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PAC Eyebase Ingredients

Cl 77499
Vitamin E Acetate
Cyclopentasiloxane and Trimethysiloxy silicate
C-30-45 Alkyl Meticone
Borone Nitride
Mica/Titanium Dioxide
Iron Oxides Cl 77491
Iron Oxides Cl 77492
Carmine Cl 75470
Chromium Hydroxide Green Cl 77289.

PAC Eyebase Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.0

5 Reviews


1 year ago

Eye base


Makes the eye make up last long

i was first introduced to Pac cosmetics eye base by a friend of mine who is a make up artist. This eye base is very creamy with very fine shimmer particles which are not all bothering. it blends very well andJust a small amount of this product goes a long way. It comes in a small pot with a screw cap which ensures there is no spillage making it quite travel friendly. it looks very gorgeous and can be used as an eyeshadow base or on it own as an eye shadow. I sometimes use it as an highlighter on my brow bones and it works just fine.inspite of it being so creamy it doesn't settle into the fine lines on my eyelids. when used on it's own it lasts for a good 4-5 hours. when used as a base it definitely increases the staying power of the eyeshadow applied above it.

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1 year ago

Super Product


Acts as a good eye primer.

Can be used as a Highlighter.

My sister is using different types of Eyebase but it’s not perfect. When She found on the internet about PAC Eyebase, she started using It works brilliantly on eyes and glides on easily due to its creamy in texture. By using this product her eyes look gorgeous and she gets ready for an evening party. It gives a great texture to her eyes. The packaging is good and travel-friendly. The pigmentation of PAC Eyebase is perfect and it gives full coverage on one single use. She advised many of her friends to use the PAC Eye base. Finally, it’s a good product and gives the result perfectly. Each of its shade gives her looks vibrant and beautiful. It is rich in formula available in 5 different shades and one can choose to make her eye makeup look more intense. It keeps your eyeshadow beautiful for a long time. Finally, it gives an intense finish to your eye makeup.

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1 year ago

Primer for the eyes


Acts as a good eye primer.

Can be used stand-alone eye shadow.

Can be used as a Highlighter.

.Does not change the olour of the eyeshadow

I was amazed to know about an innovative eye base from PAC. I was shopping for my eyeshadows and the store assistant showed me this product. And out of curiosity I bought this one. It is like primer to our eye shadows. We can apply this eye base to give base for our eye make up and eye shadow. It lasts long and provide a canvas like base for painting our eye shadows. It is water proof and smudge proof. This creamy base dies up easily to provide a highly pigmented vibrant finish. It helps in long staying of eye shadows and increase its staying power. It does not crease or smudge in our eyes. The creamy textured eye base is easy to apply, blends well and conceals any black spots, break outs and provides flawless finish to our eye make up. It can also be used alone as a eye shadow and highlighter. Available in round box with so many shades to pick.

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1 year ago

smudge proof eye base.


smudge proff

water proof

My sister always loves to put eye make up on her. She uses so many products and chooses very carefully. One day she helped me to apply make up for a small family gathering. Then I got to know about it. It can be use both as an eye shadow and a base for eye makeup. I just used it as eye shadow. The creamy texture is very nice gives a great color to the eye. It is transfer proof and lasts long. When you used it as a base it intensifies the color. It lasts really long and is water proof. My sister ha 3 shades of it she mixes them uses it. I just loved my eye that day and looking forward to buy those. They have really suited my skin tone. The package is very cute and it fits easily in your travel kit. It did not cause any skin irritation to me.

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1 year ago

Base for eye make up


Base for eye make up

Enchances eye make up

I had seen my friend applying a creamy product before applying her eyeshadow. I got really curious and asked her about it. She mentioned using PAC Eyebase. This product is used as a primer on the eyelids before the application of the eyeshadow on the eyelids. It helps in enhancing the eye make up and also makes it look glamorous. It gives an intense finish to the eye makeup and the shimmery particle present in this base gives a glittery look to the overall eye make up. It is soft and creamy in texture and can be blended with hands or a brush on the eyelids. It blends easily and smoothly. It does not cause any irritation to the eyes. It is water proof and smudge-proof. It improves the staying power of the eye shadow and does not let it fade away easily.

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This is an innovative cosmetic product from the brand, PAC a long wearing eyeshadow base It is creamy in texture, but dries up to give an intense finish to your eye makeup. Each of its shade looks vibrant and beautiful. They add further glow and intensifies your eyeshadow. It can be considered as a primer to your eye makeup. It increases the longevity of your eyeshadow. It is rich in formula with transfer-proof and smudge-proof feature. It effortlessly provides a full coverage without creasing and making an issue of fallout. Available in 5 different shades, one can choose its favourite to make her eye makeup look more intense.

How To Use PAC Eyebase ?

  • Apply this creamy eye base over the eye lids with the help of your fingers or an applicator brush.

PAC Eyebase Benefits And Uses :

  • Evens out the skin tone.
  • Gives shimmery effect to the eye makeup.

PAC Eyebase Shades (Colors) :

  • Available in 6 beautiful shades -
  • 01 - Gold
  • 02 - Sunset Gold.
  • 03- Pink.
  • 04 - Day Dream.
  • 05 - Spell Bound.
  • 06 - Sun Kissed.