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Olifair Radiant Effect Pearls Saffron Night Cream Ingredients

Disodium ETDA
Aqua Water
Pearls power
Ceteth 20

Olifair Radiant Effect Pearls Saffron Night Cream Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.0

5 Reviews


1 year ago

Glowing skin


I tried Olifair Radiant Effect Pearls Saffron Night Cream at an aunt's place who is fond of cosmetics and skincare just like me and keeps hoarding them. This cream comes in a beautiful packaging but in a tub which is highly unhygienic as we have to dip in our fingers every time to scoop in the cream. However, talking about the cream, it has a luxurious texture that is intensely moisturizing. It takes some time to get it completely absorbed by the skin. The skin feels soft and nourished after applying this cream. This is an overnight moisturizer claiming to make the skin radiant looking. It has carrot seed oil and the goodness of saffron and pearls that makes the skin clear and brighter. It nourished the skin overnight and the next morning I woke up to soft and supple skin. But, I doubt if it would work for my combination skin type during summers as it will make my face sweaty and oily.

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1 year ago

Saffron in cream!


Affordable price.

Fast delivery.


Olifair Radiant Effect Pearls Saffron Night Cream is a great night cream. I was very impressed with the way the packing and the cream looked like the very first time I bought this one. This cream is a great product because it has the goodness of Saffron and pearls in it. I love the concept of night creams because that's when i know that actually the cream works on the skin as the skin is at rest. My issue with the pigmentation is now history and that's thanks to the Olifair Radiant Effect Pearls Saffron Night Cream. Just a little is sufficient to cover the face and yes it goes a long way. I love how the face looks in the morning after every single application. The packing is tub-like which also makes it easy to take the cream out form. I really owe it to the night cream because there are no dark spots and even there is hardly any pigmentation left on my face. I feel young and also have a clear face now. I feel extremely happy and good on the face after just a few weeks of application!

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1 year ago

Olifair Radiant Effect Pearls Saffron Night Cream


Available online.

Good for travelling.

Small quantity needed.

Radiant and clear skin.

When I saw this product for the first time I loved the packing and the colour combination of the product. Night times are the best time for skin to absorb the entire nutrient from the cream. Olifair night cream is suitable to all types of skin, it is enriched with saffron hat provides radiance and long-lasting glow. A small amount of night cream on clean skin, when massaged penetrates into the skin and makes it soft and supple. The unique ingredient carrot seed oil provides good hydration and nourishes the skin well. Regular application of the night cream makes skin super healthy and glowing. Also, I have noticed that the spots, blemishes and the pigmentation have gone down a lot. My friend who has normal skin type but has dull skin is also using the night cream and she has a very positive change in her skin.

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1 year ago

olifair night cream


Affordable price.


I love this night cream, definitely must try kind of product, as this helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, large pores, dark scars and. If you want to get long-term anti-aging benefits, you're going to need more than moisture And here it comes Olifair Radiant Effect Pearls Saffron Night Cream is specially designed to make your skin light and look beautiful. As this night cream comes with saffron and pearl extract, it helps in fighting the ageing skin, gives you face look younger, brighter and glowly. The special ingredient that is carrot seed oil offer special benefits and boost hydration and nourishes your skin so well that you will not see any pigmentation and sagging of skin after applying the cream for a week. Olifair brand made this night cream with the new modern cosmetic technology, so if you're someone who isn't quite seeing the signs of aging yet, but is nervous about the future, shoukd go for this product, it really works great. One should clean and wash your face before applying the night cream so that the dirt and impurities does not harm the skin as the radiant effect night cream protects the skin from oxidative damage and improves skin tone as well.

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1 year ago

Gives A Radiant Glow To the Skin !!



I was looking for some products, to get rid of the few dark spots that were more visible when I wear makeup . The products which I used , either dry out my skin or gave me a temporary solution. When I came across this Olifair Radiant Effect Pearls Saffron Night Cream which is made up of natural ingredients I decided to give it a try. They come in a very attractive transparent glass tub packaging with a black cap. The product looks classy, handy and travel-friendly. It is a night cream, which has the goodness of pearls and saffron for treating dry and dull skin.It has a good consistency that gets absorbed well and feels very lightweight over the skin. I used this cream regularly for over a month , which gave a radiant look and glow to my dry and dull skin . The presence of carrot seed oil in the creams helped in nourishing and made my skin look hydrated even in the winter season. My dark spots were lightened to some extent but were not completely gone which were still visible, even when used regularly. They are not that expensive and gives a radiant glow and make the skin soft and smooth but do not gives a complete solution for dark spots and pigmentation as claimed, which was a little disappointing !!

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Olifair Radiant Effect Pearls Saffron Night Cream is specially designed to make your skin light and glowing when used regularly before bed. It is enriched with the goodness of saffron and pearls that fights the signs of ageing and stress and gives your skin a youthful radiant look. It has carrot seed oil that hydrates and nourished your skin to make it healthy from inside and out. Made using modern cosmetic technology, it reduces dark spots, blemishes, and skin pigmentation. It protects the skin from oxidative damage.

How To Use Olifair Radiant Effect Pearls Saffron Night Cream ?

  • On a clean, dry face, apply it every night before bed.
  • Spread it evenly with a mild massage.
  • Wash in the morning.

Olifair Radiant Effect Pearls Saffron Night Cream Benefits And Uses :

  • Helps skin to glow.
  • Used for skin whitening.
  • Ensures skin brightening and skin lighteing.
  • Helps in skin pigmentation.