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Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer is a makeup base primer that readies your skin for makeup application. It softens the skin, reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines, and blurs imperfections to create a perfect canvas for your makeup. The lightweight and quick-absorbing primer smoothens and softens the skin, improves its texture, and evens out the skin tone. It is available in two variants –Perfecting Primer and Pore Reducing Primer.

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  • 5blends well
  • 3lightweight
  • 3absorbed quickly
  • 3blurs imperfections
  • 2perfect for photo-shoots


  • 5expensive
  • 3not for all skin types
  • 2no shade choices
  • 2greasy
  • 1dry skin need to moisturize first
  • Cleanse your face and moisturize.
  • Pump Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer on your fingertips.
  • Blend it gently on the face.
  • Let it absorb before makeup application.

Photoready Primer smoothens the skin.
Pore Reducing Primer minimizes the appearance of pores with a sleek matte finish.

  • Dimethicone Isododecane Aqua
  • (Water/Eau) Dimethicone/Bis-Isobutyl
  • PPG-20
  • Crosspolymer Silica Tocopherol Glycerin Methyl
  • Methacrylate
  • Crosspolymer Methicone Calcium
  • Aluminum
  • Borosilicate Triethoxycaprylylsilane Phenoxyethanol Isodecyl
  • Neopentanoate C13-16
  • Isoparaffin Silica
  • Silylate Caprylyl
  • Glycol Trisiloxane PEG/PPG-19/19
  • Dimethicone C10-13
  • Isoparaffin Dimethicone
  • Crosspolymer 1,
  • 2-HexanediolMay
  • Contain:
  • [+/-
  • Mica Titanium
  • Dioxide
  • (CI
  • 77891) Iron
  • Oxides
  • (CI
  • 77491,
  • 77492,
  • 77499) Ultramarines
  • (CI
  • 77007)].
Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer Price - ₹ 1249.00
526776 Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer is a makeup base primer that readies your skin for makeup application. It softens the skin, reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines, and blurs imperfections to create a perfect canvas for your makeup. The lightweight and quick-absorbing primer smoothens and softens the skin, improves its texture, and evens out the skin tone. It is available in two variants –Perfecting Primer and Pore Reducing Primer.
4.1/5 12

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer Reviews

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Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer Aneesha approves this product
4.7 5 0



Blends well

Absorbed quickly

Blurs imperfections

Perfect for photo-shoots


Helps makeup last long

Controls oil

I personally feel like primers are basics of good make up and the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer is one of the best . It has a light weight formula that it absolved easily by the skin and it makes my make up lasts a lot longer and my make up does not get oily .

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Not that good according to price Super Tips By approves this product
3.4 5 0



Blends well

Absorbed quickly

Blurs imperfections

This primer comes with pump packaging.... I have picked the pore reducing primer blurs the pore....but I didn't feel it is good for oily skin it didn't control oil I didn't like it It is better to go for colorbar primer

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Love it do try Ramya approves this product
4.3 5 0


The revlon photoready perfecting primer claims to soften skin, reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, smooth skin texture, and tone. . It is Designed to even out skin texture, it also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. Revlon photoready primer contains photochromatic pigments that blend with your skin to reflect and diffuse light, minimizing facial flaws. Wear alone or under foundation. The primer comes in a glass bottle packaging with pump dispenser which has a transparent cap. It is creamy white with a pink tint . The texture of the primer is soft and smooth with creamy consistency. The fragrance is mild and it is travel friendly and user friendly packaging. I do apply a moisturizer before applying the primer. You just need a pea size of the product and it blends easily on the face and neck. As a result of which the product would last for a long time. The primer can be applied alone like a standalone or before applying foundation. It makes the face smooth and clean. The texture being light spreads evenly and doesn’t make it feel heavy it just has mild fragrance which fades away after sometime. It helps in Minimising the small pores.the primer mattifies the skin so the foundation blends and glides easily on the face. My skin looks soft, smooth, flawless and healthy and dewy .the staying power is good it stays for the whole day . The primer gives a healthy nourished and radiance on my face which I m in love it. I guess this product can be used by people with all skin types. Those with dry skin should moisturise the skin well before using it. I mean all should moisturize no matter what skin type . It’s paraben free and oil free what more to ask.

