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NYX Professional Makeup Matte Liquid Liner is an ultra-matte eyeliner that comes with a brush applicator to help you create bold and classic looks. This long-wearing formula dries out with an intense matte finish, making your eyes stand out and make a statement.

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  • 4matte finish
  • 2precision brush applicator
  • 2easy to apply
  • 2long-wearing
  • 2intense black


  • 2clumpy
  • 1hard
  • 1availability issue
  • 1small quantity
  • 1not easily available in stores

NYX Matte Liquid Liner Reviews

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NYX Matte Liquid Liner Thetyro approves this product


Precision brush applicator

Matte finish

Easy to apply


Intense black

Doesn’t spread

NYX Matte Liquid Liner is an eyeliner that is in the form of a brush applicator. it comes in a bottle and along a long brush applicator. it has a precise application and easy to hold and use. it has a matte formulation and gives a jet black matte look.it is affordable and travel friendly. it is intensely black and long stay.

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Fine and perfect finish product Pranita approves this product


Fine tip helps to apply thin liner

Highly pigmented

Dries quickly

Good formula

Easy to use

NYX has always been my most favorite cosmetics brand, I love each and every product from their range. NYX Matte Liquid Liner is very good, highly pigmented, eye liner, which gives a perfect finish that too matte. Honestly, I am a sucker for matte finish makeup products, they give a natural look.

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great matte eyeliner Natasha approves this product


great pigmentation

matte finish

Nyx professional makeup matte liquid liner is a precision liner for lining and defining your eyes. It is a must have for creating bold and classic looks. The precision tip helps in lining your lids perfectly. Like the name suggests it is a matte finish liner. It glides on smoothly and is completely black in color. It dries quickly too which is great. The brush is really thin so you can draw the thinnest winged liner. It stay on for a long time and is also waterproof. The price is not too bad either. Someone who is fond of liquid jet black eyeliners should definitely try this.

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Easy and lovely Liquid Liner- Must Buy! Sapna approves this product


Ease of use

No Spread


The Brand new matte liquid liner is so amazing and has bold dark color shade. I personally use this product when I go to any party or occasion. The Matte liner is so good that it does not spread away and gives a shiny look to your eyes. I found this product interesting and bought immediately through online shopping. I was just applying kajal before which would not give me that Sharpe shade and that glow under my eyelids and usually they spread over the eyes most of the time and then its like hard to remove. The day when I started using this product I’m not worried about any condition whether it may be dust or pollution it won't spread and gives you a bold look. This product has a high demand in the market and I personally recommend you to buy which will make you look dam awesome. This product gave a good attraction to my eyes and I was like killing people with my eyes look. The way I applied was using the brush provided. After your makeup gently applies the thin layer under your eyelids which do not spread even if you blink your eyes. This product is not that sticky and has ease of use. This product is handy for me where ever I get time I just give a light touch up which glow my eyes and make it more highlighted. Many of my friends asked me that this may take you time to get that touch-up but it takes not more than five minutes which has a simple way of applying. While removing do not rub too much just gently apply makeup remover which helps the liner to unstuck from the skin and you will find a good clean up soon and no worries of any spread. The dark black color shade is bold and won't affect you are applied to makeup. The brush provided is smooth which gives you Sharpe edges and locate your eyes with lovely borders. You may have doubt with varieties of products in the market but I found this to be the best among all the other similar products. Gently apply and have great compliments from all your friends and family. Go ahead and buy this beautiful product.

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Just love it Nilofer approves this product


Water proof

Jet black

Matte finish

Travel friendly

Perfect winged eyes

I love liquid eyeliner for the finish and dramatic look they give. NYX Matte Liquid Liner comes in a slim black tube with a screw type cap which holds the fine tip brush. It is travel friendly. The product is jet black in color with a high pigmentation which I love. The product is also build-able. The brush creates a fine thin line over the eyelids with just a swipe. The texture is not thick or runny like water. It gives a super black matte finish. The product stays for longer hours and does not transfers after it dries, unless you wipe or rub your eyes. It is water proof and gives a perfect winged eyes.

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Smooth black colored eyes Aparna approves this product


As rightly said “Eye” is one of the important organ of your body that actually speaks. Hence it is really necessary to glam it well. I was looking for a liner from a few months now. I was not too happy with the eye cosmetics that I have in my make up kit now and after huge research and online reading I finalized on NYX Matte Liquid Liner. I have already used lip crèmes of this brand but never got an opportunity to buy something for my eyes belonging to the same family. Trust you can trick your eyes so beautifully with this matte eye liner. The packaging of this liner comes with a brush applicator which helps in giving various looks to your eyes depending upon your likes and dislikes. I usually apply it thin on a regular basis while stepping out of my house. How ever while going to a party function I create bold and classic eye looks with the help of this liner. NYX Matte Liquid Liner is waterproof and long lasting. Even after six to seven hours your eyes look as if you have done the eye make up just an hour back. It dries out instantly as soon as you apply it on your eyes with an intense matte finish, making your eyes stand out in the crowd. It is definitely a very wise investment and since I have started using this liner I have stopped looking at any other cosmetic range for my eyes. I loved this eye liner so much. After every application unlike other liners that usually falls below your eyes giving an ugly look it simply stays back where you applied it. The texture of this eye liner is so damn smooth that it glides so easily over your eyes. I strongly recommend this product to every one.

