O3+ Whitening Facial Kit

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O3+ Whitening Facial Kit contains five products for brightening and lightening your skin. The products included in the kit deep clean your skin, leaving behind no impurities. They cleanse, tone, massage, prepare, and repair your skin from all the damage. This facial helps lighten pigmentation, dark spots, and imperfections, and keeps your skin moisturized, soft, and supple. This facial kit is suitable for normal to dry skin.

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10 Ratings & 10 Reviews


Would recommend this to a friend


Removes tan and pigmentation

Deep cleanses skin

Whitens and brightens skin

Nourishes and hydrates

Adds glow

Suitable for aging skin


May cause acne


Fairness provider and tan- remover



O3+ whitening facial kit can be used at home to do the usual facial regime or the daily regular skin care routine. For using as a home regimen, I use the Whitening cleansing foam in the morning to wash face and then whitening tonic. In the night I use the whitening foam again to clear the face of the day’s dirt and pollution followed by whitening serum. Weekly or fortnightly I use the whitening mask on the face and neck or alternate with the whitening massage cream. This process has gradually reduced the sun-exposed tan on my face and other areas. If used as a typical facial regime the individual products of the kit it provides a constant glow and fairness that is desirable by all ladies.

Perfect for a salon like facial at home


Removes tan

Nourishes the skin

Hydrates the skin


High price

O3+whitening facial kit is so handy when we do not have the time to go to a parlor. The kit has all the elements for a perfect facial. So when I bought it, we had girls sleep in at home. So we had a perfect time trying this facial kit on each other. It was easy to use and the results were so satisfying from the first use itself. All my friends loved the product and they said they would definitely buy it. I use O3+ Whitening Facial Kit twice a week and it keeps my skin so nourished, hydrated and silky smooth. The tan on my face is removed and my skin is cleansed so well.

Best Facial Regime



O3+ Whitening Facial Kit helped me in rejuvenating my skin. It nourished and lighted my skin tone. I could feel my skin super soft, supple, radiant and glossy. It can be used on skin with troubles like blemishes, pigmentation and dark patches. It is comfortable on hyper sensitive skin too. The kit comes in five steps of facial. We get an O3+ whitening cleansing foam in this kit. It should be massaged for about 2-3 mins and cleanse. Toner provided in this is to be sprayed on the face and dab it gently. Massage for 10-15 mins with the cream c. It works on fine lines upon massaging with required strokes. To prepare the skin, apply the whitening mask for 10 mins. Wash it off once dried. The final step is to repair the skin with the whitening serum. Dab it all around the face and neck for 2-3 mins and you can see the skin clean, hydrated and glossy. For me it worked on the uneven skin tone on my face after a prolonged use. Fragrance is amazing. Though the product is expensive, one pack is sufficient for 4-5 uses. Adds value for money. Over all, this kit is an invigorating facial regime. Highly recommended for those who cannot spare time for facial sessions at beauty salon.

Home facial regime simplified



Every time it’s not possible to visit a salon for facial routine. Being a mother of 2, I hardly get time for myself. My skin is too sensitive to be neglected. It requires pampering and daily care. When my friend gifted me O3 + whitening facial kit, ‘I was like who has the time to do all this’. But then I tried and loved the effect of the entire range. It hardly took any time to get the glowing results. It has 5 products for brightening and lightning the skin. As my skin gets naturally tanned in summers, this kit helped me in reducing the tan and gave me instant radiance. I have earlier used O3 scrub and it has given good results. These products are very easy to use and can be incorporated in daily regime. Follow simple 5 steps:- 1. Use foam and cleanse your face for 5 mins by gently massaging and wipe off. 2. Tap all over face 3-4 drops of whitening tonic and leave for 5 mins 3. Massage face with cream for 10-15 mins 4. Apply the mask all over the face and leave it for about 10 mins 5. Apply the serum after washing off the mask and let it stay. For daily regime use the foam & tonic in the morning and foam & serum at night , but in small quantities. The cream and mask can be used even once a week. It helps in reducing pigmentation and dark spots. It suits all skin types. Use it regularly for better consistent effect. The packaging is also good. Though a little expensive. It can be used for gifting purpose too.

