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Qraa is one of the leading brands that offer skin care, hair care, and personal care products for men. Qraa De Tan Scrub exfoliates men’s tough skin. Qraa de tan scrub effectively removes stubborn tan, impurities and dirt from the skin. Its nutritive ingredients also treat damage caused by pollutants and free radicles. It works to brighten the skin as well.

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  • 2paraben-free
  • 2contains nourishing oils
  • 2natural ingredients
  • 2suitable for sensitive skin
  • 1removes skin impurities effective


  • 1availability issue
  • 1expensive
  • 1slightly drying

How To Use Qraa De Tan Scrub ?

  • Take a generous quantity of scrub into the palm.
  • Apply it on the damp skin and gently massage in circular motion.
  • Leave it for 4-5 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.

Qraa De Tan Scrub Uses And Benefits :

Cleanses the skin effectively.

Exfoliates the skin, removes impurities, dirt and excess oil.

Provides soothing and calming effect to the skin.

Removes the stubborn tan from the skin.

Gives instant glowing and fresh skin.

Qraa De Tan Scrub Ingredients :

Clove oil

Lemon oil

Peppermint oil

Tea tree oil

Qraa De Tan Scrub Reviews

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Removes skin impurities Saraswathi approves this product

11 months ago


Removes skin impurities Effective

As my husband is a travel freak, he travels much. Due to that his skin got tan traces and acnes. So I bought him this Qraa De Tan Scrub which has been specially formulated for Mens skin. The scrub comes in a travel friendly tube and is very easy to use. The scrub removes all the skin impurities which are deep-seated, dead skin cells and dirt completely from the skin and leaves the skin clean and clear. It also helps in the skin nourishment that makes the skin soft and supple. The product been formulated specially to remove the stubborn tan and all the skin damages caused due to pollutants. It also improves the skin complexion and adds glow to the skin. As the product is out of harmful chemicals it is best suitable for all types of skin and doesn’t cause any irritation or allergy to them. One good product to be recommended.

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Qraa de tan scrub Preity approves this product

11 months ago


This de tan scrub is effective and essential for the skin of men’s who travel a lot and want to protect their skin from external exposure and sun rays. This scrub helps in exfoliating the impurities and dirt particles caused due to pollution and other elements. It acts as a natural cleanser which improves skin tone and reduces pigmentation and excess oil from the skin. Moreover, it helps removes stubborn tanning and brightens the skin. And provides soothing and calming effect on the face. You just need to take some quantity of scrub into the palm and have to massage in circular motion for few minutes especially near the areas of nose and foreheads, then wash off with warm water. Do this process before going to bed at night. The face will look radiant and clear, fresh and instant glowing skin. It stimulates blood circulation and provides fairer complexion to the face.

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D tan scrub Aparna approves this product

12 months ago



Contains nourishing oils

Natural ingredients

Suitable for sensitive skin

Earlier in the past the skin care products for men were very much less as compared to now a days. As the market is full is so full of so many products for men too tit becomes difficult to choose from. My husband was facing a few skin problems as in darkening of the skin with severe tanning. Off lately he was also facing break out issues. He than thought of trying out Qraa De Tan Scrub which was being suggested to him by one of his friends. He was really happy as it was specifically made up for men’s skin unlike other products. He started applying it over the skin of his face on a regular basis and realised that it has helped me in lightening his skin tone. Also his skin which used to be very oily earlier now looks more clean and clear. The acne problems have been reduced too.

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Qraa de tan scrub Anitha approves this product

12 months ago


Easy to use.

Removes stubborn tan.

Travel friendly pack.

Good quantity.

There was a time when Men had very few products for skincare, but these days you have a good number of products for their skin care too. Qraa is one of the leading brands that offer a wide range of skincare, hair care products. It provides premium quality of products. The Qraa De Tan Scrub is used by someone whom I know very closely. It is very effective on tanned skin and removes the dead skin cells and exfoliates the tough skin. Facial skin looks brighter and fresher after removing the sun tan thoroughly. Qraa de tan scrub comes in a non-messy tube packing. It smells good and has a thick consistency when the scrub is applied and you massage the skin all the impurities are removed from your skin leaving behind a fresh look. One can easily carry the tube while travelling too.

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12 months ago


My brother was looking out at an effective exfoliator as he wanted get rid of blackheads and dead skin on the face. He read alot about different products and then decided to try the Qraa de tan scrub. The scrub comes packaged in a white colour tube and has a flip open cap mechanism. The tube is lightweight and travel friendly and the packaging is simple and nice. He took a small amount of the scrub on the palm of his hand and gently massaged the scrub all over his face in circular motions for almost 8 minutes. He then washed off his face with water till all the scrub was washed off. The scrub is extremely mild on the face and did not cause any rashes on his face. The scrub has a lovely mint fragrance which he loved alot and it left his face feeling refreshed With regular usage he saw a marginal difference in the reduction of his blackheads and dead skin. He would rate this as an average product.

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