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Anti dandruff


Anti Hair Fall/Loss


Hair growth


Hair Hydration

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SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.4

5 Reviews


2 years ago



Arnica is an old and famous brand in the Indian market and the hair oil from this is a good one because when it comes to moisturizing the scalp and making the hair healthy from Roots along with conditioning the tips it does all of it coming inside budget.

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2 years ago



Reduces hair fall

Prevents the formation of split ends

Helps in hair growth

Makes hair smooth

I was more inclined towards this hair oil when I got to know that it is made up from herbal ingredients. I started using the same religiously for my hair. I could feel that the severe dandruff problem that I was facing initially has been solved completely. My hair have become much soft and hydrated.

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2 years ago

promising hair oil


Reduces hair fall

Prevents the formation of split ends

Helps in hair growth

Reduces frizz

Makes hair smooth

Due to unhealthy lifestyle, stress and sudden hormonal changes hair loss has become an unavoidable heath issue. if you are suffering from massive hair loss for long then SBL Arnica Montana hair oil is the only solution. it is a homeopathic medicine that helps to reduce hair fall. it also improves hair comes in a dark green-tinted plastic bottle with flip-top cap. It carries the details information related to the product. you need to apply this hair oil before bath and leave it for one hour and then wash off with a mild shampoo. the shampoo washes off easily with 2 washes. Texture and consistency is a bit thick but applies easily on that hair. it doesn't feel sticky and not even stains your pillow. your hair feels soft and bouncy post-wash. it is formulated with homeopathic medicine such as arnica, jaborandi, and cantharis which nourish the hair follicles and improve hair texture. it helps to stop dandruff. it stimulates and improves the blood circulation on the scalp and thus promotes hair regrowth. it leaves the hair shiny soft and prevents premature hair graying as well. the only issue is this hair oil is not easily available.

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2 years ago

SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil


Chemical free

Safe to use

In brief, it’s the “savior” since homeopaths are always the one. My hair is very thin and curly with damaged ends from heat and is very sensitive to weather, which causes my hair to look even more unruly. This product SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil saved me from all the misery! And is by far the best product I have used on my hair yet! I do oil treatments almost every week and wash my hair 2-3 times a week but NOTHING has made my hair feel like this product does. There is an immediate difference as soon as this product touches my hair. The viscosity of this product is very thin and easily spreads all over the head. It leaves my hair feeling so silky, even after I rinse it out and dry my hair. Initially, I was bothered by the smell from different herbs used in this but the smell fades away soon after the wash. The effect lasts for days from single use. My hair feels soft and moisturized all the time. Now I feel like investing money in this product is worth than going to any parlour for oil massage.

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2 years ago

A permanent remedy for hair fall


Promotes hair growth

Strengthens hair follicle

Makes hair silky and shint

Prevents hair fall

Improves hair texture

Homeopathic medicines are quite underrated and I feel that they work quite effectively and give permanent solutions without any side effects. I had tried using homeopathy for several ailments and have successfully recovered from them. When I was facing this issue of severe hair fall after pregnancy, I was in two minds of going ahead with the allopathy medication or homeopathy medicines. I chose to go with the latter and it really helped. It took time to show the results but it was worth the time and money that I invested. The homeopathy doctor prescribed me to use this SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil for my hair fall and dandruff issues. After 6 months of using it regularly and religiously, my hair fall and dandruff issues were solved a great extent. It also promotes hair growth and strengthen the hair follicles. It needs to be massaged gently on the scalp a night before you shampoo your hair. It also makes the hair shiny and silky. Improves the hair texture and makes them manageable.

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SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil is a herbal hair oil prepared from homeopathic medicines that help in controlling hair fall and promoting hair growth. It has the goodness of arnica, jaborandi, and cantharis, which are well-known homeopathic medicines. It is non-sticky and non-greasy and is recommended for use during the day. All these ingredients together help in stimulating hair follicles and improving blood circulation. This oil prevents hair fall, premature greying, dandruff, itching, and inflammation of the scalp.

How To Use SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil ?

  1. Gently massage the oil all over the scalp at least once a day.

SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • It can be used by both men and women.
  • The fragrance is pleasant and stays for a while.
  • It strengthens the hair and improves hair density.
  • It promotes hair growth. It reduces itching and prevents dandruff.
  • It can be used after washing your hair.
  • It helps in reducing frizz and split ends.

SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil Ingredients

Liquid paraffin extract
Lavender oil