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1 year ago

Wow product.


Nyx butter lipstick is an absolutely amazing product. It has a very buttery soft and creamy texture , and also it glides in the lips very smoothly. And does not dry out the lips. The product is very affordable and has a wide variety of shades. I am loving using this.

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1 year ago

NYX Butter Lipstick


Buttery soft texture

Glides on smoothly

Does not dry out lips


Wide range of shades

Intense pigmentation

The NYX Butter Lipstick is one of the very best creamy lipsticks to date. It comes in a creamy base and it feels awesome on the lips. It does not dry my lips out but instead, it keeps them moisturized all day. I love its pigmentation.

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2 years ago

creamy sheer lipsticks


smooth buttery formula

non drying

NYX Professional Makeup Butter Lipsticks are creamy lipsticks from the NYX family. These lipsticks have a satin texture and it gives you a glossy kind of a finish. They have sheer pigmentation like a tinted lip balm. They do not have an opaque finish which is a bummer. They would not weigh your lips down. They keep your lips plumped up the entire day. They do not last for long and you have to reapply. The pricing is decent and would not burn a hole in your pocket. The shade range is extensive with thirty one different shades which is great. If you like soft, supple lips go check it out.

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2 years ago

Utterly butterly


Treat your lips to a kiss of smooth, creamy color with our irresistible butter lipsticks in various luscious shades. The formula’s delicate satin texture fused with highly saturated color delivers full yet lightweight coverage with a luxurious satin finish. Highly pigmented color .it’s Lightweight formula and non sticky and has a Luxurious satin finish as claimed by NYX what I love is that the butter lipstick comes in coloured twist up tubes. It’s easy to understand the shade of the lipstick because The colour of tube matches the shade of lipstick .Butter Lipsticks the name is just right for these because they are just so creamy butterish and smooth. It’s so smooth to apply and moisturizes the lips so well.i have dry lips generally and apply these on without using any lipbalm . You can also use them in winters as it glides smoothly and is buttery and moisturizes the lips. The staying power of these lipsticks is average maximum two or three hours after that you have to reapply because it starts to fade out What I liked about this product is that it’s Cruelty free and is smooth and provides hydration to the lips can be used like lip balm.but yes need to reapply them again because the staying power is less. It glides on the lips like butter and has wide range tó be selected as far as colour is concerned.lets not fórget the packaging it’s colour coded like you know what the colour of the lipstick is from the outer packing. But yes these do a feel of lip balms but with a colour tint because I guess the moisturizing part. Considering the cost of the product the lipstick is fine how I wish if the staying power was little more than the average two three hours

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2 years ago





Long lasting

non drying

NYX Butter Lipstick is actually soft and butter like in consistency. Its packaging is just perfect. It is anti leaking so can be taken in your travel vanity as well. The applicator foam like brush makes it so easy to apply. I rarely use lip liner, I liked NYX Butter Lipstick as it can be applied even without a Lip liner.Just glide it on your lips and give a two or three coat layer. It is filling, it fills the chapped areas in lips. It has an inbuilt moisture, so your lips feel moisturized and not at all dry. It gives a soft and full appearance to lips. You can try almost every shade, as it has a wide variety of shades perfect for all occasions. I like shades of natural pink as I am a working person. I like its butter like feeling on lips. The price is neither too high nor too low, one can afford it. I am using just one shade now but want to try other shades too. It is long lasting, though it transfers but still the look is almost the same if you have applied it deeply. once applied properly and deeply it can stay up to 4 hours which I feel is good enough for a lip color. The quantity is not so much as looks in the pics so decide accordingly. My overall experience with NYX Butter Lipstick is good and I would recommend it to those who can afford a little bit more than their usual lip colors as the result is really satisfying. You can consider it as a good option for gift to your loved ones.

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NYX Professional Makeup Butter Lipsticks are creamy lipsticks available in a variety of luscious shades. These lipsticks have a satin-textured formula that makes them irresistible. They deliver a buttery finish and intense pigmentation which lasts long and keeps your lips plump and soft all day long. Though they are full coverage, they feel light on the lips. They are perfect for everyday wear and are available in 31 shades.

How To Use NYX Butter Lipstick ?

  • Glide NYX Butter Lipstick from the cupid's bow to the contours of the mouth.
  • Fill in the lips smoothly for a luscious irresistible pout.

NYX Butter Lipstick Shades (Colors) :

  • Afternoon Heat
  • Beach BBQ
  • Boardwalk
  • Bonfire
  • Daydreaming
  • Fire Brick
  • Fruit Punch
  • Monlit Night
  • Pink Bikini
  • Ripe Berry
  • Root Beer Float
  • Sandy Kiss
  • Seashell
  • Staycation
  • Thunderstorm
  • West Coast