OGX Tea Tree Mint Shampoo
OGX Tea Tree Mint Shampoo

OGX Tea Tree Mint Shampoo

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The shampoo is made with Australian tea tree oils that adds moisture and strength to your hair. It nourishes your hair by replenishing milk proteins and infusing peppermint oils for hydration and balance. The shampoo helps in dandruff control and deep cleansing of the hair roots and the scalp and makes the hair very refreshing. It helps in nourishing the scalp and gives bouncy and silky soft hair.

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  • 4refreshing fragrance
  • 4cooling sensation
  • 4sulphate-free
  • 1deep hydration.
  • 1sturdy packing.


    How To Use OGX Tea Tree Mint Shampoo ?

    • Take the required amount of shampoo in the palms and lather it well.
    • Apply it on your wet hair and massage it from scalp to tip of the hairs.
    • Rinse well with water.

    OGX Tea Tree Mint Shampoo Uses And Benefits :

    Cleanses deeply.

    Moisturizes and nourishes your hair and scalp.

    Conditions your hair to make it smooth, silky, and bouncy.

    Fights dandruff.

    OGX Tea Tree Mint Shampoo Ingredients :

    Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil

    Hydrolyzed Milk Protein

    Mentha Piperita (Peppermint Oil)

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    Hydrating shampoo Kanu approves this product
    4.9 5 0


    Refreshing fragrance

    cooling sensation


    I tried one of the OGX shampoo before do when I visited my friend once I spotted the se kind of bottle in her home instantly. I really liked the OGX shampoo and asked her about her bottle. She has OGX Tea Tree Mint Shampoo which has Australian tea tree leafs oil extracts with mint leave extracts. It helps in deep moisturizing and giving strength to your hair. She has been using the shampoo from more than a month and really like the way it suits her hair. The shampoo suits every hair type and adds strength and shine to them. It has milk protein which makes it really hydrating shampoo. The peppermint extracts give it a refreshing feel. After wash the fragrance of the shampoo which I very nice lingers for good time angle gives a refreshing feeling all day long. It deep cleanses hair and removes dandruff as well.

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    No more dull hair Divya approves this product
    3.8 5 0


    Refreshing fragrance

    cooling sensation


    OGX tea tree mint shampoo is a unique one. I have been using OGX products for quite some time now and I am very happy with my decision to switch to this one and I was tired and also bored with the other shampoos. I was longing for freshness. This shampoo is made from.the Australian tea tree oils. The benefit of this tea tree oil is that it gives the hair the goodness of peppermint oil for hydration and also for healthy hair. The best part of this shampoo is that it also helps in treatment of dandruff and also keeps the scalp clear and healthy which in turn helps the hair grow well and also keeps any scalp related infection away. I use this shampoo on a regular basis and also make sure that I use it twice. The shampoo lathers very well and also has a great smell which makes you as well feel amazingly fresh. This is one of those shampoos that need to be used and then recommended for sure as the benefits are extremely high and also this would make the dull hair look great.

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    Hydrating shampoo Anitha approves this product
    3.7 5 0


    Deep hydration.

    Sturdy packing.

    My brother and his family were visiting us from a different country. They generally get me lotions and moisturisers that are suitable for my dry skin. I love these products are they are very mild and effective in conditioning and moisturising my skin and hair. Recently when they came, they got a variety of shampoo and one of them was the shampoo is made with Australian tea tree oils called OGX tea tree mint shampoo. The bottle is in deep green colour and the flat oval-shaped bottle is not too heavy and good for travel. This is a protein-rich shampoo that repairs the damages and give you healthy hair overall. My scalp is also dry like skin and always oil them leave it overnight and wash with shampoo in the morning, I used this shampoo for 5 to 6 times now and feel that the shampoo helps in recovering from split ends and dryness easily.

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    Reduces dandruff Lalitha approves this product
    4.3 5 0


    Last winter, I had faced dandruff issue on my scalp. For this I was in search of a good and mild anti dandruff shampoo. I came across OGX tea tree mint shampoo which worked effectively on my hair. It is infused with tea tree oil that effectively fights the dandruff causing fungus. It inhibits its growth and effectively reduces the dandruff and keeps a check on the scalp infections. I liked this shampoo for its moisturizing property. Usually, the anti dandruff shampoos may dry out the hair. But this has milk proteins which deeply nourishes the hair and make them soft and smooth. The shampoo is soothing on the scalp. It calms down the itchiness and irritation caused by the dandruff. The packaging comes in a sturdy green plastic bottle which is bulky and may not be travel friendly. The shampoo glides smoothly on the hair and lathers well. This cleanses the hair and removes the dirt and impurities from it. Overall, a good anti dandruff shampoo.

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    Refreshing fragrance Ramya approves this product
    3.3 5 0


    I like the packaging of OGX brand as such they look chubby and cute and are attractive too. Having tried few of the variants I decided to give this a try too.The OGX Tea Tree Mint Shampoo comes in green coloured plastic chubby bottle and has a golden flip cap to it. It is a but bulky to hold on and I prefer carrying a little bit light stuffs while travelling so I completely avoid this while travelling. This is enriched with tea tree oil and pepermint oil and is gel based ,green and translucent in colour . I always dilute my shampoo and use on my hair . I take a dime size mix it with little water and lather it a bit and apply it on my damp hair.it has a refreshing fragrance and is quite cooling on the scalp It is easy to rinse it off and cleanses the scalp effectively.however it does make my hair little bit dry after shampooing so I always use a conditioner after that. It made my hair bouncer and manageable and softer

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    Tea Tree Mint Nikita approves this product
    4.7 5 0


    Refreshing fragrance

    cooling sensation


    I have been using OGX Tea Tree Mint Shampoo from a long time. It is a very nice product. It contains tea tree oil extracts which is a good sources for hair growth. It also clears the scalp. It contains mint which gives a cooling sensation. It really makes healthy hair.

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