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Patanjali Coconut Oil is a top-notch conditioning treatment for your hair and skin. The oil strengthens hair, prevents hair fall, and promotes its growth effectively. It also helps in improving blood circulation on the scalp, so you get healthy hair straight from the roots to the tips. It can also be applied to your skin to treat dryness and dullness or on your cuticles to help soften them. This oil is available in a 200 ml bottle.

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  • 3affordable
  • 2moisturizes hair & skin
  • 2promotes hair growth
  • 2makes hair stronger
  • 2100% pure


  • 3none
  • 1might be sticky
  • 1stains clothes
Take required amount of oil and gently massage on the scalp and hair.
Patanjali Coconut Oil Price - ₹ 74.00

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Deep conditioning for dry hair Papri approves this product



Moisturizes hair & skin

Promotes hair growth

Makes hair stronger

100% pure

Edible oil

Heals body wounds

We probably all know that oiling is very important for hair health. Patanjali Coconut oil is pure coconut oil which is very good and effective on hair conditioning. It comes in an opaque white bottle with a flip-top cap. It is easy to carry. Patanjali coconut oil is hair treatment that’s best for dry and dull hair. This oil effectively strengthens hair, slows down hair fall and boosts the growth of new hair. A good scalp massage with this oil helps in improving blood circulation on the scalp and strengthening the roots, thus promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall to a great extent. This oil is a great conditioner for dry and stretchy skin. You can apply this oil on your skin and face to treat dryness. It also works best as a makeup remover. It effectively removes the last traces of makeup without irritating the skin and eyes.

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Contains healing agent Saraswathi approves this product


Natrual product

Multi purpose product

Stimulates hair growth

Contains healing agent

Patanjali Coconut Oil is one of the natural coconut oil. The product been made from natural coconut and doesn’t contain any preservatives. The oil is a multi-purpose product, where it can be used from head to toe. The coconut oil has natural healing properties that help in treating the acne, scars, and wounds. When the oil been used for hair, it stimulates hair growth and keeps the hair moisture. It also prevents dandruff and improves blood circulation in the scalp that activates the hair follicles and cures the damages and irritations. The product is also edible which makes the digestive tract healthy. The oil also treats skin dryness and dullness by hydrating the skin and by keeping the moisture. It is one affordable product that gives the best and effective results. Overall it is one good product to be recommended

Patanjali Coconut Oil-Contains healing agent-By saraswathi-2
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Another coconut oil! Divya approves this product


Affordable Moisturizes hair & skin Promotes hair growth Makes hair stronger 100% pure Edible oil Heals body wounds


Patanjali Coconut Oil is just another oil. I wanted to try out something apart from my generic parachute coconut oil that i have been using since a kid. I don't have any complaints against the product but then i wanted to experiment. And that's when I saw the Patanjali Coconut Oil. The oil was just ok. I mean in comparison with other oils in consistency per say I felt this oil was a little thinner or light weight. But then it was very easily absorbed. It didn't stay on my hair for a long time but it also ended up transferring onto my clothes and other items that came in contact with my head! The product is not expensive and is definitely affordable! The product is also easily available and you need not struggle to get it! I would recommend this oil for people or users who have extremely dry hair. You will get the required nourishment for sure!

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Non greasy coconut oil Ramya approves this product


I prefer coconut oil over any other oil. So when i saw this Patanjali coconut oil at the counter i decided to purchase it. The packaging is simple comes in a white bottle with a flip cap. Either i heat the coconut oil as a stand alone or include other ingredients and then apply on scalp and massage. This oil is not at all greasy and does not even stain the clothes. It is totally lightweight and gets washed off easily without any oil residue remaining. This is affordable and also easily available at normal supermarkets or even in Patanjali stores ,if not it can be easily bought online . I have also tried applying on dry patch areas it has moisturized it and made the skin but soft and hydrated. As far as controlling hairfall and hair growth is concerned i did not notice any significant change but it has not caused excess hairfall so i am happy with it

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Light weight

Makes hair smoother

Since childhood I have been influenced to apply oil to my hair atleast twice a day. I wanted to purchase oil and was told that the Patanjali coconut oil is worth a try. I decided to try it. It comes packaged in a white plastic bottle. The cap opens with a flip open mechanism and has a small hole . The cap is prone to leakage hence not making it travel friendly. I generally heat the oil slightly and apply it all over my hair gently by massaging it. It is light weight but does stain clothes. I leave it overnight and wash it off next day for good results. It made my hair feel more healthier and softer. It did not help in reducing hairfall, only the texture became better.

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