Savlon Herbal Sensitive Handwash Reviews

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1 year ago

Recommended for sensitive skin


Ideal for sensitive skin

Suitable for all skin types


Effective results


Variants available

After dettol, Savlon Herbal Sensitive Handwash is the one that I recommend to my patients. It is perfect for sensitive skin also. It kills the germs & protects you from germs & infections. It is also available in variable sizes & a refill pack is also available. Pocket-friendly as well as travel-friendly due to its variable sizes.

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Savlon Herbal Sensitive Handwash cleanses hands effectively, maintaining good hygiene. It kills a million germs and protects against the H1N1 Virus, rotavirus, Stomach flu, and flu virus. It is a herbal essence formula. It maintains the pH balance and is ideal for sensitive skin. Free from triclosan, TCC, and parabens, this dermatologically tested handwash is suitable for all skin types. Available in refillable packets, this is easy to use and travel-friendly. It is available in two variants: Moisture Shield and Deep Clean.

How To Use Savlon Herbal Sensitive Handwash ?

  • Cut the pouch and pour the liquid into a handwash bottle.
  • Pump out a small pump of Savlon Herbal Sensitive Handwash onto wet hands and rub to form a lather.
  • Rub for 20 seconds and wash off.

Savlon Herbal Sensitive Handwash Benefits And Uses :

  • Kills a million germs.
  • Protects from H1N1 virus, rotavirus, stomach flu, and flu virus.