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Pick the eye trick Madhuri approves this product


The quality is brilliant

The matte liquid liner has a vibe and zeal which reflects in the eyes once you wear it. You eyes look brighter and bigger than before and once you are done with the day you would still find your eyes glowing just like you have just put it up. It does not smudge and is easily removable as well.

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Waterproof and long lasting eye liner Vidhi approves this product


I love eye liners. Even for an everyday outing, when I do not apply a base or an eye shadow, I usually apply a lipstick and an eye-liner. I love the jet black eye-liners which makes the eye look prominent. I bought NYX Matte Liquid Liner on a sale and fell immediately in love with it. Its packaging is very beautiful and classy. The black sleek bottle with a super fine applicator brush makes it very easy to apply. The tight twistable cap prevents the liquid liner from getting spilled. It is easy to carry and travel friendly. NYX Matte Liquid Liner has that jet black colour and gives an amazing look to the eye. It is water proof, so even when it is too hot and sweaty, the eye-liner won’t come off. Usually, the eye liners tend to become cakey after some time and they tend to get wear off easily. NYX Matte Eye Liner doesn’t become cakey. It is very long lasting. The long applicator gives that perfect thin line and is easy to work with when one to create a different look with it. The best part is that it lasts throughout the day and does not get smudged. It dries up quickly after applying and gives a very smooth and gorgeous look. It is a bit expensive but since I bought it on a sale, I was very happy. Even when I used it daily, it lasted for almost three months. I was very happy with my purchase and the eye liner is awesome too because normally the other liners gets smudged so easily because off sweat in summers and re-application is time consuming. I would like to recommend it to those who use a liner frequently and it works best in summers.

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Cat eyes, you will love it!! Divya approves this product


NYX Professional Makeup Matte Liquid Liner is the perfect eyeliner that one is looking for!! A Matte finish is something that anyone will want and long for. This is that one product which gives you that. The liner is very smooth and super dark. Someone who does not want a dark eyeliner, this is not for you. Because this is jet black. It will be visible. The texture of the eyeliner is not runny neither it is too dry. Both ways it works perfectly. Dries up quick when you start applying. So you need to be quick. It dried to give you a perfect Matte finish. Looks great like that. The packing is great. The brush is just super awesome!! The thin brush is very easy to hold and draw. The tip of the brush works easily on the edges to draw. Its intense black colour looks great on thick eyes to be drawn. The cat eyes look amazing with it. Someone who wants a little thin line on their eyes you can try this. But then a little thicker line will look even more beautiful. The liner is water proof. It would stay on for a long time. Now I mean that literally. It’s not easy to remove. You will have to wipe it off with a cleanser. It’s best removed only with them. Do not try to wash it away because you would be disappointed. It would smudge if you try and wash it. Then imagine yourself with proper dark black circles all over your eyes. Hence please remove the NYX Professional Makeup Matte Liquid Liner with a proper cleanser. Its best with that!! For the cost that this product comes for the quantity is just ok. Not great but then its long lasting and would not finish soon so it’s just fine!!

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Mind blowing Kiran approves this product


Matte finish, super black

This nyx eyeliner is the best i've ever used till now. There is no doubt in buying this. A must buy for every girl Totally matte and the wand is too good to handle and also it dries after 2-3 seconds of applying and doesn't smudge at all. I am in love with this liner. Must buy

NYX Matte Liquid Liner-Mind blowing-By kiran@2203
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Jet black liner Pallavi approves this product



Long lasting


NYX Matte Liquid Liner – I have a lot a liner as my eyes are little big and I would like to add some to them to make them look good. But this NYX Matte Liquid Liner is absolute bliss, with the longevity, pigmentation, no budge and price factor as well. The color is super black and stunning. I think there are 8 perky shades, but I have picked black. The Packaging is fantastic, comes with a black box with a thin tube with a color-coded as black. I felt the brush provided is of perfect length with handle and fine tip brush to apply. The liner is waterproof, and there won’t be any budge if you don’t rub your eyes often. The best way to apply this liner is – ensure you are using a primer on your eyes first, then go ahead and apply a concealer that is one shade darker than your skin tone. Move on to shading your eyebrows and then apply the eye shadow of your choice. I prefer smoky eyes, looks great with this line. The texture of this NYX Matte Liquid Liner not too liquid nor dry, and it dries down to a completely matte finish. NYX Matte Liquid Liner is one most pigmented liner I have come across despite being a liquid line, with just one stroke you can line your eye. The liner is completely matte finish and dries down quickly. Drying down quick has its own cons too. If you are trying out winged lines, then you need to be relatively faster in your application. But you master than with some amount of practice. The price is very affordable as well and readily available in stores. Overall, I would recommend the NYX Matte Liquid Liner to all because of its long lasting capacity and matte finish gorgeous super black color.

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