PAC Eyebrow Definer Reviews

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PAC Eyebrow Definer palette comes in a range of four shades along with a double-ended brush and helps you to create a new look with your personalized shades. It is an easily blendable eyebrow palette that lasts longer and defines your eyebrows. These shades give you unique and well-groomed eyebrows that look so natural. These eyebrow definer shades give complete coverage to your eyebrows and don't irritate your skin. This contains skin-friendly wax that shapes your eyebrow, and it is perfect for on-the-go use. This palette is lightweight, handy, and pocket-friendly. It can be used by the people of all skin types to set and shape the brows.

How To Use PAC Eyebrow Definer ?

  • Apply the lighter powder to the front of the brow to structure it with the double-ended brush provided.
  • To add intensity use the darker powder on the end of the bow.
  • Fill the areas that are naturally thin with small touches of the product.

PAC Eyebrow Definer Benefits And Uses :

  • Makes eyebrows looks gorgeous and impactful.
  • Aids in highlighting and defining eyebrows.
  • Compliments different skin tones.