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Santoor Gold Soap Ingredients

Crocus Sativus Flower Extract
Cl 11680
Acid Red 52
Prunus Yedoensis Leaf Extract

Santoor Gold Soap Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.6

6 Reviews


1 year ago

Amazing product


Nice fragrance

Recently I have been seeing many ads on TV for Santoor soap and that is what attracted me towards this product. it is similar to that of a Mysore sandal soap and also has a good fragrance. this soap is a gentle product that suits every type of skin. it does not dry out skin much and serves best for oily skin. it removes the dirt and impurities from the skin and also leaves its soft and supple. After bathing, your skin feels refreshed and the fragrance lingers on your skin for sometime. it combats body odour and also eliminates the effects of sweat. it is a good one to use during all seasons of the year.

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1 year ago

Santoor gold soap


Best soap

My family members use this soap since years and they don’t want to change the soap. As it works great for them, and has the natural extracts of sandalwood, saffron and Sakura, vitamins C and B6, manganese and other minerals extracts which provides moisture to the skin and gives a glowing skin. Santoor Gold Soap enhances the skin tone and brighten the skin evenly with it’s effective properties and formula in it. We use this regularly and this soap does not cause any type of harm to the skin and forms a protective layer on your skin that keeps you safe.

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1 year ago



Smooth skin


Perfect for sensitive skin

I have been using Santoor Gold Soap over a year now. I no longer think of changing y bathing soap as I am quite happy with the results that it has got over me. In fact this brand never disappointed my parents too. Is till remember when I was small my family used to use the santoor soap only. My dull and dark skin has started glowing since than. And to keep the same continue I never ever stopped it in future too. It is very mild unlike other bathing soap and is super alternative over a face wash too. It has made my skin look youthful day by day.

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1 year ago

Mild soap


Mild and gentle

Gives a healthy glow to skin

This is a very mild soap that makes the skin soft and smooth. My cousin has been using this soap for the past 6 months and she has seen a drastic improvement in her skin tone and texture. Her skin looks youthful and bright. This soap helps in removing all the dirt from the skin effectively without removing the moisture from the skin's epidermal layer. This soap is a very nice product that has an amazing fragrance. My cousin recommends this to all those who want a clean and clear skin. It is affordable and travel friendly. Its fragrance lingers on the body for quite a long time.

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1 year ago

Best Soap


Mild Soap

Nice Fragrance

I am a big fan of santoor products as they work gently on my skin. Santoor Gold Soap leaves a golden glow to my skin that lasts upto eight hours. It easily clears off the dirt, impurities, and oiliness from my skin. It even lightened my skin tone, and now my skin appears smooth and soft. It is ideal for sensitive skin as it is a mild soap bar.

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1 year ago

Santoor Gold is pure gold for skin.


Santoor soaps have been in our family for years and the tradition is still on. Santoor Gold Soap was has an amazingly intoxicating fragrance which makes me feel like I'm in the midst of nature. It's so gentle and mild on my skin, actually it's great and a must have for all skin types. Nature's best ingredients like sandalwood, saffron for lightening the skin tone. It's rich in Vitamin -C & b6 which are oxygen for healthy skin. It not only cleanses the dirt from my skin but protects it from harmful dust too. I feel great after a bath feeling and smelling like a princess.

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Santoor Gold Soap provides a glow to your dull skin. This soap is a very mild soap on the skin and revitalizes the skin by providing a radiant and youthful texture. The soap not only makes the skin free of dirt and dullness, but it also nourishes your skin and enhances skin tone. The soap softens, imparts a glow to your skin and gets your ready for every special occasion. It contains saffron, sandalwood, and sakura as the main ingredients. Regular use of Santoor gold soap forms a protective layer on your skin that keeps you safe from harmful dust particles. The natural ingredients remove blackheads, prevents acne formation. This soap is rich in vitamin C, manganese and vitamin B6, these promote skin-repairing features while provides nourishment to the skin. Your skin appears to be clearer and oil-free.

How To Use Santoor Gold Soap ?

  • Gently rub the soap bar on wet skin.
  • Exfoliate using a loofa.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Store the soap in a cool and dry place.

Santoor Gold Soap Benefits And Uses :

  • Provides youthful radiance.
  • Skin soothing and imparts glow.
  • Forms a protective layer on skin.
  • Works like a skin repairing formula.
  • Disinfects skin from germs and bacteria.
  • Removes blackheads and prevents from breakouts.
  • Moisturizes skin and removes tan.
  • Anti-acne action and fades marks.
  • Makes skin soft and glowing.