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SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.7

4 Reviews


2 years ago

very good product for anyone


It helps in controlling the harfall and its herbal product with many great Incredients into it and also reduces dandraff and my hairs become more softer than earlier. i was looking ugly and now i look preety and the best product anyone can use and apply very good, self and effective also

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2 years ago

Good one


My friend used to have long and beautiful wavy hair. After she has got into the business field, slowly her density of the hair started to reduce and so she also started to reduce the length of the hair. Now she is having hair only up to the region of the shoulder level. She has used different oils and Which are both chemical and herbal. But she was not able to find a much bigger improvement in her hair. Then she was introduced to this homoeopathic hair oil and she was promised a good and healthy hair. Jaborandi is a herbal plant that helps to nourish the scalp and also help to strengthen the hair. She also had complaints of itching and dandruff. After a month from using this Oil the dandruff complaints have reduced and the density of her hair have also started to increase. It has given her hair a healthy look and also shiny black effect to the hair. It has a pleasant herbal smell which does not irritate her. The oil is also not great and very easy to use. It’s effect lasts for Long hours but hair looks dry and neat. It does not cause any side effects. It is a really good oil and I am planning to use it also.

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2 years ago

It is enriched with natural elements and prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth.


no side effects


SBL Jaborandi Hair oil is a homeopathic drug to increase hair growth. I had chronic hair fall due to work related stress and pollution. This is suggested by my cousin who is a homeopathic doctor. It helped to reduce my hair fall and new hair also started coming. It made my hair denser compared to before. It takes come to show results. I have taken vitamin supplements along with this. The combination worked well for me. I always tend to get dandruff during winters but after using this oil my hair was dandruff free completely. Jaborandi oil was known to prevent hair greying but I have not felt this affect much as I already have some grey hairs, it might slow down the process of greying. This oil also has an anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-microbial properties and helps with itching eczema and some skin related disease also. It gives a well-nourished, soft, smooth and frizz free hair with continuous usage. It hydrates the scalp and gives a deep moisturisation to it. It is highly affordable and homeopathy is very famous for no side effects. It is quite effective for hair fall due to stress but not for any hormonal issues or auto immune problems.

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2 years ago

Herbal hair oil for long hair


Safe and effective


Helps in controlling hair fall

Promotes hair growth

Increases hair density

Reduces dandruff

This is a herbal hair oil that helps in treating hair loss. My friend was introduced to this hair oil by her beautician who had tried and tested it before recommending it to her. This hair oil is prepared from Jaborandi which is a medicinal herb. This herb is extremely useful in preventing hair loss and hair related issues. It is very light weight and non greasy oil. It helped her prevent hair loss and also strengthened her hair follicles. She also had dandruff which got treated by this hair oil. The fragrance of this hair oil is very light and not at all bothersome. It is essentially a good herbal oil that treats various hair fall issues. My friend has been using this over a year and her hair transformation is worth the money and efforts. She used this oil religiously and it has helped her in gaining long, strong and gorgeous hair. This hair oil is also known to cure excessive itching and irritation on the scalp. She highly recommends this hair oil and is a regular user herself. It does not have any side effects and is very affordable. 

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SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil is prepared using homeopathic remedies to treat hair related problems. Regular usage of this oil helps in treating hair problems without causing any side effects. Besides controlling hair fall, it also strengthens the hair, increases hair density, and treats other conditions of the hair such as excessive itching, eczema of head, psoriasis, and dandruff.

How To Use SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil ?

  1. Take about 4-5ml of oil in your palm.
  2. Run your finger tips through the hair ensuring it touches the hair roots and rub gently.
  3. Apply the oil before bed and rinse it in the morning.

SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • The oil contains extracts of jaborandi herb.
  • It is a medicinal plant which helps in reducing hair fall, dandruff and split ends.
  • It strengthens the hair roots, makes them darker, and prevents premature greying.
  • On regular usage, this oil gives a soothing effect and provides relaxation.
  • It helps improve blood circulation to the scalp.

SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil Ingredients

Jaborandi (Pilocarpus microphyllus)
Antioxidant preservative mixture