Patanjali Mogra Body Cleanser

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Patanjali Mogra Body Cleanser is infused with the fragrance of mogra (Arabian jasmine) that gives you a refreshed feel while taking a shower. It is a herbal product that nourishes your skin while cleansing it deeply. It helps in removing the dirt, impurities, and grime from the body that are caused by pollution. The gentle formula lathers well, moisturizes the skin, and form a protective layer over the skin to maintain the moisture content of the skin. The soap can be used by both men and women as it suits all types of skin. With regular use, your skin becomes clean, pure, soft, supple, healthy, and radiant.

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  • 3lathers well
  • 2travel-friendly packaging
  • 2pleasing fragrance
  • 2affordable
  • 2herbal ingredients


  • 1skin tends to dry out
  • 1slow results
  • 1contains artificial fragrance

How To Use Patanjali Mogra Body Cleanser ?

  • Wet your skin.
  • Apply the soap on the damp skin.
  • Massage gently to form a lather.
  • Rinse it off with water thoroughly.

Patanjali Mogra Body Cleanser Uses And Benefits :

Cleanses skin deeply, removing dirt, impurities, and oil.

Keeps skin pure and clean.

Nourishes and moisturizes skin.

Rejuvenates and revitalizes skin.

Keeps body odour at bay.

Skin feels fresh, lively, and healthy.

Patanjali Mogra Body Cleanser Ingredients :

Curcuma amada 1.0 mg

Tinospora cordifolia 1.0 mg

Aloe barbadensis 1.0 mg

Ocimum sanctum 1.0 mg

Borax (Purified) 25 mg

Vegetable oil base chips

Sugandhit Dravya

Sodium benzoate


Permitted colour (CI 61565 8. 12748)

Aqua-Q S.

Patanjali Mogra Body Cleanser Reviews

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Mogra body cleansing Garima approves this product

10 months ago


Travel-friendly packaging

Pleasing fragrance


Lathers well

Herbal ingredients

Patanjali mogra body cleansing suits to every skin type no doubt Patanjali products are best and made from the natural ingredients which does not harm to our skin this cleanser helps to remove the dirt from your skin and makes you feel fresh i am also using the same since from long

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Regular soap with nice aroma Prabha approves this product

12 months ago


Natural ingredients

Lathers well

Removes dirt and impurities

Easy to wash off

Amazing rich fragrance

Patanjali has introduced a wide range of body cleansing soaps. This Mogra Body Cleanser is one of them. I have also tried their other soaps and was quite impressed with them. This is a really good product. Even a small amount of soap gives good lather and helps to gently cleanse the skin. It is also easy to wash off. The skin also feels clean and refreshed after the bath. The best part is the rich aroma of mogra that will stay on for quite some time. It is indeed a refreshing bath experience. However, after some time the skin tends to get dry. So ,it is better to use a good moisturizer after the bath. It is a good soap to use once in a while for a change. Other than that, nothing much special about it.

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12 months ago


good on sensitive skin also

I have started using this some days back when I saw it in patanjali showroom. I found it nice and bought it. I really loved the fragrance of it as I love a jasmine scent. It soothes the mood and makes you feel refreshed. This body cleanser offers a great cleansing and removes the improves makes the skin clean and clear. It suits all skin types and removes excess oil from the skin but does not make skin dry. I got a brighter skin after using it for almost 2 weeks. It lathers well and is very easy to rinse t off with out leaving any residue on the skin. It hydrates the skin well and offers a moisturized skin for a long time. It is very affordable makes the skin soft and supple in no time. I have suggested this to my friend she loved it a lot. its has all the natural ingredients keeps skin healthy. the package is nice and is travel friendly.

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Overpowering smell Ramya approves this product

12 months ago


Patanjali products have become popular very recently and nowadays you do see these products more on the counters of the supermarket too.These are easily available and are affordable too.the packaging of the Patanjali Mogra Body Cleanser is very simple and it is oval shaped. My husband got this while he was at the supermarket to purchase some stuffs. When you open the box you will notice it has a plastic film covered over the soap. It has this typical mogra or jasmine smell to it which i feel is a bit too overwhelming .i hate the smell of jasmine to be frank and it lingers for a while àfter bath too and even the bathroom smells of it.apart from the it lathers pretty much decently and also deep cleanses the skin .it removes all the dirt, oil and impurities from the skin. Since it is glycerin based it does not dry out the skin so that the plus point. Other than the smell it is all okay

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Great Rinku approves this product

12 months ago


My aunt is an ardent fan of Patanjali products and shared her review of using the Patanjali Mogra body cleanser and shared her experience with me. The soap is green in colour and oval shaped and is packaged in a plastic cover with an external cardboard box. The packaging is extremely simple and lightweight and the soap is enriched with natural ingredients which are beneficial for the skin can treat various skin problems. She found the shape of the soap effective to hold in her hand while taking a bath and it lathered very well. The soap has a lovely jasmine fragrance which she loved a lot and it effectively cleansed the body, by removing all the dirt and impurities. Unlike others soaps this one did not leave her skin feeling dry or stretched and it enabled to maintain the moisture level of the skin. She found the fragrance of the soap very relaxing and soothing to her body and senses and she would surely recommend this product.

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Refreshing fragrance Lalitha approves this product

12 months ago


Patanjali is a renowned and fastest growing brand that offer wide range of products for skin care, hair care, health and wellness. I like floral fragrance soaps and purchased its mogra body cleanser. The soap has an essence of jasmine which is refreshing and rejuvenating. The soap lathers well and cleanses the skin by removing the dirt, impurities and grime that is deep seated in the skin pores. It unclogs the skin pores by extracting and removing the pollutants and impurities from the skin. It moisturises the skin and keeps it hydrated as the formula contains aloe vera extracts. It reduces the dark spots and blemishes gradually. I did not observe any whitening effect on my skin. But it lightens and evens the skin tone. It fights the bad body odour and keeps it refreshing all day long. I felt my skin was slightly drying after shower. I suggest using a good moisturiser after using this soap.

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