Saved My Skin


Removes pigmentation

Deeply cleanses your skin

Nourish and hydrate



I had a breakout which began with a few pimples on my cheeks and spread all over my face. I never had such a bad reaction or break out in my face so fare I usually get the occasional pimple here and there but his once was really bad. And then my pimples got reduced but the dark spots made my face look worse. Then one of my friends suggested me to try this though it is for whitening it still helps to reduce the dark spots so I gave it a go! I followed these steps first I used the foam and followed by tonic and then I use either massage cream or mask and once all done I will finish it with moisturiser, during the night I apply the serum. I followed this procedure twice a week and it helped me to completely reduce my dark spots and left my skin smooth and silky. This kit worked super effectively to stop my skin break out. The cleanser is very gentle it removed all the dirt from my pores and repaired my skin to prevent it from future breakouts. I thought I would have to see a dermatologist and taking medication all those stuff, but I am super glad that I got this and have to say it literally saved me. This is totally not for oily skin type. I am giving 4 stars because it is way too expensive.

Glow, never as before


Good Quality

Gives Glowing Skin



O3+ Whitening Facial Kit is a help for people who do face care at home. This kit contains a cleansing foam, tonic, serum, massage cream and mask. On following the five-step application, you get wonderful skin with dark spots lightened, fewer pigments, clean and glowing. The serum can also be used on a daily basis as they suggest. It makes your skin look bright and supple. It is quite expensive but the result is really satisfactory. I love this product because it makes skin glow naturally. I highly recommend this product to my friends. Also, would purchase it again for sure.

Expensive but highly recommended


Squeaky clean skin

Removes the dark spots

Instant glow

No breakouts



Does not increase fairness

I generally get my facials done at the salon but at times I love pampering myself at home on weekends. That is why I was on the lookout for a Facial kit. O3 is a complete facial kit that focusses on pigmentation control for normal to dry skin and they also claim to increase fairness. There are five products in the kit that are meant to clean, tone, scrub and bring radiance to your skin. It did bring an instant glow and also removed the blackheads to an extent. Now I am not sure how it can increase fairness. It did not change the shade of my skin but it surely removed the tan I had and nourished my skin. But I am quite impressed that it lightened my blemishes in two uses only. So I am sure after using it regularly my skin will be clean and clear. This product did not give me any breakouts too. The cost is definitely on the higher side but the product does 90% of what it claims to. Plus you can easily do 4-5 facials at home so comparing to the salon cost the kit is more cost-effective. I do recommend this product to everyone. Purchase it if you want a salon-like feeling at home.

Best skin care regime


It helps in to reviving my dull skin on bad skin days

Reduces tan when used regularly


O3+products are not easily available

O3+ Whitening Facial Kit is a complete prettiness kit. The kit has a total of five products. The product contains serum, cleansing foam, whitening mask, tonic, and day cream. I have experienced all the products, and I must say they do a decent job. The cleansing foam will deep clean your skin by removing all the impurities. The whitening mask makes my skin look bright and radiant. It also gives a tightening effect on the skin without making the skin feel dry or stretchy. The whitening mask reduced tan when used regularly. It does not irritate or sting to my sensitive skin. The day cream keeps my skin moisturized all day long. The kit has helped my skin to lighten the pigmentation, dark spots and imperfections. I like how my skin is always moisturized, soft, and supple. While using the whitening mask, I need to keep it at least for twenty minutes for good results, and it does not come off quickly.

Worth for the money


Clears tan

Long lasting

Good pigmentation


Not available easily

Not affordable

I usually prefer self facial at home rather than going to the parlor.I tried different facial kits but it ill be good for some time and again my skin goes back to its original condition. I came across the O3+ whitening facial kit and gave a try. It gives good effect when I use it at night.t contains a cleanser, toner, serum, massage cream, and masque. It has a long-lasting effect and results in fairer and glowing skin. It is very effective and results in a good skin tone.I have oily skin but it also suits my skin tone. But I feel the price is high and not available very easily. But it works really well and worth the money. Recommended!!

5 step process for a great skin!!



O3+ Whitening Facial Kit is a total beauty kit. It consists of 5 products inside the kit. The 5 products are meant to deep clean, tone the skin, and give you a flawless skin and finish. I really appreciate the product because its help me remove all my dark spots and pigmentation. I have quite a lot of pigmentation and dark spots in an around my nose area. The best part of the facial kit is that I could feel the skin being nourished and hydrated. The after glow is great. The finish that I got after the use of the facial kit is in simple words WOW.

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