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Patanjali Tejus Beauty Cream is an ayurvedic composition containing Aloe Vera, Sandal, Tulsi, Haldi, and Manjeeshtha, which are great ingredients for the skin and have been used in beauty recipes for ages. It claims to be the best cream for facial glow and natural beauty. The cream is beige in color and lightweight. Its herbal composition keeps the skin firm and provides a natural glow to it. The main ingredient of the cream, aloe vera, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It also has a very light herbal fragrance. The cream is smooth and silky to touch and settles into a matte finish.

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  • 4non-greasy
  • 2adds a radiant glow
  • 2absorbs instantly
  • 2soothes skin
  • 2moisturizes well


  • 4does not lighten dark spots
  • 2not suitable for colder months
  • 2burns on chapped skin
  • 1does not improves skin tone
  • 1cannot be used on winter season
Apply 2-5 grams externally on the affected area twice daily or as directed by the physician

Patanjali Tejus Fairness Cream Reviews

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Tejas fairness cream



Won't clog pores

patanjali tejus fairness cream is a beige colour cream which is lightweight and not very heavy on the skin. but this cream is not very easy to spread on the skin as it feels a little dry on the skin. but good part is this cream does not give any pimple on my oily skin. also it does not clogs the pores of my skin. the smell and texture is very similar to that of vicco Turmeric cream. I would suggest people with dry skin to stay away from this cream as it is not very moisturizing and may dry out the skin further. also this screen is not suitable to use in the winters as it dries out even my skin when applied on the dry winter days. coming to the fairness part this cream does give a glow to the skin. but sadly it does nothing for my dark spots and pigmentation.

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Herbal fairness cream Ariba approves this product


Adds a radiant glow


Absorbs instantly

Soothes skin

Moisturizes well

Patanjali tejus fairness cream is a herbal formulations which claims to whiten your skin tone it is a nice product but you will not become completely white it does reduce tannimg and pigmentation but not completely. It moisturizes the skin well and is affordable. It does burn sometimes on chapped skin.

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Good Herbal Moisturizer Cream !! Sindoori approves this product



Imparts a Natural Glow

Makes Skin Soft and Smooth

Does not irritate skin

Non Greasy

Moisturizes the Skin

Matte Finish

No White Cast

Patanjali Tejus Fairness cream comes in a simple tube form packaging . They are sturdy and travel friendly . The consistency is very thick and beige in color . Though they have a thick consistency ,it is very light weight once applied in the skin . They spread evenly and gives a matte finish look once settled completely over the skin . It has a herbal fragrance but , the smell does not linger for a very long time . It contains all natural ingredients like Aloe Vera , sandal ,tulsi , haldi which makes the skin soft and smooth on regular usage . They are non greasy and gives an instant glow to the face without leaving any white cast . I did not notice any changes in my skin tone ,but it worked well as a daily moisturizer for my dry skin during summer . It did not help me in lightening the dark spots or improving skin tone . Overall a very affordable moisturizing cream with herbal ingredients that can be used even on sensitive skin as well !

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Daily wear beauty cream



Super absorption

Great moisturiser

When I was shopping for toothpaste, hair oil for my mother from Patanjali I noticed this Patanjali Tejus Beauty Cream and bought it to give it a try. But I noticed immediately that the smell is not at all pleasant. The cream is in paste like consistency and in white colour. The packing is tube pack. The ingredients are very good for skin and it is good for rejuvenation of the skin. Apply it just like any other cream or just like a foundation before applying any make up. It absorbs very quickly and very light and creamy. Don’t rub it on hands and then apply it. It will be absorbed by our palms itself. The main ingredients are Aloe vera, sandal, tulsi, haldi and manjeeshtha. All these ingredients are very effective in skin care. The cream provides matte finish to the skin while nourishes and moisturises it.

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Beauty Cream Lalitha approves this product


I bought patanjali tejus fairness cream as it contains ayurvedic compositions like aloevera, sandal, tulsi, haldi and manjistha that work wonders on the skin. The texture is creamy soft and is light weight cream that feels soft and silky when touched and gives a matte powdery finish when applied. The fragrance smells mild and perfumed. This cream leaves the skin moisturized and hydrated without making it dry and flaky. It gives an instant glow to the skin without leaving a white cast on the face. It does not accentuate the open pores on the skin and gives a foundation like finish to the skin. All we need to do is to apply the cream on the cleansed skin and spread well. This cream is ideal for daily use. This cream is not 100% herbal. It also contains least chemicals. Can give a try. Pros: Instant glow to the skin Non greasy and non sticky Easily spreads quickly absorbs Affordable No white cast seen Does not accentuate pores Does break out Does not clog pores Cons: Slightly burning sensation Does not lighten the skin Does not lighten the dark spots.

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Does not lighten skin tone


Works well on dark spots and pigmented areas


Light weight

Non greasy

I am strictly against using fairness creams and I never buy them. I saw this Patanjali Tejus Fairness Cream with one of my friends who was struggling to get her skin pigmentation to a lighter tone so that she could contest for some beauty contest. I was appalled at the sight of this tube claiming to brighten the skin tone. She had a a lot of dark spots and pigmentation and she claimed that it really helped in reducing those. The cream is infused with natural extracts from aloe vera, tulsi, haldi, sandal and manjeestha , all of which have healing properties and are responsible for rejuvenating the skin and giving the skin a natural glow. I was still not convinced as I could see no visible change in the skin colour of my friend but I could see that her dark spots and pigmented areas had lightened to quite a extent. It does work on dark spots and pigmentation but not on lightening the skintone.

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