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High risk 0%

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Low risk 100%

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Paraben free

Silicon Free

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Paraffin Free

Allergen Free

Note: Our analysis counts for the known ingredients out of total ingredients , Some ingredients remain undisclosed from the brands and some we might not have enough information

Patanjali Aastha Kesari Chandan Reviews

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Patanjali Aastha Kesari Chandan helps you to concentrate while praying to connect with your spiritual power peacefully. It is specially formulated with pure herbal ingredients such as sandalwood and saffron. These two ingredients are used as God's holy offerings since ancient times, and the devotee dabs the product on his forehead as a sign of devotion to God. The product has a cooling effect over the skin, and when applied over the forehead, it helps you to focus on your meditation activity while it's amazing fragrance calms your senses and makes you feel refreshed and lively.

How To Use Patanjali Aastha Kesari Chandan ?

  • Mix a little quantity of the product with some water to form a paste.
  • Apply or dab it on your forehead.

Patanjali Aastha Kesari Chandan Benefits And Uses :

  • Helps you to concentrate and focus on prayers.
  • Gives cooling sensation over skin.
  • It's fragrance refreshes your mind and calms your senses.
  • Helps in aromatherapy.

Patanjali Aastha Kesari Chandan Ingredients