On And On Mahabhringraj Oil Reviews

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2 years ago

Soft and healthy hair



Can be used by both men & women.

To select a hair oil has always been a big task to me as was never satisfied with the hair oils that I tried in the past ever. With no proper source of nourishments my hair used to look so unhealthy and dull. One day my neighbour advised me to try out The On And On Mahabhringraj Oil which she was being using since quite some time and I was really happy with the results. I instantly bought this one for my hair and started applying it on my hair and scalp regularly. I used to make sure that I at least apply this oil twice in a week. With regular use of this oil my hair now look so healthy and nourished. My hair fall has also reduced substantially now. I could hardly see any hair in my comb while brushing which was quite common earlier. They have now become much more soft and shiny too.

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2 years ago

Good for scalp


Natural ingredient.

Easily available.

Good for men and women.

Makes hair shine and strong.

Everyone has hair-fall at an early age now, I also have the same problem of hair-fall. For around 4 months of using a particular product, I could find relief but later the problem again started due to a lot of traveling and bad health. I always like to use herbal oils or homemade remedies only. Since they do not harm us much. I was suggested by my friend about Mahabhringraj oil. Now I have used the oil on my scalp for more than 2 months. I massage the oil on my scalp at night and leave it overnight. In the morning I wash my hair with a mild shampoo. Also, I am having a good diet with some physical activity on a daily basis. The oil is not very heavy and gets into my scalp very well. There is not much smell of the oil. This is not too harsh on my skin. Hair feels strong and the natural shine is back. I have heard that with the regular application the greying of hair will also be controlled. Also, there is no dandruff or dryness on my scalp.

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2 years ago

Best oil for hair growth


I like using herbal products on my hair and skin. When I was suffering from severe hair fall after pregnancy, my friend recommended me to use bhringaraj oil. I came across on & on hair oil which contains less harmful chemicals. Initially, I was skeptical to use this product, but when I used it on my hair, I was impressed with its results. Gradually, it has reduced my hair fall. It provided deep nourishment to my hair. This oil is fortified with multivitamins and essential fatty acids. This provides healthy hair and scalp. It has antioxidant property which prevents free radical attacks and reduces the premature signs of greying. Its formulation is very effective with powerful ingredients that reduces hair fall and dandruff, it promotes hair regrowth. It reduces split ends and hair breakage. I could hardly see any loose hair on my comb while combing. I massage it on my hair and scalp gently. If possible wrap a hot towel. Leave it overnight and wash my hair with a mild shampoo the next morning. This makes my hair healthy and strong. It is suitable for all hair types. I highly recommend this hair oil for regular use for everyone.

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2 years ago

Good Oil


Oiling of hair is extremely essential in today's times when the hair is exposed to extreme weather conditions, pollution and sun damage. The oil not only helps to moisturize and condition the hair but also makes it more stronger and healthier. I have read a lot about the benefits of Bhringraj herb on the hair and hence decided to buy the On and On Mahabhringraj oil for myself. The product comes packaged in a cylindrical tall bottle with a blue cap. I took a small amount of oil in a bowl and heated the oil slightly. I apply the oil with the help of a cotton ball by gently rubbing it on the scalp and then I applied the oil with my fingers through the entire volume of the hair. The oil has a very lightweight and non greasy texture which I loved. I left the oil overnight in order to maximize the benefits of the oil and I washed it off the next day by shampooing my hair. With regular usage of the oil I saw a great reduction in my hair fall and I was able to get rid of all the dandruff on my hair. I found my hair more softer, healthier and shinier than before.

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The On And On Mahabhringraj Oil is the best remedy for fighting hair loss and inducing hair growth. Unlike many other oils, this oil is absolutely herbal and has no side-effects. The oil, although herbal, has a lovely enchanting fragrance which lingers on your hair for hours together. The oil is enriched with the rich roots of Bhringraj which are known to fight all hair problems like dandruff, treat premature greying, act on scalp disorders, reduces any inflammation. The oil aids in strengthening your hair and makes it look more bouncier, healthier and lustrous. The oil can be used on dry or slightly wet hair and can be washed off with complete ease.

How To Use On And On Mahabhringraj Oil ?

  • Heat the oil slightly.
  • Apply it on your scalp and hair using your fingertips or a cotton ball.
  • Massage the oil gently through the entire volume of your hair.

On And On Mahabhringraj Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • Strengthensyour hair and induces hair growth.
  • Makes hair softer, healthier, and lustrous.
  • Prevents premature greying of hair.
  • Fights scalp disorders and infections.