bright skin. The kit is easy to store and also makes our job simpler. All you have to do is to spend some of your me time to pamper your skin and it is really important to take care of ourselves. The kit contains 6 products namely cleanser, gel, scrub, cream, face pack and a serum. There are instructions given in the box and you will have to follow it to get a beautiful skin. Start with the cleanser, followed by scrub. Both these steps cleanses our skin and purifies it. Now apply the gel and massage gently. It moisturizes our skin. The cream contains essential in that soothes our skin. Apply the face pack on your skin and allow it to dry. The face pack rejuvenates skin and reduces fine lines by giving a tightening effect. Finally after washing and patting your skin dry, you could use the serum to add glow. Your Skin appears soft and supple. You could also see your improved skin tone with a subtle sheen.

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Nice facial kit Manju approves this product

12 months ago


Easily available.

Comprehensive facial kit.

Good for all skin types.

After the kids are born, I hardly get any time to visit the beauty salon to do facials or any beautification. However, this Nutriglow Wine Facial Kit is great to help me. I am able to do facials in a salon way at the comfort of home. This is a great product and it does not make your skin dry rather it makes the skin soft and supple. I feel so much nourished and glow now. It is since to feel the face skin now. This kit has 5-piece set which contains the cleanser, the facial cream, the massage gel, the pack, the scrub, and a small facial serum bottle. The facial kit makes the skin much moisturized, hydrated and leaves a young radiant glow. It also helped in removing the impurities from the face and helps in imparting a clear skin. This product helps in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles. The blackheads around my nose area is almost gone along with the acne. The blemishes have reduced. I had uneven skin tone but since I start, doing this facial at home my skin has become even-toned. The red grape formula aids in moisturizing and helping in reducing the fine lines. The price of this product is a bit high when compared to other facial kits available in the market.

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Gave a subtle glow Ramya approves this product

12 months ago


Sometimes you do not have time to visit a parlor due to time constraints and it's during such times such packets seem to be quite a saviour.there are umpteen number of facial kits available in the market which itself makes it difficult to choose which one to purchase .i have tried couple of facial kits of different brands and found them affordable and i need not spend too much time too .also with a kid around it becomes really difficult to even visit a parlour for normal things .the kit comes with the NutriGlow Wine Facial Cleanser, NutriGlow Wine Facial Scrub, NutriGlow Wine Facial Gel , NutriGlow Wine Facial Cream , NutriGlow Wine Facial Pack ,NutriGlow Wine Facial Serum . After using this i noticed my skin became quite smooth soft and polished. All the products in the kit are equally gently on the skin and after using this my skin did not have Breakouts too. It gave a subtle glow on the face and did not leave it dry or stretchy .it made my skin feel hydrated ad nourished. It has been really a great deal purchasing this and the glow lasted for a couple of days and I did receive quite a few compliments too

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Easy to be used at home Aparna approves this product

12 months ago


Easily available.

Good for all skin types.

Easy to use

Glowing skin

nowadays prefer to go for comprehensive facial kits rather than spending a huge amount of money and time in the expensive beauty parlours. Plus as I have a kid it used to be really difficult to shell out time for the same. I used so many different brand facial kits until now and was always ready to explore newer products available in the market. Recently I tried The Nutriglow Wine Facial Kit and the outcomes were just amazing. I somehow find that I have a great inclination towards wine products they being extremely good for skin. As I opened the kit I found 5 sachets inside compromising of a cleanser, a gel, a scrub with a face pack and a small serum bottle. I liked the way they have clearly mentioned how to use these sachets so clearly which indeed makes it super easy to be used. This facial gives me an instant glow over my face. The regular use of it has made my skin clearer and even skin toned now. It has reduced the fine lines and wrinkles on my face to a very great extent. Apart from all this my skin now looks more soft and supple.

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Six pack in one kit for glowing face Vasutha approves this product

12 months ago


Easily available.

Comprehensive facial kit.

Good for all skin types.


I am amazed when I see a new beauty product which contains 6 products in a single pack. That is The Nutriglow Wine Facial Kit. It contains 50 grams each of facial cleanser, scrub, gel, facial cream, facial pack and 10 grams of facial serum. The cleanser and scrub cleans the skin deeply. Each and every part of the face is thoroughly removed off dust, fat and other impurities by this cleanser and scrub. Then gel and cream nourishes and moisturises the skin. After that the facial pack and serum help to maintain the elasticity of the facial skin. And the facial pack tightens the skin, reduces the pore size and als provides natural glow to the face. It is incorporated with red grape wine. And it is good in removing fine lines and wrinkles. So this cream kit is an overall treament as well as delight to get young, bright and fair face. By sitting in our drawing room we will get a spa treated face and parlour effect on our face. This kit fight age as well by way of restoring the collagen balance. It is available in a very very reasonable price. Go for it.

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