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Perfect for daily use Ranjani approves this product
4.6 5 0


Blends well

Oil controlling

Covers imperfections

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer is a new product I wanted to try it out. So I found the product really good. The Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer is a perfect base before you apply makeup. The primer is easy to blend and it gives such an even tone on skin before applying makeup. The primer covers pores and the imperfections on the skin. Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer is best for a person who wants to get ready in a few minutes. The primer dries quickly, does not make the skin look oily and long-lasting. So during parties or on long days, only compact touch up on face is enough. Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer is perfect for photoshoots as it is long-lasting. I have very oily skin and primer controls the oil on my skin very well even for long hours. But I would like to mention, the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer does not match all skin types. My friend has dry skin and she feels the primer does not blend well and does not cover all the imperfections. So I would recommend a person to try before buying. I personally like the product and I am very much satisfied.

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Flawless look Aditi approves this product
4.5 5 0


Flawless look

Easy to blend

Affordable price

Hides imperfections on face

Long lasting

Best for oily skin

Easily available

Travel friendly

The Revlon photoready perfecting primer as the name suggest it gives your face a flawless look which makes you ready for photo shoot or selfies. It comes in a nice packing of a small bottle with nozzle. I have dry to normal skin 1st time when I used the primer my face got dry patches so I realized it's best for oily skin but why not other skin type also enjy this flawless what I do is,I moisturize my face properly than I apply dots of primer on face and neck and blend them on my skin, it blends really well and gets absorbed in skin very fast. You can see your imperfections on skin are hidden although face look little whitish but that is setted in few minutes. I use it occasionally as it helps my party make last long and give more smooth shiny flawless look to my face. As only one shade is Available so I have to apply foundation or compact to match it on my skin tone if more shades were available than only primer would have been enough on skin. It pretty reasonable in price and last really long as few drops of product is used at a time. I prefer keeping in my makeup it for getting flawless salon looking my face for parties and actually when u see your pictures you will notice your face looked like you had a nice makeup at a parlor. I will surely recomended it to everyone and every skin type.

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A Perfect Primer for My Make Up Vanity Lalitha approves this product
4.5 5 0


A good primer gives a perfect makeup finish. The primer is the base of the makeup which makes the skin smoother. Revlon photoready perfecting primer is my favourite product as it is a weightless, light pink tinted primer that smoothens and softens the skin by reducing the pore size, spots and fine lines. It perfectly blends and diffuses the light to minimize the visibility of flaws and skin imperfections in any light giving a picture perfect skin. Its formula is oil free, talc free and paraben free. The primer goes pretty good alone or complements with a foundation. The packaging is glass bottle with a pump dispenser and click top on it. The texture of the product is runny and spreads evenly on the skin. It has a mild fragrance. No artificial fragrance is added. The product helps the foundation to glide on the skin super quickly and blends to give a matte finish to the skin. This primer increases the foundation’s longevity even if the skin type is oily. The best part of the primer is that a small amount about 2 pumps of the product is pretty much sufficient for application on face and neck. This primer texture is slightly shimmery and apparently gives a healthy and glowing skin. Perfecting primer goes well with all skin types. It is ideal to apply primer on moisturized skin for long lasting effect. I like this primer as it combats with the darkness and dullness of the skin and gives a luminating and hydrating finish to the skin. It is cost effective and perfect primer for the makeup vanity.

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Good for Daily Use Rashi Sharma approves this product
3.5 5 0


Blended well

Good for daily use

I have normal skin type and this is good product for daily use it improves the skin texture and minimizes the flaws and fine line. Its blend well in skin, But this product is also best for day time make up as its doesn’t make you sweaty. It is good to go with face powder. It is not good with creamy foundation as this primer is already very greasy. so in my case, I am not using this product for a party makeup.

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Excellent Primer Jalpa approves this product
4.5 5 0



Works for all skin types


Primer is a very important part of your makeup. The role of the primer is to soften and smoothen the skin to create the perfect base for your makeup. Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer is an award-winning primer that claims to blur your imperfections and improve the texture of your skin. This primer comes in a glass bottle packaging with a pump dispenser placed inside a transparent cap. Very sturdy packaging but it's in a glass bottle so need to be careful. It has a nice creamy texture that easily settles on your skin without clogging your pores. Blends perfectly on the skin without looking patchy and creates an excellent base for your makeup. My skin is dry to combination and this primer suited my skin well without any creases. My sister who has oily skin did not have any complaints too. So it is suitable for all skin types. I am quite impressed with this primer since it did not break out my skin or give any kind of redness or irritation. I definitely recommend this primer for everyone who does makeup on a regular basis. You can also use it as-is on your skin without applying any foundation. It gives you an excellent no make up look.

