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Patanjali Moosli Pak is an Ayurvedic formulation used for strengthening immunity and restoring physical stamina. It's enriched with the goodness of more than 20 natural ingredients. This formula is commonly used to treat male infertility and to improve reproductive organ functionality. It is also used for general debility and to increase body weight or mass. This product helps you stay active and energetic all day by increasing your muscle strength and reducing fatigue.

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  • 1increases energy natural drink builds stamina increases body weight/mass value for money
  • 1stamina boost
  • 1easily available
  • 1sturdy packaging
  • 1improves immunity


  • 2bad taste
  • 1no composition details on the jar
  • 1unpleasant taste
  • 1formulation does not dissolve fuly
5-10 gm twice a day (morning & evening) preferably with milk or water

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Increase your stamina! Divya approves this product


Increases Energy Natural Drink Builds stamina Increases body weight/mass Value for money

Stamina Boost

Patanjali Moosli Pak is a great solution, in fact an herbal and ayurvedic solution to all your problems related to physical strain or immunity! This pack has a great pack of goodness. Close to 20 herbs used for the making of the Patanjali Moosli Pak. This not only increases your energy it also reduces the fatigue. I suggested and also had my husband use this as i felt he was getting exhausted day by day. It is more like even by the half of the day he used to feel very tired and would complain of fatigue. After a few reviews i bought him this and yes. He uses it very often! I see the difference as I see he is more active and does not complain of any pain. But then he did tell me that the taste is awful! I didn't have the guts to try it as I remember he making faces when he started using it!

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Average Rinku approves this product


Easily available

Sturdy packaging

Improves Immunity

Reduces Fatigue

I always look upto natural products which help resolving general health issue rather than medicines. I was suffering from alot of fatigue and digestive issues repeatedly inspite of having tried alot of medicines nothing worked. I decided to try the Musli pak of Patanjali as advised by a friend. It comes packaged in a jar with a green lid. The texture is powder like. I took the powder twice a day with warm milk as advised on the packaging. The taste is really annoying but I continued having it hoping to derive some benefits after consumption. I reduced a difference in my energy levels for sure. It made me feel more energetic. There was no major difference to my digestive issues though. I also found that my immunity levels had got better with this pak.

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