Patanjali Musli Pak
Patanjali Musli Pak

Patanjali Musli Pak

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Patanjali Moosli Pak is an Ayurvedic formulation used for strengthening immunity and restoring physical stamina. It's enriched with the goodness of more than 20 natural ingredients. This formula is commonly used to treat male infertility and to improve reproductive organ functionality. It is also used for general debility and to increase body weight or mass. This product helps you stay active and energetic all day by increasing your muscle strength and reducing fatigue.

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  • 3improves immunity
  • 3improves stamina
  • 2sturdy packaging
  • 1strengthening immunity
  • 1increases energy natural drink builds stamina increases body weight/mass value for money


  • 2bad taste
  • 1tastes very bad
  • 1does not dissolve completely
  • 1details not mentioned clearly
  • 1awful taste

How To Use Patanjali Musli Pak ?

  • Have 5-10 gms of Patanjali Musli Pak every day.
  • Mix it with water or milk.
  • Do as directed by the physician.

Patanjali Musli Pak Uses And Benefits :

Strengthens immunity and stamina.

Treats male infertility.

Improves reproductive organ functionality.

Increases body mass.

Increases muscle strength.

Reduces fatigue and tiredness.

Patanjali Musli Pak Ingredients :

Shvet Musli Powder

Cow Ghee






Black Pepper(G)

Elaichi (Choti)

Dal Chini

Tej Patta

Chitrak Mool

Gokhru Dana


Harad Chilka


Vang Bhasam

Makardhwaj Bhasam

Kamal Gatta


Akarkara Mool

Shatavar Root

Tal Makhana

Konch Beej

Bala Beej

Patanjali Musli Pak Side Effects :

Might cause loss of appetite.

Might cause constipation.

Patanjali Musli Pak Reviews

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Natural herbs Anitha approves this product

11 months ago


Strengthening immunity

Improves physical stamina

Patanjali Musli Pak is an Ayurvedic powder formulation that need to be consumed with warm milk or water. It has the goodness of more the 20 herbs. Musli Pak in very good in treating diabetes, strengthening muscles, can reduce joint pain, has anti inflammatory properties and so on. It is better to speak to a physician before consuming the pak. My friend who was feeling very week and had fatigue issue did not want to use Allopath medicines as she is scared of side effects on her body. Patanjali products are herbal based and free form side effects. Once she bought the bottle of Musli Pak but felt very difficult to consume the churna, as it has a strong smell and the taste was not pleasant. She started to take the musli again after a week now and is getting used to the taste. There is not much improvement as of now, but her body is getting used to the herbs. she has decided to continue to use the musli pak for a month. This can also be used by Men to increase stamina and for overall health improvement.

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12 months ago


Ayurvedic product

Sturdy packaging

Improves stamina

Patanjali Musli Pak is an ayurvedic product which improves stamina and strength. It comes in a glass jar with a tightly closing lid. The jar is very sturdy and keeps the product fresh. A friend of mine takes it regularly. It improves stamina and reduces fatigue. It improves muscle power and is more recommended for males. The powder like pak does not get dissolved completely. My friend takes it with warm milk. It has a very bad taste and can’t be consumed easily. After taking it regularly for some time, she feels energetic now. She does not feel body aches as often. It has improved her immunity. I tried tasting it but due to its bad taste could not consume it. It is very difficult to take it on a regular basis. There is not much information about it on the net. The ingredients list is not completely mentioned on the packaging which is another drawback. I would not buy this product.

