Organic India Virgin Coconut Oil

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Organic India Coconut Oil is cold-pressed virgin edible coconut oil. This superfood from Organic India is of the highest quality and best taste. It is beneficial for the heart and promotes healthy functioning of the thyroid. Consuming virgin coconut oil also increases metabolism and helps initiate weight loss. The cold-pressed oil can also be used for cooking, and hair and skin care.

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How To Use Organic India Virgin Coconut Oil ?

  • Use it for cooking or for hair and skin care.

Organic India Virgin Coconut Oil Uses And Benefits :

Promotes healthy functioning of thyroid.

Good for heart health.

Increases metabolism.

Helps in weight loss.

Multipurpose: can be used for cooking, hair and skin care.

Organic India Virgin Coconut Oil Ingredients :

Centrifuged Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Raw Cold Pressed Extracted

Organic India Virgin Coconut Oil Reviews

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Healthy Life style Aparna approves this product

2 years ago


Recently we went for a full body routine check up which included various blood test too. To our surprise instead of eating so much healthy food at home my husband was detected with high cholesterol level in one of the tests. Also his sugar level was border line. It became a huge area of concern for a few days at my home as he just crossed thirty. That’s when I became more con-cerned and careful about his diet along with regular exercise. We shifted to “Organic India Coco-nut Oil” for a healthy life style and would eat outside junk food once in a blue moon. As after all health is everything in life. This oil is a multipurpose 3 in one product as you can not only use in cooking but also for your hair and skin. Though I majorly use it for cooking now a days. It is basi-cally a cold-pressed virgin edible coconut oil. This super food from the brand Organic India is of the highest quality and best taste. In fact I hardly feel much change in the taste of the home made food with its usage apart from the soothing aroma that it has got. It is beneficial for the heart and promotes healthy functioning of the thyroid which I was looking at utmost priority for my husband now. Consumption of virgin coconut oil also increases metabolism and helps initiate weight loss. It has very less amount of free fatty acids and that’s a wonderful thing again for people with high cholesterol. It is raw, pure, virgin, vegan, unrefined, and certified organic and hence of highest quality. Why would anybody not go for such an oil which is multi tasking and has got so many health benefits at the same time. I strongly recommend this oil to each and every one out their for stress free life.

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A very good multipurpose oil Vidhi approves this product

2 years ago


I have used several products of Organic India and really like them too. Organic India Virgin coconut oil is a multipurpose oil with several benefits. It comes in a white bottle with a twistable lid. It is a pressed virgin coconut oil which is very good for daily use. It is one of the highest qualities of coconut oil. It helps in healthy functioning of thyroid and endocrine systems. It helps in increasing the body’s metabolic rate and helps in melting away the extra fat from the body. It is excellent for cooking as well as for hair and skin. It is very good for health and should be used in cooking. It is very beneficial when used as a cooking medium. I did not like its taste and smell in cooking. It is good for those who use coconut oil as a cooking medium. It takes some time to develop its taste in food. I use it for my hair and skin. It helps in keeping my skin soft and healthy. It is very good for massaging kids since it is very pure and natural. It keeps their skin nourished and soft. I use it for their head massage also. It is very good for hair and helps in keeping their hair quality and maintaining their overall growth and texture. With its natural ingredients, I am not worried about its long term use. It is very safe to use. I have been using it for quite some time and would definitely recommend it to others. It is a very pure form of coconut oil and totally worth its price.

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3 in one!! Divya approves this product

2 years ago


Organic India Coconut Oil is cold-pressed virgin edible coconut oil. When you get all what you need in one bottle why wouldn’t you try it. One oil for cooking, for the skin and for your hair!! Someone who loves the essence of coconut in their daily meal, this is for you. I am not ok with it. I am still not used to it. Even though I know the benefits of using coconut oil in your foods have been proven healthy, I still don’t want to use it that’s only and only because of the taste and the smell. Some people just don’t like it. I am one among them. I just can’t handle it!! But then a few of my friends made me try this. I started off with the pressed oil for the skin and hair. For a little while I felt all moisturized but then eventually I felt my skin was getting drier. This happens after the usage of the oil for a minimum of 5 days. The hair though was nourished it’s still gave me the frizzy and dry look after the use. Oil is meant to stay in your hair for a long time. But then this absorbs quite quick and does not stay for long. For weight loss, I honestly feel any product would work wonders on me if I religiously follow it. But then I have used this edible oil for a very few limited dishes. Specifically when I am make the proper Kerala dishes. If not, I have not tried it in all. The packing is just ok. Looks appealing. Quantity is not great as if someone is looking at using it all purposes, it’s definitely not going to be sufficient. Buy 2 bottles for a month’s use. You also need to keep an eye on the expiry date. They don’t come with a bigger temerity for usage. The shelf life is very less in comparison to other products.

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Good health but no so much for skin or hair Pallavi approves this product

2 years ago


Good for health

Good packaging

not greasy

Organic India Coconut Oil – I had come across this virgin coconut oil through one of my friends when he insisted that the oil can be used for food preparations and skin and hair regime as well. The Organic India Coconut Oil is FSSAI, USDA, ORGANIC CERTIFIED. The Coconut Oil is cold pressed, centrifuged in their labs. The Coconut oil is very much prepared from fresh and hand-picked coconuts. The oils are also free from pesticides, bleach, and other harmful substances. The oil can be used for cooking, baking, moisturizing skin, and maintaining healthy hair. With the above description, I have bought the product, and to my experience, I have not got any good results for hair and skin but did a very good job for health. I have used the Organic India Coconut Oil for almost six months, and my hair strength is not improved, and my skin is dried even after the application of the oil. But as per my health, I could feel the difference. I am much more active and feel lighter than ever. The cooking part is best; the Organic India Coconut Oil does not stick to your food often. And the taste differs from the previously used oils, but once you get used to the coconut oil food, it would not make a much difference. I like the way the packaging is made, they used a glass bottle with a plastic lid, and I’m not a big fan of plastic. I have also recommended the Organic India Coconut Oil to my friends and family, and they have informed me that even their lifestyle has changed quite a bit. I have asked my sister to use for her baby as she used to face some allergies or rashes due to the diapers. After the use of Organic India Coconut Oil, the rashes were disappeared, and there are no allergies.

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