Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face
Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face

Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face

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Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face removes extra hair from the face. It delays the re-growth of hair and moisturizes your skin as well. Hair removal with this cream is entirely painless. Plus, it even comes with a lotion that treats and soothes your skin after hair removal. This product is dermatologist and salon-tested and is safe for the sensitive skin too.It has a mild smell.

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  • 4easy to use.
  • 3dissolves hair from roots.
  • 2delays regrowth.
  • 1safe on skin.
  • 1easy to use


  • 2may cause redness and irritation.
  • 1expensive
  • 1non availability.
  • 1none

How To Use Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face ?

  • Apply a small of the cream on the hair you want to remove.
  • Wait for 3 minutes and test a small area by wiping.
  • If hair is not removed wait for 2 more minutes and try again. Do not let it dry on your skin.
  • Remove it thoroughly.

Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face Uses And Benefits :

Painless removal of hair.

Moisturizes and smoothens.

Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face Ingredients :

Cetearyl Alcohol

Stearyl Alcohol

Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract

Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract

Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Extract

Epilobium Angustifolium Extract

Sodium Silicate


Steareth-30, Ceteth-10

Hexyl Cinnamal


Butylphenyl Methylpropional

Amyl Cinnamal

Cetyl Alcohol

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate

Alcohol Denat.

Potassium Hydroxide

Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil



Tocopheryl Acetate

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil


Potassium Sorbate

Tocopherol Sodium Benzoate

Citric Acid


Paraffinum Liquidum/Mineral Oil/Huile Minerale

Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face Reviews

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11 months ago


Easy to use.

Safe on skin.

I have used this product just once I think, as my friend insisted to try this cream. The process was to apply the cream on hair and remove the cream and wash completely. I may not want tired this product again This looks like a professional use product. I will prefer waxing or threading for removing facial hair. This cream is very effective on facial hair but the drawback of the product is that the cream is not available so easily. It is an expensive product and safe on the skin too. This is a fast process and pain-free process of removing unwanted hair. This is a perfect cream for anyone who gets rashes with the waxing process. This is Dermatologist Tested and good for face, above the upper lip and chins too. The usage instructions and the ingredients are clearly mentioned on the pack.

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Good for removing facial hair Prabha approves this product

12 months ago


Easy to use

Does not cause any irritation

No rashes

Smooth skin

Removes hair easily

No pain

There are many hair removers available in the market for removing hair from the arms and legs. This is the first time I saw a hair remover cream specially formulated for the face. It removes any extra hair from the face without any pain. Also, this cream moisturizes the skin and soothes the skin after hair removal process. It is very effective and dissolves facial hair in just 5-8 minutes. It is absolutely painless and easy to use as well. I felt whether it would affect the quality of my skin. However, it did not. It left my skin satin smooth and moisturized. There was also no itching or irritation after the process. The cream is safe to use and has no side-effects. Really good product - helps remove facial hair easily, without any pain, no rashes, no irritation, no redness, no allergy.

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Great facial hair removal at home Ramya approves this product

12 months ago


Dissolves hair from roots.

Easy to use.

I have seen my cousin use this Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face. She either gets the facial hair removed from the parlour or does it at home itself.she got this Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face.the pack comes with the creme hair remover tube and an aftercare lotion. It is an easy way to remove the facial hair without spending too much time an also you can take it aling while travelling too. All my cousin did was after cleaning her face she applied a thick layer of the hair remover creme from the tube and kept it for 8 minutes and you need not massage or anythng. After the given time limit you can rub it off using a damp cloth and rinse it with water .post that she used the aftercare lotion which Moisturizes the skin .it did help remove the facial hair to a great extent but it is necessary to do the patch test before trying this one as it might not suit one and all

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Easy to use Nilofer approves this product

12 months ago


Who would say no to a clean and clear skin. Clear skin not only means having your skin free from dust and dirt. It also means to have a smooth and soft skin without any facial hair. Now this could be achieved using the Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face. This kit contains with two products. One that dissolves the facial hair and the second one is the moisturizer that soothes the skin after removing hair as this product causes irritation on skin for few. So if you have sensitive skin, then it is better to do a patch test. The product also prevents the quick regrowth of hair as the removes the hair roots as well. The only thing about the product is, it should suit your skin or your face becomes red and irritated. The product is easy to use but the price is very expensive for a hair removal cream.

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Effective Rinku approves this product

12 months ago


I generally do not find time to go to the beauty parlor and hence I like to keep products handy which help me to remove my body and facial hair. I purchased the Sally Hansen cream hair remover duo kit and was quite happy using it .The cream comes packaged in a blue colour tube with flip open cap mechanism. I generally wash my skin before extracting my hair. I took a small amount of the cream on the palm of my hand and gently applied it on all the parts of the face where I needed hair extraction. The cream has thick consistency and needs to be applied on the face without layering. The cream has an extremely unpleasant powder. I left the cream over on my face for 3 minutes and then I washed my face with lukewarm water and wiped it. I was really happy to see that all my facial hair was removed effectively and my skin felt extremely soft and did not get inflammed.

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Hair remover kit Ravina approves this product

12 months ago


Dissolves hair from roots.

Easy to use.

Delays regrowth.

Facial hair is one of the biggest problem especially for girls but this product has worked for me. I had used it once and the press were quite amazing.It is easy to use and delays growth. If you have sensitive skin then it May cause redness. It removes hair from the roots.

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