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Patanjali Kesh Kanti Natural Black Hair Colour is made with the goodness of Amla, Bhringraj, Coconut oil, and nine other precious herbs. Its all-natural ingredients make it safe and effective to color grey hair. The product not only dyes your hair but also promotes hair growth. It contains ingredients such as Heena, Amla, Shikakhai, and Neem that minimize hair fall. This hair color is also ammonia-free.

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  • 2affordable
  • 1complete coverage natural conditioning ammonia-free
  • 1ammonia-free easy to use adds shine long-lasting color natural conditioning affordable
  • 1natural
  • 1great colour


  • 2does not get rid of greys completely
  • 1average results
  • 1increases hair loss
  • 1leads to hairfall
Step1 - Wear hand gloves. Step2 - Mix the cream and same quantity of developer in a non-metallic bowl Step3 - Apply the mixture immediately on washed and dried hair with a plastic brush. Step4 - Leave for 30mins and rinse your hair thoroughly with water.
Patanjali Black Hair Colour Price - ₹ 70.00

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Complete coverage Saraswathi approves this product


Complete coverage Natural Conditioning Ammonia-free

One of neighbour got grey hair and she been looking for an hair colour that contains natural products as she been allergic to chemical products. After a search, I suggested her to give a try to Patanjali Black Hair Colour. After using the product she been quite satisfied as it completely covers the grey hair without damaging the hair. The product been made from the natural ingredients like Amla, Bhringraj, Coconut oil, and nine other precious herbs that keeps the hair healthy and doesn’t cause any damages. The best thing about the product is that it not only colours the hair but also makes the hair healthy and recovers the hair from damages. It adds moisture to the hair that gently nourishes them. It retains the hair health and promotes the hair growth. The product is best suitable for all types of hair as it doesn’t contains any chemicals.

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Black Hair


Ammonia-free Easy to use Adds shine Long-lasting color Natural Conditioning Affordable


Great colour

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Natural Black Hair Colour is a basic hair colour for people who would want to colour their hair black. The instructions are very clear on the package. This makes it pretty easy to apply. Its all-natural ingredients make it safe and effective to color grey hair. My father has used this product and was happy with how the colour stayed on for a little bit longer than the other brands. But then he did complain of hair fall. It was hard for him to even find out that the hair fall was caused because of the use of the dye. After a few uses I realized this could be the reason and asked him to stop using it and that's when the hair fall reduced. I would not want him to try this again even though the colour stays. The cost is affordable and the product is very easy to find!

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Did not work for me Ramya approves this product


I have grey hair so i try mostly henna or organic hair colour so when i saw this Patanjali black.haur colour i wanted to give a try .the ingredients includes Crude power of heena,Amla,Methi,Shikakai,bhringraj, Neem,Neel,Haldi,Manjistha,Jatamansi,Coconut and til. You need to wear gloves mix the cream and the equal amount of developer and mix well in a non mettalic container .apply the mixture on dried hair using a brush and rinse it off after 30 minutes. It gets rinsed of easily and it did not stain my scalp at all which i am happy about because some hair colours do stain the scalp and it looks wierd too. It did help in colouring my hair but not all greys were covered which i wasn't too happy about . Also it did result in hairfall so it did not suit my hair at all and i am not sure of others how it fares on them . This is affordable and easily available

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Easily available


I found it annoying to keep seeing some greys coming up off and on hence decides to colour my hair. I picked up the Patanjali black hair colour and wanted to see how it works. It comes in a plastic packaging which is light weight and easy to carry around. The hair powder needs to be mixed in a 1 is to 4 proportion, 1 spoon of powder and 4 spoons of water. Once this becomes in a paste format , I applied it all over the volume of my hair. I avoided the roots of the hair too avoid any damage. The odor is chemical like hence I was not very happy as I thought it was a herbal product. I left the paste on for half an hour and washed it off. The color looked decent and natural. The disappointment was that I had alot of hairfall after using this product.

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