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Patanjali Whole Wheat Atta is made from hand-picked grains of wheat and is processed by grinding in stone mills. The stone grinding produces a perfect balance of color, taste, nutrition, and aroma, resulting in soft and fluffy rotis. The flour retains maximum nutrients and is rich in essential vitamins and fiber, which help build body immunity. The product is vacuum packed, which ensures it stays fresh for a long time. Patanjali also adds that the atta is 0% maida and 100% wheat.

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  • 2100% wheat
  • 1fluffy rotis 100% natural builds immunity
  • 1100% wheat grounded to perfection healthy builds immunity value for money
  • 1natural
  • 1affordable


  • 2none
  • 1hard roti's
  • 1chappatis turned out hard
Mix 1 cup or 120 gm whole wheat atta with warm water and knead well to make a consistent dough. Let it rest for 20-30 minutes. Form dough balls then flatten them and heat on tawa.

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Fluffy rotis Saraswathi approves this product


Fluffy rotis 100% natural Builds immunity

Patanjali Atta made from 100% natural wheat. The wheat contains the goodness of fiber, vitamins , minerals and plant compounds. As the whole wheat atta is the best source to get the daily dose of carbohydrates. Whole wheat atta is rich in insoluble fiber, which helps food to pass easily through the digestive system. The product provides complete essential nutrients to the body and helps to keep us healthy. The best thing of Patanjali atta is made from hand picked grains of wheat and is processed by grinding in stone mills. The product gives an perfect roti which has a perfect balance of color, taste, nutrition, and aroma, resulting in soft and fluffy rotis. It also helps in building up the body immunity that keeps us naturally healthy. It is one good substitute for rice who is ready to control their weight.

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Can do without it!


100% Wheat Grounded to perfection Healthy Builds immunity Value for money


100% wheat

Patanjali Whole Wheat Atta is not so great product! My sister in law bought it within the few days that it was introduced. They were not much of a fan of the product. I really appreciate the fact and also the effort the patanjali team puts in every product of theirs. But then the rotis or chapatis or even the paratha’s that were made out of this atta were very disappointing! Though i mixed milk and what not i could not get my roti’s to be soft. Now was that because the other brands have a mix of maida in it, i was not sure. But then my family strongly disapproved this product as they had to chew and break the rotis just to eat one happy meal. I had to find ways and different recipes just to get over with the atta. Though it is easy to find and claims to be 100% wheat i don't think i will go for it again!

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Did not work for me Ramya approves this product


When you visit a supermarket itself you will find umpteen number of products on the shelf . Now talking about wheat flour it is the same scenario you will see lots of brands and within the brands itself you will find different versions of wheat flour like the normal ,multi grain and i recently saw sugar control wheat flour. the brand Patanjali too has wheat flour in its range. It comes in a pale yellow packet which you can easily transfer into another air tight container. It is finely milled powder which makes it easier to bind in but the problem is that the chapathis tend to be super dry and even if i apply ghee or butter on it ,tends to be dry itself . Aslo if you do not consume ki t soon after making and keep it for some hours it becomes hard and dry .so i am not sure if i just have experienced it or somebody else too. Price wise it is okay but i did not find it good

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Easily available

Chapattis form a staple diet for almost every Indian household. Specially in my family we make soft thin chapattis and hence we ensure to buy the best Atta ( wheat flour) in the house. I came across the Patanjali Atta on the website and read some good reviews hence we decided to try it. It comes packaged in a yellowish white plastic bag with the Patanjali logo on it. When opened the atta was of a smooth texture. The main test was when we would make chappatis out of it. My mom found the chappatis not as soft as the earlier brand we were using. She even found that after a few hours the chappatis further felt more stiff. This was a very weird experience and there was no way we could return the product. We finally donated the Atta to a needy person.

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