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Builds stamina and immunity Shruti approves this product

12 months ago


Energy drink

Improves stamina

Adds muscle strength

Boosts energy

This is an ayurvedic product that is quite effective in rebuilding stamina and boosting energy levels. Handling two kids for the entire day used to make me feel lethargic and at the end of the day my energy levels were zero and my frustration and irritation were at its peak. I tried taking many supplements but never continued due to my habit of forgetfulness. I have been using certain Patanjali products like shampoo, soap, and toothpaste so when I recently went to the store to buy these stocks I came across this Patanjali Musli Pak. The ingredients and the instructions mentioned that it is specifically designed for boosting immunity and strength. It claimed to improve muscle strength and help in general debility. I bought this powder and started using it. It tasted awful but as they say, healthy things taste awful, I continued it for a week. I could actually feel the difference it made to my body. I was more energetic and I still had the stamina to complete my work by the end of the day despite of slogging the entire day looking after 2 hyperactive toddlers. A definite heads up to this product.

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Health Supplementary Sindoori approves this product

12 months ago


Improves Immunity

Less Cost

Improves Stamina

My husband who is a fitness freak prefers mostly to take healthy supplementary rather than coffee or tea . He love trying out different ayurvedic health supplementary . Patanjali Musli Pak was the recent one which he tried. It comes in a Plastic bottle form which is sturdy , air tight and also easy to carry while travelling . They are made of 20 herbal ingredients specially formulated for increasing the strength and stamina of the body. It helps him to increase the body immunity and energy after long hours of workout in the gym. This supplementary can be taken in hot milk or water. Though they are made of natural ingredients,it does not taste good.A regular intake of these health drinks makes him stay active and strong. This health drink can be used for men who are facing infertility problems and also for people who face fatigue problems. Though they are of less cost and improves the health and energy the taste is the major drawback in this product. If you are not worried about the taste and looking for a herbal health drink at a less cost this would be a great choice. A recommended healthy supplement for all fitness freaks !!

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Improves Immunity Prabha approves this product

12 months ago


Improves immunity

Strengths stamina

Increases body weight

Goodness of natural herbs

Keeps you energetic

Patanjali Musli Pak is an ayurvedic formulation that helps to improve our immunity and restore physical stamina. With our day to day busy and unhealthy lifestyle we all do need some extra supplements that will help cope up with our tiredness and give some strength. I am not much into taking any medications but since this one is a ayurvedic product and it has a mix composition of many different herbs I wanted to give it a try. I took the formula as it was suggested. First of all I did not like the taste at all. It tasted awful. Secondly I think the formula does not dissolve properly even though I followed all the steps as prescribed. I still continued for a week and yes I did see difference in my energy level. I also saw that my immunity was improving. I was facing less infections and allergies. I did stay energetic by the end of the day too. However, the taste did not make me continue having it. I stopped using it after 2 months.

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Increase your stamina! Divya approves this product

1 year ago


Increases Energy Natural Drink Builds stamina Increases body weight/mass Value for money

Stamina Boost

Patanjali Moosli Pak is a great solution, in fact an herbal and ayurvedic solution to all your problems related to physical strain or immunity! This pack has a great pack of goodness. Close to 20 herbs used for the making of the Patanjali Moosli Pak. This not only increases your energy it also reduces the fatigue. I suggested and also had my husband use this as i felt he was getting exhausted day by day. It is more like even by the half of the day he used to feel very tired and would complain of fatigue. After a few reviews i bought him this and yes. He uses it very often! I see the difference as I see he is more active and does not complain of any pain. But then he did tell me that the taste is awful! I didn't have the guts to try it as I remember he making faces when he started using it!

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Average Rinku approves this product

1 year ago


Easily available

Sturdy packaging

Improves Immunity

Reduces Fatigue

I always look upto natural products which help resolving general health issue rather than medicines. I was suffering from alot of fatigue and digestive issues repeatedly inspite of having tried alot of medicines nothing worked. I decided to try the Musli pak of Patanjali as advised by a friend. It comes packaged in a jar with a green lid. The texture is powder like. I took the powder twice a day with warm milk as advised on the packaging. The taste is really annoying but I continued having it hoping to derive some benefits after consumption. I reduced a difference in my energy levels for sure. It made me feel more energetic. There was no major difference to my digestive issues though. I also found that my immunity levels had got better with this pak.

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