OneLife Mocha Luxury Bathing Bar

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OneLife Mocha Luxury Bathing Bar is a handmade soap made using natural ingredients. It is made with a unique technique of cold pressing that takes four weeks for the soap to be ready. The main ingredients used in the soap are coffee and chocolate for their detoxifying and nourishing properties. It is perfect for everyday use as it deeply cleanses the skin while energizing it with its unique aroma and freshness. You get a fresh spa-like feeling after every bath. It comes in a 125 g pack.

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  • 1suitable for all skin types
  • 1handmade
  • 1cold-pressed
  • 1detoxifies and nourishes skin
  • 1enriched with potent ingredients


  • 1none
OneLife Mocha Luxury Bathing Bar Price - ₹ 299.00