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Redenser Hair Serum Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.1

5 Reviews


2 years ago

Hair serum


Easily portable

Unisex serum

Suits all hair types

So this is the story of every winter at my house. Mine and my sisters hair used to get so damn dry and the scalp used to itch like anything. It was then that we decided to change our hair care regime and add some effective products to it. we decided to try out Redenser Hair Serum to get rid of these hair issues that we were facing. We started applying this serum on our hair regularly at least once in a week. Now a days we have realised that our hair problems have came to an end because of this problem. Dandruff issue has been solved to a great extent now. our hair have become soft and silky. Infact my hair now looks so healthy na dnourished like never before. I feel so happy and satisfied using this serum. I am sure it would suit any bodys hair too.

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2 years ago

Recommended hair serum


Unisex serum

Suits all hair types

Non sticky

Redenser serum comes in 60ml of the bottle with a retail price of INR 1200. Although it can be availed at good per cent of discount at various online shopping platform. It is a hair growth serum which is used to provide proper moisturization to the hair follicles. It controls hair fall issue. It is colourless as well as fragrance-free. The consistency is just like any other serum, i.e. runny, but it is non-sticky. Overall, it is a nice serum and gives the desired outcome if being used as per the prescribed manner. The packaging looks like any deodorant bottle – the metal body with a plastic cap. Although the bottle is sturdy and safe enough to be taken along while travelling. Apart from its high price and availability issue none of the other drawbacks can be pointed. Hence, one who is suffering from severe hair fall problem then he or she can try using this hair growth serum.

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2 years ago

Good hair serum


My friend has been fighting with severe hair loss. Her hair was weak and fragile. She tried using many hair oils and shampoos on her hair which has not given good result. Then she came across redenser hair serum online and thought to give a try. Amazingly, this hair serum worked the best on her hair. Initially, it improved the hair texture and gradually reduced the hair fall. There was a huge difference in the hair density. The hair appeared fuller, thicker and stronger. It is enriched with moisturizing agents that makes the hair soft, smooth and supple. She applies it daily once on her dry scalp. This strengthens the hair roots and protects the follicles. Though, the serum is slightly pricey, it is cost effective. One set back is that there is no applicator included in it which would make the application easy. Highly recommended hair serum for those who suffer under nourished and fragile hair.

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2 years ago

Makes hair manageable


You will find umpteen number of serums in the market nowadays which makes it really difficult to choose which one to purchase. One of my friends has curly and too much frizzy and dry hair . the sales assistant recommended her to use the Redenser Hair Serum which would help her unruly hair. The packaging is really very simple comes in a brown coloured bottle with a white cap. The cap stays secure and it won't leak or spill so you can carry it around while travelling too. She uses thi serum once her hair is dry..she take few drops and rubs this in her palms and applies on the lengths of the hair.this makes her hair manageable and smoother. Her frizz has considerably reduced and dryness too. This serum claims to reduce hairfall too and while she was using this , it did not result in hairfall nor did it increased . So overall she was impressed with it

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2 years ago

Loved it


My friend has extremely curly and unmanageable hair. She always found it difficult to manage her hair after washing it. She purchased the Redenser hair serum which comes packaged in a brown colour bottle with a white colour cap which has a flip open cap mechanism. She took a small amount of the serum and gently applied it on her entire hair by massaging it on the tips of the hair. The serum has a mild fragrance which is not overpowering. The serum made her hair feel soft and manageable. The serum added a natural shine to her hair and did not feel sticky or heavy on the hair. The lasting power of the serum is good and its effects lasted on hair for long. With regular usage my friend noticed that she was able to control and curb the hairfall as her hair got less tangled. Her hair became stronger and stayed frizz free because of the serum. She would surely recommend this product.

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Redenser Hair Serum is an effective solution for dry hair. This powerful serum makes unmanageable, curly, or frizzy hair look bouncier and lively. Regular use can make hair extremely soft, smooth, and lustrous. This serum is suitable for both men and women. It does not aggravate hair fall or cause any sort of discomfort to the hair or skin which makes it a good serum for those with a sensitive scalp.

How To Use Redenser Hair Serum ?

  • Wet your hair slightly.
  • Part the hair into equal portions.
  • Apply the serum on the scalp with the help of the dropper in the bottle.
  • Gently apply it on the hair.
  • Let the serum dry on the hair.

Redenser Hair Serum Benefits And Uses :

  • Makes the hair more manageable and soft.
  • It adds luster and bounce to the hair.
  • Regular use can help contain frizz.

Redenser Hair Serum Side Effects :

  • The serum, if used in excess, can cause irritation to scalp.
  • It may also lead to headaches and irritation.


Redenser Hair Serum Ingredients

Methyl glucose polyether