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Anti Hair Fall/Loss


Hair Conditioning


Hair Hydration


Hair strengthening


Natural colouring

Special Ingredients

Ingredients Safety Breakdown
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EWG Rating

Safety rating based on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database.

High risk 0%

Moderate risk 67%

Low risk 33%

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Paraben free

Silicon Free

Sulfate Free

Alcohol Free

Paraffin Free

Allergen Free

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SBL Hair Colour Reviews

Avg Ratings : 3.6

4 Reviews


2 years ago

SBL hair color


Contains natural ingredients

Colours grey hair effectively

Nourishes the hair

Prevents hair damages

Provides natural shine to the hair

The SBL hair color which is the first ever hair color i have tried. It contains natural ingredients such as henna, amla, aloe Vera and hibiscus which stops hair fall and hair damage.. now a days the chemicals used in other hair dyes or Colors doesn’t provide the hair growth and shine. This natural Indian herbs color gives soft shiny and dark color to the hair.

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2 years ago

Natural look


Using hair dye has become a compulsory task for all. Or else one who can afford goes for hair colouring on and off. Even those who are at the age of 30 starts to have greying of hair and it totally destroys the look of a person. But the normal hair colours available contain chemicals and destroys the nature of the hair. So my sister was confused of what hair dye to use. We usually follow homoeopathic medication for our family and by chance we got to know that hair dye was available in the same company as one of their product. So she bought one. It was a very simple looking packing with light green and bright green colour on it. It did not have much of an attractive colour but smelled something like that of herbal ingredients. After using it on hair it gave a cooling effect to the hair. It did not itch or irritate much. After washing the hair the hair look bright and black. There was a complete natural look to the hair. It lasts for some days and not like the chemical ones and that may be a proof that it is a natural product. It maintain the damaged hair and nourishes them. I really like the product.

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2 years ago

Best hair color in affordable range with natural ingredients.


prevents hairfall

fights dandruff

SBL hair colour is enriched with natural ingredients and gives shine and perfect color to hair. Who does not want nourishment along with hair coloring? It has all the best ingredients from nature like Henna, Hibiscus, Aloe Vera etc. I started getting grey hair recently and I am seriously against using hair dyes as my skin is very sensitive. I have started using it since last 6 months on the suggestion my sister. It was really nice and easy to apply. It gave a great shine and proper colour to my hair. My hair fall has reduced since I started using this product. My hair became more nourished and it helped to condition my hair well. All the ingredients are well known for its goodness, Hibiscus helps in hair growth, Aloe Vera is the best when it comes to hair smoothening, and henna offer a great color and texture to hair. It made my dry dull hair to smooth and silky one. I was extremely happy using it. I got so many compliments from people whenever I use it. It gives a salon style finish. The only thing is color and shine does not last long. It lasts only for about 3 to 4 weeks. Still best for its price and is quite affordable. And good for all skin types.

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2 years ago

Very disappointing


One of my aunt was searching to buy a hair colour to hide her grey hair. She had used a few hair colour present in the market but all of them contained Ammonia and and it gave her skin irritation and rashes. She was looking to buy a herbal based hair colour which would give her grey hair full coverage without any side effects to her skin. She read about this SBL hair colour online and brought it. This hair colour claims to have been made from natural ingredients likehenna powder, amla powder, aloe vera extracts, and hibiscus powder. She Opened the pack and mixed the contents as per the instructions provided and applied it to her hair. As soon as she apply to her hair there were rashes on her skin and she started getting a tingling feeling on her skin. There were red spots near her hair on the scalp and around the ears. See immediately rinsed it off. Despite its claim that it does not contain Ammonia it does contain traces of ammonia that did not suit her skin well. She was highly disappointed and did not there to touch this hair colour again.

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SBL's Hair Colour made from henna leaves and rich natural Indian herbs is ideal for hair coloring and conditioning. The hair color provides nourishment to the hair, making it dark, shiny, and soft. As the product contains natural ingredients including henna powder, amla powder, aloe vera extracts, and hibiscus powder, it prevents the hair from damages and nourishes the hair. It also helps in restoring the natural shine to the hair.

How To Use SBL Hair Colour ?

  • Wash hair with shampoo to make it oil-free and dry.
  • Mix the color powder of one sachet (8g) in 40ml (8 teaspoonful) lukewarm water to make a fine paste.
  • Apply it immediately using a brush ensuring that it is evenly applied to the hair.
  • Comb the hair so as to enable the paste to reach the roots of the hair.
  • Allow it to dry for 30 minutes and rinse the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.

SBL Hair Colour Benefits And Uses :

  • It colors grey hair and brings back the natural look.

SBL Hair Colour Ingredients

Hibiscus powder