Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care Conditioner Reviews

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Pantene Pro V Silky Smooth Care Conditioner gently conditions damaged hair with pro-vitamin formula. It is rich and creamy in consistency. The moisturizing ingredients in the product make your hair softer and smoother. The conditioner spreads smoothly through all the hair strands and nourishes them thoroughly. It is good for daily use and can be used by both men and women. Its unique formula contains fermented rice water and Pantene's patented pro-vitamin formula.

How To Use Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care Conditioner ?

  • Wash your hair and rinse out the shampoo.
  • Apply the conditioner on the hair strands till the roots.
  • Let the conditioner set for a few minutes.
  • Rinse out the conditioner with water.

Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care Conditioner Benefits And Uses :

  • Makes your hair look thicker and stronger in couple of weeks.
  • Conditions hair by locking in essential moisture.
  • Provides up to 10 times damage protection.
  • Makes hair silky and smooth.
  • Thick and non-runny consistency spreads well on hair.
  • Detangles hair, making it easier to comb.