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11 months ago

Best Pain Reliever



As a Doctor, I always suggest my patients for Relispray & it is the basic product that is always available in my first aid box. It is easy to use if you are alone also & it relieves the pain instantly. It is very useful product & everyone should keep this in their first aid box. Pocket-friendly & travel-friendly also.

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Relispray Pain Relief Spray is India’s No. 1 pain relief spray which is brought to you by MidasCare company. Relispray offers safe and drug-free pain relief by using ayurvedic formulation. It is a revolutionary product from India that helps the world lead a healthy life. It fights pain instantly and naturally. This 100% natural pain relief spray is formulated using ingredients like winter green oil, nilgiri oil, camphor, peppermint flower and clove oil. It generates heat, penetrates the skin, gives relief from pain and improves blood circulation. It relaxes and warms up muscles in the affected area. Its pressure nozzle ensures that the spray penetrates deep into the skin and reaches the source of the pain.

How To Use Relispray Pain Relief Spray ?

  • Spray the product by keeping it atleast 5cm away from the affected area.

Relispray Pain Relief Spray Benefits And Uses :

  • Instant pain relief.
  • Soothes tired muscles.
  • Relaxes the body.
  • Increases blood circulation.

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