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Anti Hair Fall/Loss


Anti inflammatory




Hair Conditioning


Hair growth


Hair Moisturising


Hair strengthening


Scalp Moisturising


Scalp Nourishment


Scalp Protection

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Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalizer Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.4

8 Reviews


2 years ago

Very Good


Non sticky

Non greasy

Light in texture

Healthy scalp

Hair quality improved

Treats hair fall

Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalizer is a unique blend of essential herb extracts that heal hair from the roots and treats hair fall. It is also known to promote new hair growth. This Hair vitalizer has a typical herbal fragrance which I very much like. Unlike oil, this one is non-greasy and non-sticky. It is very light and watery in consistency. First of all, what I observed is that my scalp health was improving. The dryness and itchiness was getting treated and now my scalp felt much more hydrated and smooth. Due to the healthy scalp even my hair was much smooth and was getting strong. Hair fall has reduced considerably. It has not stopped completely but has reduced for sure. Quality of my hair also seems to be much better than before. Overall, a good product and a must have for healthy hair.

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2 years ago

good for hair growth



I have been using this Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalizer for a long time. This has made my hair grow strong and healthy from the roots. This even eliminated dandruff and hair fall thoroughly. This is the best vitaliser to get rid of the split ends and brittle air. The hair breakage due to thinning of hair is much reduced after using this vitaliser. The scent of this product is so mild. I love the effect it does to my hair. My hair is much moisturised and nourished. The hair looks voluminous and pretty. The rate of this vitaliser is quite affordable and the availability of this product is an issue. It also reduced the premature greying of my husband's hair. He had a couple of strands popping up but not more after using this vitaliser. This is a unisex product. I am so happy that my hair fall which was bothering me a lot since my delivery is gone down a lot and am so thankful for this product.

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2 years ago

OShea phytogain Hair vitalizer



Oshea Herbals Phytogain Hair Vitalizer is purely an hair fall control serum . It is herbal vitalizer which gives protection from all the fall rescues. it has an non-greasy formula which does not feel sticky and gets absorbs quickly in the roots. It is rich in herbals extracts which reduces hair-fall and strengthen each hair follicle. It nourishes each hair stand . It can be used on the night to allow the scalp to absorb the serum. It comes in sleek bottle and is travel-friendly and occupy less space .It helps in making the hair strong and gives strength to the hair and also flake free scalp and helps in quickly growth of the hair. This is so far the perfect serum which is non greasy and will not dry the scalp. As it is herbal serum so it is bit expensive but is worth the price spend as it gives complete protection from all the hair related issues

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2 years ago

best hair vitalizer enriched with natural ingredients.


natural ingredients

Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalizer helps in improving hair growth and is one stop solution for hair problems. I have started using it on the suggestion of my friend as she saw my hair condition. It really worked for me. I have been quite satisfied after using it. It has all the goodness of Neem, Aswaganda, basil, Ginsens, Amla etc. Neem helps a lot with the dandruff and offers clean a clear scalp. It boosts hair growth as it delivers nutrients directly into the follicles and strengthens them. All feel there is great change in the volume of my hair and I am head over heels for it. It gives a soft supple and smooth hair in no time. It locks the moisture in the hair and made my hair look gorgeous. It helps with the spit ends and makes skin beautiful. It is very light gets absorbed well can be used as leave on conditioner too.

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2 years ago

Improves the hair texture


Postpartum hairfall is the real thin. I used to get really disappointed after seeing strand of hair falken here and there in the house which actually literally made me feel like i would go bald any day. Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalize was recommended by a friend of mine as she was using this and found good results after using this .the packaging is simple and comes in a long transparent bottle with a green cap. You can take it along while travelling as the bottle is sturdy won't break nor will leak or spill. This can be easily availed online at a reasonable price. The consistency is like water and the fragrance is quite herbal but i feel has some added fragrance to it. I used to apply this overnight and you need little product and i would wash it off the other day. Over a month of usage i felt my hair texture improved alot and it was more soft and smooth .not just that but it also strengthened the hair too

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2 years ago



My hair felt extremely weak, dull and unmanageable due to extensive travelling and exposure to the sun. I was suggested to try the Oshea Herbals Phytogain hair vitaliser. The product is infused with the goodness of all herbal ingredients which makes the product more effective. The product comes packaged in a transparent bottle with a black cap with a flip open cap mechanism and the bottle is further cased in a cardboard box with all the relevant details on it. The vitalizer has a very strong Ayurvedic fragrance to it and is extremely lightweight and non greasy. I took a small amount of the vitalizer and applied it throughout the entire volume of my hair and I did this twice a day. With regular usage I noticed a great reduction in the reduction of my dandruff issue. My hairfall had also come under control. I did not notice any improvement in my hair texture.

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2 years ago

Good hair vitalizer


I had used oshea phytogain hair oil and had gained good results on my hair. When I came across its hair vitalizer, I thought to give a try. I used the vitalizer which contains effective herbs that reduces the hair fall eventually. It restores the dry and damaged hair. It provides healthy and strong hair. The texture of the vitalizer is runny and light. For better results, I massage an ample amount of vitalizer on the scalp gently using finger tips. On regular usage, it reduces the severe hair fall. It also keeps a check on dandruff and other scalp infections. It contains milk proteins that strengthens the hair follicles and keeps it thick and strong. The vitalizer is non greasy and non sticky on the hair. The packaging comes in sturdy plastic bottle with a flip top cap. It is spill proof and is travel friendly. I recommend this hair vitalizer on all hair types.

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2 years ago

For hair problems



I would never wish any one to go through what I am going at the moment. I feel so disheartened as I am experiencing severe hair fall. To an extent that I could see gaps in my scalp. Yes my scalp looks partial bald at times. I used to be so sad as no treatments were working on my hair. It was than that some one in my group suggested me to try out Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalizer for my hair problems. With out much thinking I bought the same instantly. I have now started applying it regularly on my scalp and hair. And guess what over the period of time I could see new hair growth on my scalp. I feel so relaxed now ever since I started using it. It has made my hair grow stronger and healthier now. Also my scalp which used to be so itchy earlier now feels so soothing and calm.

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Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalizer is a unique blend of rare and essential herbs specially formulated to control the hair fall and promote hair growth. The natural herbs present in the hair vitalizer like basil extract, ashwagandha extract, revitalize hair from the roots and strengthens the hair follicles. This product also helps soothe your scalp and fight off issues such as dryness, itching, and flaking. Enriched with neem and amla extracts keeps dandruff and other fungal infection away. It improves tensile strength of hair and increases hair density. Regular use makes your hair less receptive to dust and pollution and helps to grow hair thick, strong, and shiny.

How To Use Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalizer ?

  • Apply the hair vitalizer on hair and scalp.
  • Gently massage for 3 minutes every night before going to bed.
  • Initially, use it 3-4 times a week and later, use it 2-3 times a week.

Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalizer Benefits And Uses :

  • Stimulates hair growth and vitality.
  • Controls hair fall.
  • Prevents hair breakage.
  • Strengthens hair follicles.


Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalizer Ingredients

MethylParaben Sodium
Lactose Inositol Acetyl Cysteine
Propylparaben Sodium