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NYX Professional Makeup Auto Eyebrow Pencil is all you need to create beautiful brow arches. It is infused with vegetable coconut and soy bean oil. The application is super-smooth, and it delivers sensational color with every use. Create perfect arches with this dual-sided pencil and take control of your brow game. The pencil is available in 8 shade choices.

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2 Ratings & 2 Reviews


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Comes with a brow brush

Good shade range


Smooth application

Pigmented colors



Brittle color stick


Orangish undertones

Shade names do not match colors

Easy and convenient



Eyebrow pencils are easy and handy when we are late for the office. I always keep NYX Professional Make-up Auto Eyebrow Pencil in my handbag for emergency or if I am late I can give a touch up to my eyebrows even in my office restroom. This is dual-sided. One side is as usual as a pencil and the other end is fixed with a brush. We can easily shape our eyebrows with the help of a brush. NYX professional makeup offers a wide range of beauty products with good quality. And their product or moderately priced to attract all customers. This NYX Professional Makeup Auto Eyebrow Pencil is in fluid form. Made from natural ingredients like vegetable coconut and soya bean oil. So no harm to our skin and eyebrows. With the help of a pencil as well as the brush we can get a professional style of eyebrows. This pencil is available in 8 shades. We can create perfect arches to our scanty eyebrows and will give a thick and dark look to it. Eye and eyebrows are the main attraction of our facial makeup. If it is taken care of beautifully then we can say our make-up is done for the day.

Eyebrow pencil with brush!!



NYX Professional Makeup Auto Eyebrow Pencil is a basic eyebrow pencil available in various shades. The brush is extremely easy to use and is dual sided. The eyebrow pencil also comes with an eye brow brush which helps us to shape the eye brow better. The colour range is ok. Not too many too choose from but then the product us not expensive. Its light weight application is very easy to apply because of the smooth texture. The colours are very well pigmented. The packing is just as normal as any other eye brow pencil. The only benefit is that I comes along with a brush!!

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