Revlon Water Tight Mascara Reviews

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Revlon Water Tight Mascara is water-resistant, smudge-proof, and tear-proof formula that lasts all day long. It enhances the lashes and provides volume to your eye makeup. This lightweight formula separates the lashes and provides a voluminous look to the lashes in just one brush stroke. The applicator has a smooth angular brush that offers an easy and smooth application on your eyelashes. It does not fade away easily and does not feel heavy on eyelashes. It provides a natural look to your eyes in just one coat. It is ophthalmologically tested and infused with humidity-proof formula. It is also suitable for sensitive lashes and does not damage the eyelashes.

How To Use Revlon Water Tight Mascara ?

  • Swipe the brush on the lashes from its roots to tip.
  • Apply another coat if required.

Revlon Water Tight Mascara Benefits And Uses :

  • Provides visibly dense lashes.
  • Offers voluminous make up look.
  • Delivers an intense volume to the lashes.

Revlon Water Tight Mascara Shades (Colors) :

  • Black