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Patanjali Cow Ghee is made with milk fat from cow's milk. Besides being a rich source of nutrition for your body, brain, and immune system, it aids in digestion and helps improve your memory power. This ghee also has anti-inflammatory properties that help treat swelling and burns. Regular consumption of this ghee in moderate doses also helps in healthy weight gain. Patanjali's ghee is sold in a 1L carton pack.

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  • 3good aroma
  • 3aids in digestion
  • 2high nutritional value
  • 2good flavour
  • 2helps lower cholestrol


  • 3not 100% natural
  • 3poor packaging
  • 2contains preservatives
  • 1not 100% natural contains preservatives poor packaging
  • 1flimsy packing
Take required amount of ghee and add it to your favorite foods.
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Contains preservatives


Good aroma

Aids in digestion

Ghee been an essential product in every one kitchen. Ghee has an natural benefit which is very healthy for stomach and skin. When I was looking for an natural Ghee, few suggested me try Patanjali ghee as they are one good manufacturers using natural ingredients. The product comes in an poor plastic packaging. The ghee helps in improving the digestion track and relieves constipation. The product is quite beneficial in increasing nutrition for your body, brain, and immune system, it aids in digestion and helps improve your memory power. The product not only used for edible, as the product rich in anti inflammatory properties it acts as an healing agent when used for swelling and burns. The product also helps in gain of weight. But must say that the Patanjali ghee as not 100% natural and contains preservatives. As the product is not natural it doesn’t contain all the goodness.

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Super food for all ages Papri approves this product


High nutritional value

Good flavour

Good aroma

Aids in digestion

Helps lower cholestrol

Helps in weight gain

Cow ghee is considered to be the most nutritious superfood in our culture. Patanjali cow ghee is made with milk fat from cow’s milk. It is pure and has all the important nutrients and fatty acids that help in healthy mass gain. It is a rich source of vitamins and good fats for our body. It helps boost a healthy immune system and brain development for kids. It supports digestion and improves memory power. It comes in a 1L carton pack. It also has inflammatory properties that cure swelling and burns. It also can be used as body butter that treats dry and itchy skin. It also has anti-bacterial properties. This is why many moms use ghee to cure any rashes on the baby’s skin. Ghee can also help in gaining healthy mass if consumed in moderate doses regularly. We use ghee in our daily meal for enhancing the taste and nutrition value.

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Pure ghee Divya approves this product


High nutritional value Good flavour Good aroma Aids in digestion Helps lower cholestrol Helps in weight gain


Patanjali Cow Ghee is pure ghee. Gone are those days when you have to boil the milk out just to make ghee. I don't do that anymore as i dont have the time and energy. But I do not like to compromise on the quality when i have to give ghee to my daughter. Ghee is known for his healthy benefits. The patanjali ghee comes in a carton which you need to transfer to a bottle as using ghee from the carton is not doable. It gets messy and the paper carton is very flimsy. For the long run definitely not recommended! The cost is also on par with the other ghee in the market. They are also very easily available and very healthy! The aroma is awesome and finger licking good. I use it for my daughter and also in almost all our meals. Give it a try, it's very addictive! I loved it and I am very sure you will love it too!

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Good Rinku approves this product



Easily available

Good taste

Being Indians we believe that Ghee is very essential for a strong body. Ghee has alot of health benefits too. It has soluble vitamins which aids weight loss. It has great healing properties and is a source of good fat. It aids people suffering from constipation and is great for the skin too. My mother wanted me to buy ghee when we decided to try the Patanjali Ghee. The ghee is made of cow's milk and is definitely economical. It comes in a tetra pack with a picture of the cow on it. The packaging is decent but I did find it a little messy to pour out the ghee from the pack onto another container as it cannot be sealed. The texture of the ghee is greasy and it is yellowish white in colour. We liked the taste of the ghee too. I also used it to hydrate my lips during winter and it did a great job.

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A bit expensive than others Ramya approves this product


Ghee is an integral part of the Indian kitchen .it has alot of health benefits too. But you need to take limited amount of ghee for adequate weight gain. And Patanjali being a brand which became famous since couple of years you get all the products under this brand. Price wise these products are affordable so i decided to purchase this ghee when i saw this at the counter. This is available easily online at discounted rates, in Patanjali stores and also normal supermarkets. However it is a bit expensive than the competitor brands .the packaging is also not so great it comes in a carton and it becomes really messy when you open it and try transferring it in another container. It would have been easier it was available in bottle format. The smell and the taste seems okay.but however this ghee is not pure as it has added preservatives to it

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