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It doesn’t BLUR your pores but actually FILLS them!!!
2 5 0


Blends well


I bought the Pore Reducing primer, I hate the perfecting primer and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Greasy and pore-clogging, it says silicone primer that doesn't do anything. When I look for a silicone primer, I look for a very thick, almost dry texture that provides a matte or soft-focus effect. I've been looking for a something dupe for the urban decay optical illusion primer. The product claims about the pore reducing primer so I thought I'd give this a shot. It's kind of pricey but Revlon loves to charge ridiculous prices for everything, similar to physician's formula but worse because Revlon's products are like 1/5th the quality of physician's formula. It comes in one of those glass bottles with a pump that you can't remove, and I'm pretty sure I'm only going to leave half my money's worth of this primer because there's no way to open the damn jar. Do not be fooled, they do this on purpose so you have to buy more, it's not a packaging fail, it has a purpose. This does have the texture I look for in a silicone primer. It also has the thick, opaque, dries down matte and blurring. It DOES blur your pores. However, it's not a dupe for the optical illusion. That stuff really, actually works. It leaves your skin flawless, poreless, perfected base, even on the most textured skin, and it doesn't break me out. The Revlon simply blurs your pores, but you can still that will be there. The easiest way to describe it would be that the Revlon BLURS your pores, while the others actually FILL them and make them disappear. The Revlon doesn't break me out, though, from what I've seen so far, and that is good. I'm going to continue to use it more, but I won't repurchase it, I'll just save my money and get another suitable one.

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everyday primer Pallavi approves this product
4.4 5 0


Gives me clean, smooth skin

User friendly

Revlon Photo ready Perfecting Primer – Revlon has introduced the photo-ready primer, and I’m very impressed with how it works. So, I wanted to share the reviews of this primer with you. As per the company explains, the primer is very smooth matte textured with waterproof and extremely lightweight. Revlon Photo ready Perfecting Primer is a daily usable and go-to product for a faultless, even-tone face. The primer can be used as a foundation for all makeup and can help the makeup to last longer. The primer also hides your imperfections on your skin. The primer is easy to use, press the nozzle on your palm, and use your finger to apply dots on your face. Mildly blend down from your forehead to neckline. The Revlon Photo ready Perfecting Primer comes in a very classy box with all the ingredients. The smell of the Revlon makeup primer is very good and can easily likable to everyone. Based on the quantity given makes the product affordable. The primer’s texture is smooth and soft. The primer is silky that it can glide and blend on your skin fluently. The effects after applying are astonishing, and it offers a shine-free or matte and smooth finish. I have oily skin, and the primer performs well. But for dry skin, I doubt it would deliver hydration to the skin. The primer is travel-friendly and lasts long. Pink tone of the primer makes the skin brighter and softens imperfections. The only con about the Revlon Photo ready Perfecting Primer is it doesn’t moisturize for dry skin. I would recommend to everyone as the Revlon makeup primer has reasonable pricing and last longer.

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Gorgeous look Keerthana approves this product
5 5 0


Easy blend

Hygienic packing

smooth skin

I tried Revlon photo ready perfecting primer for the first time instead of pore filler. Because primer is the basic need for any makeup to look beautiful. So that is the most important which should be selected well. I love it more than my other primer for it is really soft and gentle on my skin. It does not settle inside my open pores and does not exaggerate my blemishes. It enhances my natural skin texture while making it more smooth and clear. I'm very much satisfied and really could not find any cons about this product from packaging to results everything is amazing. Must try for all!!

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Just one shade Divya approves this product
4 5 0


Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer is for all the selfie and photo ready people. This primer helps you create a good base making the skin ready for make up. The pores are well closed and the fine lines do disappear. This lightweight primer sits perfectly well on the skin making it extremely easy to apply any make up. It is long lasting and yes, if you like to do a touch up of the makeup applied, you can do that as well as the primer will stay intact. The product is definitely expensive. But then its worth it if the primer suits your skin tone. If it doesn’t, not worth it then.

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