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Patanjali Multigrain Atta or Navratna Atta is a rich multigrain flour made by mixing nine types of grains together. Each grain has its unique ayurvedic benefit. It contains flours of Whole wheat(gehun), Barley(jau), Amaranth(chaulai), Maize(makka), Sorghum(jowar), Gram(Chana), Water Caltrop(singhara), Soybean, and Pearl Millet(bajra.) The rich combination ensures you receive all the wholesome nutrients and fiber from your food. It is also ideal for people with diabetes. The rotis made from Patanjali Multigrain Atta have a unique taste of their own. It is processed and packed hygienically under stringent quality control.

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  • 3goodness of 9 grains healthy & nutritious unique taste hygienically packed value for money
  • 1goodness of multigrains unique taste
  • 1natural
  • 1100% vegetarian
  • 1easily available


  • 3none
  • 1makes hard roti's
  • 1chappatis did not turn out soft
Mix 1 cup or 120 gm whole wheat atta with warm water and knead well to make a consistent dough. Let it rest for 20-30 minutes. Form dough balls then flatten them and heat on tawa.
Patanjali Multigrain Atta Price - ₹ 140.00

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Very healthy and good quality Parul approves this product


Goodness of 9 grains Healthy & nutritious Unique taste Hygienically packed Value for money

I only eat multigrain rotis and mixing different flour is such a bothersome task! I started buying this and never looked back! Use it to make cake, pasta sauce, halwa, even made cookies. They never compromise on quality. U totally trust Patanjali products especially grains and rice and dals. Super products low price

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Goodness of multigrains Saraswathi approves this product


Goodness of multigrains Unique taste

Patanjali Multigrain Atta is made from 100% natural products. Patanjali Multigrain Atta or Navratna Atta is a rich multigrain flour made by mixing nine types of grains of wheat, Barley, Amaranth, Maize, Sorghum, Gram, Water Caltrop, Soybean, and Pearl Millet. With these combinations the atta contains the goodness of fiber, vitamins , minerals and plant compounds. The product been an good substitute for rice as it is the best source to get the daily dose of carbohydrates. As the product is rich in proteins, vitamins, nutrients and carbohydrates the product is best suitable for all which provides essential nutrients to the body by keeping us healthy. The product is rich in insoluble fiber, which helps food to pass easily through the digestive system. The best atta is made from hand picked grains of wheat and is processed by grinding in stone mills. The product gives an perfect roti which has a perfect balance of color, taste, nutrition, and aroma, resulting in soft and fluffy rotis. It also helps in building up the body immunity that keeps us naturally healthy.

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Multigrain atta


Goodness of 9 grains Healthy & nutritious Unique taste Hygienically packed Value for money


100% vegetarian

Patanjali Multigrain Atta or Navratna Atta is another disappointment. When I bought the wheat atta I was regretting every day of why did i even try this, and in spite of that I ended up buying the Patanjali Multigrain Atta or Navratna Atta. Now I should have read a few reviews before settling down to this one. My love for [Patanjali was getting to no bounds. But then i think i am over it now. This atta was mere waste of time and money for me. Even here the roti’s were not sift. In Spite of adding what not, they were still very hard. My family had given up on me by now. They asked me to make stuff differently if I had any intent to continue using the patanjali food products! I was really impressed by the fact that they told me that's this atta will help you in balancing your sugars. Probably that's why i bought this one. But then users i suggest you read a few reviews and then decide if it is best for you or not. Still no harm in giving it a try.

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Average one


Easily available


Great nutritional value

My mother was looking out for a good healthy multigrain atta when she came across the Patanjali multigrain Atta. She found the Atta very economical and since her friends recommended she brought the same from a local shop. It comes packaged in a plastic sachet which is sturdy. When my mom made chapattis using this atta we found that the chappatis were not as soft as the previous one we were using. The chappatis tasted nice and felt nutritious. The consistency of the atta is fine and it was easy to make chappatis from the flour. It was easy to digest the flour and we did not have any side effects on using this Atta. The Atta is very beneficial for people suffering with Diabetes. Overall this is an average product.

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Not so impressive Ramya approves this product


Patanjali products are affordable yet good quality. So it has a lot of variety of products. These are easily available if not in local supermarkets you could definitely find them in Patanjali stores around you or if not atleast online.when you visit a supermarket itself you will find umpteen number of wheat flour of different brands ranging from multigrain to normal to sugar control makes it really difficult to select which one. When i saw this is multigrain i decided to purchase.Patanjali Navratna Atta is made of multigrain flour by mixing 9 grains wheat,Barley, Amaranth, Maize, Sorghum, Gram, Water, Caltrop, Soybean, Pearl Millet.the multigrain version is a bit priced higher than normal flour . Also this version is not finely powdered it is coarse.unlike other brands that are finely milled this is coarse which doesn't maje good chapathis. The taste is also different maybe because of the it is just an average product but i doubt i would buy this

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