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Patanjali Aloe vera Apricot Scrub Tube is a natural facial scrub. It is made from natural ingredients like apricot, wheat germ, and aloe vera and removes dead skin, blackheads, and dry skin. The scrub also improves skin texture by reducing visible effects of pollution on the skin and softening and healing the skin. Using the scrub twice a week enhances the skin’s appearance by improving blood circulation and making it radiant and healthy.

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10 Ratings & 10 Reviews


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Made with apricot, wheat germ, and aloe vera



Hygienic packaging



Not for all skin types

Scrub for every one



Patanjali is a fast-growing SMCG company in our own country. All its products are made from natural ingredients. I like some of its consumer products and cosmetic products. It is giving tough competition to MNCs. I usually buy Patanjali Aloe vera Apricot Scrub Tube for cleansing and removing blemishes and black spots. It is made from earthy ingredients like apricot, wheat germ oil, aloe vera. Apricot cures our skin problems naturally with extra care from aloe vera and wheat germ. All these together cleanse the pores, remove the dead cells, give a shiny and healthy look to our face. But the particles in the Patanjali Aloe vera Apricot Scrub Tube is little bigger than usually found in a scrub. But the first time only I noticed the difference. Then after some regular use, you will be used to the scrub. The main purpose of using scrub is to remove the dirt and pollution from our face and increase the blood circulation. Patanjali Aloe vera Apricot Scrub Tube fulfills this purpose. I got clean and healthy-looking skin without spending a fortune. The scrub contains creamy like lotion and even dry skin people can also try this. Even my husband sometimes uses it to clean his black spots and oil from the face. One should regularly use a scrub to keep acne and pimples at bay. Patanjali Aloe vera Apricot Scrub Tube is very much affordable by everyone. So try at least once if your skin is oily and needed scrubbing.

Pathetic Product



Not Ideal for Sensitive Skin


Please do not buy this product at all. It is the most hopeless product. Normally a scrub removes dead skin, softens the skin and heals it. I have a sensitive skin and I am very careful of what I use on the face. This scrub is packaged in a small tube. It has a creamy base. This made my skin very flakey. I moistened and rubbed the scrub in circular motions on my face for 2 minutes. After that I washed my face. Honestly I did not find any impact of it on my face. I felt my skin became